Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/08/2017. The deck today is *The Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dower. It is a Magnificent deck; it you are a serious student of the Sacred Tarot, there is no excuse for not having a copy of this deck, unless you are a troglodyte living in a cave near Marseille and you will ONLY use the deck that Nostradamus gave you when you went on pilgrimage to the cathedral of St. James of Compostela in the 16th century. Then, okay, you might not need it, BUT. . . I would still recommend it. (“So let it be written; so let it be done.”) (No, I have NO commercial connection with the cards or their creator. Grin.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIV Temperance; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the King of Cups. “Hmmm,” taptaptap of the fingertips . . . “harrumph.” My Animus in XIV Temperance is an oft-familiar sight, and there is no surprise there as in all things material this week I need to exercise moderation. My physical reality, in terms of my corpus, isn’t having a great week, and easy and NO PUSHING IT? MARK! Is the operative phrase of the day/week. Also, there is the counsel to dose my mental machinery dealing with manifestation with a pinch or three of the Moderation Salts as well. That is always the problem when I have to give way to consideration for my physical needs; my mental Whirligig goes into double-overdrive on ranging far & wide for ways to play with reality. It is OFTEN pointless, a lot like letting your testosterone rule your unconscious, resulting in fondling your testicles in public; it is unsightly. Therefore, “Moderation, Mr. Miller!”  What is more surprising is to see where my Anima has stationed herself today, which is in XII the Hanged Man. (Which leads me to an idle speculation – how many women were hanged in the Old West?? Hmm? Anyone know?) After her recent l-o-n-g retreat chez II the High Priestess, and then her quick moves around the MA to cards like XXI the World and XIV Temperance, NOW she wants to self-sacrifice? Why Now? What did she have to do at those way-stations in order to arrive here for this “duty?”  
I’m surprised as well because my Anima takes her original patterning from my mother, of course, which I later overrode with my Animus for years, until I took the time to go back, repair damage and jettison hopelessly outdated or infected material. If she (my Anima) is off to play in the fields of XII today, then I shall leave her to it, as I am unsure what she thinks she needs to be giving up AT THIS POINT in the Journey – we are in EARLY days for this time around, and barely out of the starting block; I can understand the EVERPRESENT need to remind me to use Moderation & Temperance, we know too well that I need the constant reminder; However, Self-sacrifice is showing up VERY early for some reason for my Anima, and perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she is so unused to feeling REAL feminine emotions until recently enough. She lived her early years in the shadow of a wounded woman, then she was dominated for years by an almost caricatured tyrant of an Animus. It wasn’t pleasant for her for a long time, so Freedom and Liberty of Expression is still rather heady stuff; perhaps she is operating at this moment on a sense of guilt, that my current happiness must be paid for in some manner, I don’t know. I WILL investigate and do the repairs if needed, immediately of course. No need for any ‘Mommy Not-So-Dearest’ in my life, thank you.  Finally, I arrive on the bank of an inlet from some unknown mangrove swamp creeping along the sea’s edge, and lo & behold! It is the King of Cups doing a bit of skinny-dipping as he follows the floating magic Cup guiding him through the straights of the Sun & the Moon. Grin. This King ALWAYS leaves me a bit bemused. A. E. Thierens says this about him; “This king is the chief of the 
kingdom of the soul, coming on the Ninth house, and consequently must indicate the teacher, prophet, man of law and divinity; the professor, inspirer and great traveler; sometimes a hunter, a wanderer, or a sailor, a yachtsman. Honesty and probity will be generally his characteristics, but some fantasy may be mixed with it and he may be less particular in details or accuracy. He may be exuberant or even excessive, and this may cause some excitement, but we see nothing of ‘scandal, vice,’ thievishness or anything of that kind in this card. There is a lively sentiment of justice in it and the person indicated by it will certainly be disposed to render justice to the Querent, whether he be connected with the law or not. If the Querent is himself a weak or vicious individual, the card may indicate the judge before whom he has to appear. At all events it may represent the idea of judgment of the querent’s actions or business. Further there is less of ‘science’ in this card than of philosophy, which is quite another department. There is the idea of promoting, inspiring, pushing. There lies promise for the future and likeliness of monetary advances in this Sagittarian card.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by the aforementioned.)  I would like to like the King of Cups, but I need to KNOW the King first! He is a difficult man to read, and while I don’t feel he has any relevant avatar in my life, he IS an energy with which I can deal and understand. So . . . “on verra!” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a lovely surprise in the emotional area of our lives. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  


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