Friday, August 4, 2017

Good Afternoon and Welcome! to a special entry to The Fool’s Tarot this 04Aug2017. I have been curious lately, as I evolve on the emotional/intuitional side of things (Cups,) I decided to check the cards for an answer to an ongoing process this is progressing, but it ALWAYS leaves me with doubts. The question is, “What do I need to do, or what is the best path to follow, to realize the transformation of my need for love, especially male love? It really isn’t a question of the material/physical anymore, and hasn’t been for a while. It is HOW do I give and receive love between men so that I am SATISFIED with the exchange as it is, not as I (think I) wish it to be? You see? I’m not even sure of my need for it or not. I am “quite adequately loved” in my marriage, and my “need” for homocentric affection & love is 1) a product of a past long ago resolved, to an extent; 2) habit – I slept with a LOT of men for at least 4+ decades, so I know my way around pleasing others as well as myself (and yes, it has helped immensely with women, as well.) So-o-o, the “question” was, more or less, “What can be done to further meet my affective and emotional needs in my perception of love & being loved?” I decided to use the “Tree of Life spread,” an 11-card spread laid down in one continuous flow and involving the entire deck. The cards are laid down as follows:
1) Kether: The Source / That which impels the matter.                                 2) Chokmah: Vital Force, Purpose / That which propels the matter.             3) Binah: Framework / That which defines the matter.                                 4) Chesed: Encouragement, Support / Assisting Energy.                             5) Geburah: Challenges, Adjustments / Defensive energy.                           6) Tiphareth: Goal, Aspiration / Best possible outcome.                               7) Netzach: Emotion, Inspiration / Imaginative outlook.                               8) Hod: Reason, Analysis / Logical outlook.                                                 9) Yesod: Potential, Nonphysical Patterns in Place / Past.                         10) Malkuth: Outer Manifestation / Present.                                                    11) Daath: Hidden Factors. / Future.                             
This is, of course, based on the positions on the Tree of Life of the 10 Sephiroth plus Daath, the “hidden” 11th Sephiroth in the center of the first 6, and Daath is also a gateway to the nightside of the Tree of Life, The Tunnels of Set.  


On any specific consultation, one can choose to read only one pillar of the Tree as it pertains to the Querent’s question; one may 
decide on a certain sequence of cards to turn in order to reveal a certain thread the Querent wishes to follow. There are MANT ways to use this spread. I have decided to 
look at all of them, the top for motivation and the bottom for manifestation. What I see here is a rosy, HIGHLY rosy prediction of finding an equal and living out the masculine love with him through our friendship. Good enough. Hope he shows up soon!! Grin. Take a look at the cards and you decide what YOU would draw from the setup. Or what, perhaps, you may see in one pillar and not another. (Pillar of Form – Left; Pillar of Harmony – Center; Pillar of Force – Right.)                                                                   Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!        


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