Saturday, September 30, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30/09/2017; the deck today is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro. In a moment which moved the Fates to tears and terrified the very Cosmos itself, I slept in this morning, so there is no blog for today. There is a draw, of course, but no endless “death-rattle” from me detailing how I think & feel about the cards chosen; instead, I have left me out and given only the briefest of citations from “La Cábala de Predicción” by Sr. (Señor) Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984. As well, it is only a two-card drawing today, a return to my old format named “The Scales of Ma’at”, with the 1st card representing my Heart today and 2nd card representing the Feather of Truth, against which my Heart is weighed by Anubis in the Hall of Judgement in the presence of Osiris and Ma’at. Apep waits in the background to devour my soul if my Heart proves to be heavier than the Feather. The draw today was my Heart = X the Wheel of Fortune and the Feather of Truth = 0 the Fool. (Ha! Appropriate on both counts.) I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a relaxed and enjoyable day. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                             
Arcanum X: The Wheel of Fortune – “. . . in his retribution work. It is a symbol of the mystery of the law of compensation, coded in the letter Lod. It represents the principle of the Verb embodied, the order and the necessity of their existence, periodicity, karma, cause and effect, the wheel of life in their infinite rounds. Attribute styler: Pluto in Scorpio. In the Spiritual Plane (it) is the succession of time and circumstances as a cause of perfection, the eternal recovery of things, the essence that vivifies and matter to vivify. In the Mental Plane it represents the induction and the deduction, the time and the interval, the generation of emotions and the regulation of passions, the projection of thought in their infinite aspects. In the Physical Plane, action and reaction, the application of the moral to the material the confrontation of deferred duties. Transcendent Axiom: "Costly is the knowledge you buy through experience, and more expensive than you need to buy. '' As an element of prediction, promises good and bad fortune, elevations and declines, legitimate possessions and dubious possessions, reconsideration of past contingencies, and circumstances that are repeated in different ways.” (Ibid.)  
The Cabala is strangely silent concerning “El Cocodrilo,” or 0 the Fool, so I have taken a passage from the LWB written by Stuart R. Kaplan:                 0 The Fool – (It is worth noting that in the Kier Tarot, the Fool is associated with a badly aspected Venus, not Mercury, and it’s Zodiacal sign is Pisces.) “A young man travels across water on the back of a crocodile. A leopard skin is flung over his shoulder and he holds a uas and an ankh. Priestly status is indicated by the leopard skin and the uas. The crocodile was an animal with dual character in Egyptian mythology. On one hand he was an ally of the god Seth, who destroyed Osiris and attempted to Murder Horus. When Seth fell into disgrace through his greed for power, one form he took was that of a crocodile, an animal that was greatly feared by many inhabitants on the banks of the Nile. ¶ In another attitude, however, crocodiles were venerated by many people in various regions, and it was a crime to injure or kill them. Horus (the older solar deity, not the son of Isis and Osiris, although they became identified,) rose from the primordial waters in the form of a crocodile (remember, Egypt has several origin myths,) and the crocodile was called in one hymn, “great male being.” As Sebek, the crocodile was originally a water god whose name meant “he who causes pregnancy.” In some versions of the Osirian legend, Horus took the form of a crocodile and dove into the Nile to return the parts of Osiris’ body that Seth had thrown in the river.” (LWB)   

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29/09/2017. The deck today is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro. My draw today is: Sulfur = XX Resurrection; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = #49 Versatility. It is a great hand, and I am an ignorant lout for not being in the mood today to wax poetic concerning it, but I’m not. (“Boo! Hiss! Lout! Lout!”) Perhaps I am in a Tolstoian mood, you know, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” in terms of the “sameness” of having great hands. I know it is really graceless and loutish to take a blasé attitude about good draws. However, let me be clear; I’m not bored with good draws or a good day or an advancing spiritual life; I’m just feeling a bit “heavy” today, so what I really need to do is just to follow this reading to a better contemplative space; use it to jack myself into a better mood and one more suited to positive interaction with the world. Of course, it isn’t a question of “Can I!” but rather a question of “Will I get off my ass & MOVE?” I certainly hope so. I’m going to append some card information from “La Cábala de Predicción” by Sr. (Señor) Janeiro, published by Kier S.A. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a gentle boot up the bum if we are in need of one. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                                             

Arcanum XX: Resurrection - in the act of awakening spirituality. It is a symbol of mystery of the autonomy of every living being codified in the letter Resh. It represents the principle of intellective, deliberation, opinion, decision; life as a succession of forms, and acts as a succession of ideas. Modeling attribute: Capricorn, abode of Mars. On the Spiritual Plane (it) is interior enlightenment, the awakening of latent forces, the genius, the stimulation towards higher things, the conversion of the lower towards the top. In the Physical Plane it tends to the processes that establish a harmonious correspondence between the subconscious and the conscience, between the moral and the material, between what we feel, we think and we do. Axiom transcendent: "Flower in the apple tree, fruit in the vineyard, sown in maturity". As element of prediction, promises harmonious choices, fortunate initiatives, work, gain, compensation for good and bad, faithful friends who nullify the action of traitorous friends, jealousy for the sake of being enjoyed, afflictions for loss.” (*La Cábala de Predicción* by J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984. All translations are by Google & myself, therefore I am responsible for any errs.)

XIV the Sun – “Arcanum XIX: Inspiration in the act of radiating its emanations. It is a symbol of mystery of knotted lace coded in the letter Qoph. It represents the beginning of the creative fire, nature's neutralization, the succession of acts, the mysterious force that is clamor, pain and glory simultaneously. Modeling attribute: Sapphire, Pluto's abode. On the Spiritual Plane (it) is the divine light, principle of all knowledge, the fundamental truth that all truths emerge. (On the) Mental Plane represents the intelligence that formulates the knowledge, the spring that feeds the sources in which the images are reflected. In the Physical Plane, it tends to the processes that facilitate the union of the masculine and feminine element, the materialization of the ideas into acts. Transcendent Axiom: "Take the shield of your faith and move forward decisively, either in favor of the wind or against all winds.”As an element of prediction, it tends to 

increase power, success in the efforts, happiness in the acts that are carried out, benefits from self-effort and of others, inheritance, clarity in what is desired, fire that consumes the desired.” (Ibid.) And finally we reach the engine of the vehicle today, #49 Versatility – “Arcanum 49: Versatility - as an act of reciprocity. It symbolizes the human virtue of correspondence in the equivalents. Modeling attribute: It is associated to the planet Uranus, the letter S and the number 4. It represents the principle of exchange as an element of prosperity. Axiom transcendent: "Sweet is the work of those who work happy and sweet the rest of who he deserves it. '' As an element of prediction, promises changes, changes, new affects, rivalry in loves and endeavors, vicissitudes, some for greater good.” (Ibid.) Okay! Now let’s get out there & evolve! Grin. Blessings!!      


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28/09/17; the deck today is the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. Among my top 3 decks, and with a reason: it is simply marvelous, and highly intuitive. The Continental system clarified thusly is beautiful, comprehensible and highly adaptable. It should be in every Tarot library. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = IV the Emperor; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the King of Wands. The Emperor and the Priestess are elegant & elevated persons in their archetypal purity; by contrast, the King of Wands looks rather brutish, loin cloth, broken tree & all (he would have been better off naked.) It is a beautiful hand to regard nevertheless; my Animus is 
“home,” in terms of his own “ego structure” (grin,) and my Anima couldn’t be happier than in the temple holding Isis’ place for her while the archetype takes a break to visit the restroom and grab an espresso. I have been doing a lot of re-evaluating lately an all fronts, and I find that many of my thoughts, truisms, judgments & pronouncements have need of revision. An almost all of the revisions are on the side of lightening up my heavy judgmental hand and not being such a prick, as well as “Hey, Mark, live and let live, mec!” (Mec = French for “dude.”) I’m really rather tired of how much energy it takes to stay “connected” to a mindset that holds negative values; it has to be constantly supplied with power, you can never turn it off to conserve energy. And they just sit there, eating the energy and your self-confidence, because in putting others down one has the illusion that one props up one’s own self-evaluation. Nothing could be further from the truth: You are abandoning a little piece of yourself to the furnace each & every time you indulge the negative energies, at least for the delusional purpose of false ego padding. Be honest, fair & open-eyed when evaluating others, erring on the positive side; when evaluating oneself, be honest, fair and open-eyed, too, being stricter with yourself than you are with others; remember, your duty is to turn yourself into a higher level of being, so don’t let yourself down. Never sit on your laurels; they leave a rash on your ass. Let the Emperor be your goal AND your challenge. Moving on to my lady Anima, 
we find her in one of her very favorite “hangouts,” II the Priestess. She has an affinity for the Priestess for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she can slip out of her binding persona to freely roam “the library” without the restrictions of place & time. My Anima has a thirst for knowledge & a dislike of “work” or “action.” She is the lazy part of me (although I must admit that in retirement my Animus has made great strides in that area, too! LOL!) Send her somewhere to meditate upon the gestalt of the universe and she is entirely content (although one must admit that she is more content sometimes than others, and I’m entirely serious when I say that it is often in response to the Lunar cycle. Thank Sekhmet! that I don’t have to buy all the accoutrements. Grin.) I find that I have lost much of my ignorance concerning femininity and it has opened my eyes to a lot about my own inner composition. I don’t believe that one can access the Temple without that purpose in mind, in some form or other, regardless of the gender of the person seeking balance. And finally, we come to “the rube at Court,” The 
King of Wands. He isn’t really a rube, of course, that just the diorama. Grin. Mr. Charisma has trouble at times containing himself, although he is an endless well of charity in Energy.  He’s a very overworked Leo, and while this pleases him it also puts him in danger of being driven further away in “empathy,” so to speak. The King of Wands is a personality that I find hard to embody simply because there is so much Air in him; nothing you see or read will ever tell you that he is chameleon-like, slippery fellow, yet somehow, intuitively, that is EXACTLY how he feels to me at times. As if he’s selling imaginary real estate. I can’t explain my current misunderstanding of this Court personality; I only know that I feel it this way. I must assume that in this turn on the Path I will learn further about myself and why I see “myself” this way when in that avatar, because, let us not fool ourselves, that IS me I must be experiencing, he (the King) is simply a glove to be worn. This disconcerts me; I feel vulnerable to my own ignorance, and I don’t know why; therefore, investigation is demanded, today. Eh voila!! I feel as if someone has caught me wearing sneakers to a funeral, Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today our own “but the Emperor has no clothes!” moment. Grin. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!         

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27/09/17, & today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot Fourth Edition* by Robert M. Place. I really like this deck, especially the 3rd edition, but they are all highly intuitive with wonderful focalizing images. Mr. Place’s art is always absolutely lovely, stunning & inspired. (It is an RWS-style deck.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XVIII the Moon: Mercury = VIII Justice, and Salt = the Queen of Coins. I suddenly feel as if I wish to mount aboard a winged creature and fly away; I wonder why? I feel instinctively it is something about XVIII the Moon today as my Sulfur, or Active, Intellectual & Masculine position is filled by an archetype exactly the opposite in composure. I feel it is beneficial to let my Anima spend as much time as she wants lurking in the Moon’s domain and absorbing moonlight and ethereal energy; I do NOT feel the same way about my Animus hanging out there. It is silly, I suppose, but I feel as if the Moon is like a harem, and men’s men really aren’t very comfortable there, although an enlightened man will only feel neutral. However, this is only my impression, and I’m a hangover from the 50s, remember; so perhaps that is simply misogyny speaking, although I believe it isn’t, that it is true. I feel more than neutral in the Moon’s domain, but that is only because I’m a searcher for the exotic and seductive, occulted mysteries, and it is no small factor that I am also bisexual – having access to a normally restricted (for men) part of my psyche, I’m able to smooth my corners easily so as to fit in. (I recommend it for everyone – LOL!) XVII 
The Moon – “Everything that has been said in astrology about the Moon might be repeated here, as there exists no controversy whatever on the point of identity. “The card represents life of the imagination apart from life of the spirit." (W.) This card consequently means the life of the soul in particular, the feelings and sentiments, emotions (not only fear, etc.), changes wrought in existence by them, water and the female element in general. In the horoscopic figure it may be the mother or some other woman prominent in the life of the Querent; it may signify women in general (and morally or psychically, while Saturn means physical woman). It is the sign of panta rei: everything passing, flowing or ebbing away in life, consequently uncertainty. It may relate to dreams, to exhibitions, popular plays, and games, theaters, and to the lower class of people. Physically it means the brain and the stomach. The hieroglyphic value of the Hebrew letter Tzaddi, connected with this card, "is the same as that of Thet (ninth card) . . . which perhaps may account for the relationship of the Moon with that House, as pointed out by us before. It should mean a term, an aim, an end." (P.) But this does not make it much clearer. P. has only one good thing on it and after all this is only on a particular and not very high level: "Servile spirits (the dog), savage souls (the wolf), and crawling creatures (the crayfish) are all present watching the fall of the soul, hoping to aid in its destruction." That is true. And it may happen to us, that a lower current of the Moon brings our way people who have no higher aim than to 'aid in our destruction' even if we ourselves have no intention whatever of 'falling'.” (A. E. Thierens.) Curious that my Anima wasn’t in the Moon, 
I find her in VIII Justice, again a natural “landing spot” for her and certainly a “gender-approved” assignation . . . Grin. Justice is a friend of l-o-n-g date, and we have been down many of the byways and highways of participatory “social & personal equilibrium.” Grin, indeed we have. I have a particularly venomous regard for the corrupted justice systems in place in most parts of the world: it is beyond shameful, it is soul-killing. I don’t believe I have a draconian sense of Justice, nor do I believe in its mutated cousin, vigilantism. Actually, I’m not going to go there; I run the danger of starting to foam at the mouth. Grin. “When I possessed the keys, read the book and understood the symbols, I was permitted to lift the curtain of the Temple and enter its inner sanctum. And there I beheld a Woman with a crown of gold and a purple mantle. She held a sword in one hand and scales in the other. I trembled with awe at her appearance, which was deep and mysterious, and drew me like an abyss. "You see Truth," said the voice. "On these scales everything is weighed. This sword is always raised to guard justice, and nothing can escape it. "But why do you avert your eyes from the scales and the sword? They will remove the last illusions. How could you live on earth without these illusions?                                                         "You wished to see Truth and now you behold it! But remember what happens to the mortal who beholds a Goddess!" (P. D. Ouspensky [1913].) 
Finally, a bit perplexed and a lot exhausted, we glide forward to meet our provider of Energy today, and the “mentor” of that Energy, the Queen of Coins. “She’s good people,” so to speak. “The higher octave of the two, consequently covering the Sixth house and demonstrating the features of the noble Virgo-type. So this must be a woman always inclined to help and to serve, to make herself useful, a nurse perhaps, a household woman of good standing a good hostess. There are also qualities of science in this house, as it is the house of the Academy and Minerva. So she may be as an incarnation of Minerva herself, protecting science and craftsmanship as the Dame of Wands protects the arts. She must have many qualities and above all refinement, though she may suffer more or less from the evil--so far as it can be called--of doubt, and the difficulty of choosing between many possibilities in her nature. She is generous and benefic. Her presence is a good augury and she brings always protection and material wealth or at least well-being, ruling this house of earth. There may be some timidity; there is always honesty, honorable action, correctness and the right attitude to all problems of life, discretion, education, understanding, knowledge. These qualities certainly engender security in life.” (A. E. Thierens.) Well, let us hope so! Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL enough means today to bring ourselves into balance. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!      

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26/09/2017. Today’s deck is the *Tarot de Marseille: Edition Millennium* a restoration by Wilfried Houdouin, presented by Yves Renaud. This might properly be recalled the new standard of classic Tarot de Marseille; I LIKE it, and it joins the *Viéville* as my favorite TdeM decks. My draw today is: Sulfur = VIII Justice; Mercury = X the Wheel of Fortune, and Salt = the Queen of Cups (hurrah!) It looks like a regular-enough draw, as opposed to a bit of weirdness I received yesterday (which turned out to be quite oddly enlightening as events turned out later in the day.) Today *I see my Animus 
has taken up residence in VIII Justice; I’ll need to be careful as I can be quite impetuous & calmly cruel if I enter too far into Justice and head for the “Vigilante” short cut; as a matter of fact, today I think it is entirely a matter of luck (or perhaps counselled luck?) as to the choice and its outcome and karma for today, that I seem to be unsure today if I want to be a sunbeam for Jeezuz or a lightning bolt for Lucifer. Voilà, my heroine for today comes zooming in with her gaze firmly focused on the choice I need to make. As I have been seeking to explore and heal if need be my suit of Cups, this is wonderful to have this opportunity to engage the *Queen of Love & Dream* and benefit from her attention and vibration. I imagine that large chalice is filled with healing love balm, don’t you? I knew you did, of course. Grin. (And no! it isn’t made by Durex. Stop it.) That is the short run of it.  I shall add some fun afterwards. TLOL. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a Queen of Hearts moment today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                                                               VIII Justice - "Justice is a prudent and respectable guardian of stability. She is clutching a sword and scales in her hands. Scales signify that Justice puts emphasis on careful consideration of every action and every word. The sword is a sign of respect for order and a warning to anyone who wants to plunge the world into chaos or injustice. Certain principles and sense of order are inseparable from Justice. She always makes decisions only after careful consideration and not based on intuition, 
instinct or momentary mood. To be able to avoid errors, she thinks about important issues in sorrow and also in joy. Only then she can determine, whether her decisions will succeed in good times as well as in bad times. And you can be inspired by her prudence. . . .  It is a difficult and sometimes almost impossible task to consider all the pros and cons in complex situations where the world is changing frequently from day to day. What was true on Friday is already different on Monday. Justice must be reconciled with itself and with the fact that her success will always be accompanied by doubts and hesitation. This is simply because the world cannot stop spinning. . . . If you have a feeling that your fate is now unjust to you, Justice can be seen as a promise for the future. It can happen that you or someone close becomes ill or affected by an accident. Even if you are not responsible for such misfortune, Justice embodies a higher principle which will help you to accept these difficulties with calmness, courage and balance. Justice brings reconciliation for each soul and gives the order to the world. Therefore try to have pleasure from both sides of her scales.” ( & me.) Then, gliding smoothly along like an archetype on an antigravity plaque, grin, we come to: X the Wheel of Fortune – “The Wheel of Fortune portrays three grotesque figures, probably monkeys, holding a large spinning wheel. The upper figure with a crown and a sword represents the ruling presence. The future is climbing upwards on the right. It has large ears and wide-open eyes to better recognize, what to bring along into the present. The past is sadly heading down on the left. Its time has passed. The whole Wheel is sailing on sea waves. It shows how our life cycle is unstable and how we are often helplessly drifting along the flow of events. At first glance, the Wheel of Fortune may also remind a roulette wheel. Happiness is in this case only a matter of pure coincidence . . . That is why there are the three figures woven into the wheel and in every moment, one of them is on top. The wheel shows greed, joy and disappointment in this simple-minded carousel. Random luck is usually very unstable. Real and permanent happiness must be earned. The Wheel of Fortune, as its name suggests, tells the story about the cycle and also about happiness. Ordinary routine brings a proper order to some people, some kind of certainty and true happiness. On the contrary, for some others this stereotype is devastating and such people are happy in finding new paths and options. Try to deal with your Wheel of Fortune in your way.” (Ibid.) 
Finally, having chosen a moderate road, we are encouraged to reach for higher, more magnanimous goals by our source of Energy today, the Queen of Cups. "What sweetness, what delicacy, what vulnerability is that of my heart loving and incessantly wounded! I'm not searching. I am a castle, which must be besieged, conquered. Unlike the Queen of Baton who seduces, I wait to be seduced. The cup that I carry, symbol of my heart, is closed - not empty but filled with passion. Who can treat me with all the delicacy I ask, if not myself? Impossible. I must resign myself to offering myself in the wound, in the sacrifice, and it is this sacrifice precisely, when I am loved, which is my ecstasy. Watch out for me; I wear a “white arm”, the sinuous blade, symbol of my shy purity. I will strike anyone who approaches me by using me to obtain what I am not: wealth, sexuality, intellectual knowledge. All will be exterminated with astonishing cruelty. I am only occupied with feelings, but I really hesitate to let them flourish. All my fears accumulate in my #4 aspect. In my #5 aspect, my ideal, I await the soulmate who will be my complement. This expectation is the center of all my existence." ("The Way of the Tarot" by Alexandro Jodorowsky with Marianne Costa, Albin Michel, Paris, 2004.) [Translated by me.]   

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25/09/2017; the deck today is the *Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Meleen, with accompanying book, “The Book of M” by same. The draw today is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = XXI the Universe, and Salt = the Queen of Disks. Hmm, VI the Lovers again as my Sulfur; after nearly 55 years of reading the Sacred Tarot, VI the Lovers must be among the cards that have come up the least number of times; suddenly, it is making a gangbusters's appearance in my life, showing up about twice a week on the average now. It is a card that makes me squirm, to be quite honest with you. Not the correct choice meaning, which is the important matter of the card, but the surface appearance, and the mention of “soulmate love” and all the other folderol people give this card. Naturally I want to be “soulmate loved” by someone, but as that hasn’t happened in my life, I have something else utterly irreplaceable, a profound, emotional, eternal friendship with deep affection, felt by both parties. I DO feel she is possibly the only woman in MY world who I have ever been capable of seriously entertaining the thought of marriage; I am a firework, a nova of energy and craziness and humor – I’m a bright star in a dim sky, and that can be hard to live with, as much as it is producing it. I’m tremendously extroverted, making friends easily but losing them, if necessary, with little regret. My wife is introverted, feels deeply, and trusts her humility and good effort to get her through life; I think she feels I am the fireworks showcase she was promised as a reward if she would just wait & be patient – LOL. And she is my reward for a lifetime of seeking; she is my comfort. She loves me tremendously, and I love her tenderly; there is a difference. I still wait for my grand love, she doesn’t. However, we are BOTH happy in our marriage, and I DO feel I made the right choice for my spiritual journey when we were married.        
“. . . So in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from the food and will serve to build up the body. So this house is known to rule health and sickness. It is further known to relate to the principles and materials of our work. And so the card of the Lovers must in the first place symbolize these things. It does indeed. . . When saying it "establishes the link," we must be aware, however, that it is not yet this link itself but offers the elements for it. And again this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux) . . . The receptivity and the condition of an organic center in its double possibility of experience is only the phenomenal expression of the same in organic existence in general, consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.' The latter is well illustrated by the picture on the older cards where a youth is represented standing between two women, the one appearing to be benefic, the other malefic. This sensuousness indeed can lead to a lower sensuality or can be the means of demonstrating love. . . And we shall find, that the same force which makes us love, physically, is at the back of all the work we do. Because it is the material response to the fiery and central pushing power and includes actual possibility on the basis of practical knowledge, experimental knowing." (A. E. Thierens.) Today it is my happy pleasure to announce that my Anima has finally left the shadows of II the Priestess’ temple and the tenebrous threat of XVIII the Moon. I understand; she is happy to be able to express herself in our union, as well as being able to express what she has learned to make our Path together more fruitful. The Lovers is where she WANTS to be, but that position has been closed due to mismanagement for a VERY long time, and only recently reopened. XXI the Universe - 
"Neptune as the cosmic omniscience and Pluto as central power of creation. Planet: Saturn. Tree of Life: From Malkuth to Yesod. Element: Earth. Number: 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3.
The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development - the achieved goal. The work is done or will soon be and we have found our place in life or will soon do so. Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe. On a more practical level the Universe implies the good news that a goal has been achieved, or a success sure to come, and that a venture will flourish. In its negative aspect the trump can tell us that we are running after false ideas, that our way leads nowhere, that it is far too early to reach out for the Universe for there's substantial work that has yet to be done.     Drive: Entirety and completion, harmony between spirit and body.  Light: Being home in one's self, inner independence, the 'mental paradise'. Shadow: False visions, being on a street to nowhere." ( At the end of the draw today we come to the engine of the “vehicle,” and that is the Queen of Disks (Pentacles.) She is the ultimate “Earth Mother” figure, but not Gaia. You could think of her more in terms of Demeter, goddess of the harvest and agriculture, she who mourned the loss of her daughter Persephone to Hades by causing “Winter.” (That’s one sad mother! Grin.) I like her a lot, but she isn’t my ideal feminine construct, so I give her her due but not my heart. She makes a fabulous friend 
though (I think of my wife, my best-loved friend)“The Queen of Disks - "Astrology: 21° Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn. Element and world: The Water in the Earth of Assiah. Tree of Life: Binah. The Queen of Disks is the mother of her element, the water in the earth, which makes her the perfect mother, conforming and emotional as for the water and stable and reliable as for the Earth. The Queen of Disks is kind and tender, friendly and good-hearted; she has fine instincts and intuitions. She is strong and sensitive, protects her house and family and cares as well for emotional and material well-being. She is calm and practicable and can be a good, industrious worker. Beneath the calm surface, the Queen of Disks can tend to lust and debauchery, fond of intoxicating stimulants, but she keeps it hidden. At the best, she will know that the dose makes the poison - at the bad, she won't. On the dark side, the Queen of Disks lacks both the qualities of Air and Water, therefore she can get foolish and rather unintelligent, without pride and spirit, easily getting in needless dependence and being too weak to free herself - or even worse: not even trying to get free and independent. Drive: Fertility, womanliness, security for family, home and materials. Light: Kind, charming, great-hearted, truthful, stable, sensual. Shadow: Moody, foolish, undecided, weak, dependent." (Ibid.) This sounds like a day for concretization of manifestations and emotional stability, eh? Well, then, I’ll put on my waders and get in the water to push the Solar Barque, I suppose. Grin! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a day to tend to our foundations. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!             

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24/09/2017. The deck today is *Crow’s Magic Tarot* by Londa Marks. A strange and esoteric deck, it is oddly attractive and gives wonderful readings. It isn’t a “great” deck, (like *Holy Light* or *Tabula Mundi*,) but it is GOOD, very good. My draw today is: Sulfur = XIV Temperance; Mercury = XVIII the Moon, and Salt = the Page of Swords. Perplexing hand, isn’t it? I must admit that while I understand the cards, this draw leaves me just a bit in the dark. Animus in XIV Temperance? Check. Anima in XVIII the Moon (??? Why?) I’m not feeling it, but perhaps that is the reason for a vague feeling of restlessness this morning, as if I need/want to get up & go do something totally different. Perhaps an enema would lift my spirits . . .LOL! Well, before I go that far, let’s look at the cards a bit more closely. My Animus today is in 
XIV Temperance, and as she and I are VERY old friends, I know to a T what his day is going to be like, and it suits me. Moderation in all things is a decent motto for today, and generally I can follow it with few contretemps. So I’m content to be “there” today, as there is a certain pleasure in regulating one’s day in a compassionate yet mindful manner. Also, it is always beneficial to me if I review, and correct if need be, my daily “addictions” which can often veer into excess; movies on cable, partaking of the herb, late nights having fun (herb - I don’t drink alcohol.) A lifetime of habits, some good some bad, and thankfully I have reduced the “bad” ones over the years to a livable level – no more skating that thin line along the edge of the Abyss for me, “thankyew veddy much.” As for the Page of Swords as my Salt/catalyst today, that one really leaves me scratching my pate; while he has enough energy to spare, that is true, he is such an untrustworthy young whippersnapper that more than anything you feel like disciplining him. Grin. I remember him very well; I more or less grew up in the suit of Swords, and yes, there was a time when I was this guy incarnate, as a late adolescent & young adult. I must have been insufferable, LOL. Growing up, I was an egomaniac with an insecurity complex (emotional,) which to an almost uncanny degree the Page incorporates. I can grok on these three cards individually in an unruffled and quiet manner, but putting them together today for the “grand tableau” simply leads to all sorts of feelings of conflict in my mind, and I know I’m going to have to do some meditation & research today to find a way to “harmonize the union,” so to speak. Following are some card descriptors as simple guides, although I’m not sure how much help they can be, as, despite the presence of the Page, I feel this as more of an emotional issue today than intellectual (perhaps because my focus this time around on the Journey is the Cups suit, . . . {{sigh,}} perhaps. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to resolve inherent differences on our Path today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!
!                  XIV Temperance - "An angel in a white robe, touching earth and heaven, appeared. His wings were flame and a radiance of gold was about his head. On his breast he wore the sacred sign of the book of the Tarot--a triangle within a square, a point within the triangle; on his forehead the symbol of life and eternity, the circle. 
In one hand was a cup of silver, in the other a cup of gold and there flowed between these cups a constant, glistening stream of every color of the rainbow. But I could not tell from which cup nor into which cup the stream flowed. In great awe I understood that I was near the ultimate mysteries from which there is no return. I looked upon the angel, upon his symbols, his cups, the rainbow stream between the cups,--and my human heart trembled with fear and my human mind shrank with anguish and lack of understanding.     "Yes", said the voice, "this is a mystery that is revealed at Initiation. 'Initiation' is simply the revealing of this mystery in the soul. The Hermit receives the lantern, the cloak and the staff so that he can bear the light of this mystery.

"But you probably came here unprepared. Look then and listen and try to understand, for now understanding is your only salvation. He who approaches the mystery without complete comprehension will be lost. "The name of the angel is Time. The circle on his forehead is the symbol of eternity and life. Each life is a circle which returns to the same point where it began. Death is the return to birth. And from one point to another on the 
circumference of a circle the distance is always the same, and the further it is from one point, the nearer it will be to the other. "Eternity is a serpent, pursuing its tail, never catching it.                    "One of the cups the angel holds is the past, the other is the future. The rainbow stream between the cups is the present. You see that it flows both ways. This is Time in its most incomprehensible aspect.           "Men think that all flows constantly in one direction. They do not see that everything perpetually meets and that Time is a multitude of turning circles. Understand this mystery and learn to discern the contrary currents in the rainbow stream of the present.                                      "The symbol of the sacred book of the Tarot on the angel's breast is the symbol of the correlation of God, Man and the Universe. The triangle is God, the world of spirit, the world of ideas. The point within the triangle is the soul of man. The square is the visible world. The consciousness of man is the spark of divinity, a point within the triangle of spirit. Therefore the whole square of the visible universe is equal to the point within the triangle. The world of spirit is the triangle of the twenty-one signs of the Tarot. The square represents fire, air, water and earth, and thus symbolizes the world. All this, in the form of the four symbols, is in the bag of the Fool, who himself is a point in a triangle. Therefore a point without dimension contains an infinite square". ("The Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. D. Ouspensky, [1913].)      

Friday, September 22, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23/09/2017. The deck today is the *Ibis Tarot* By Josef Machynka, LWB trans. by Mascha Rabben. It is a wonderful deck, Egyptian-themed (as opposed to Egyptian,) and 2nd only to the *Egipcios Kier*. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = XI the Tamed Lion (Strength); XVII the Star, and Salt = the Slave of Cups (Page.) (The image for the Slave of Cups has been replaced by the 10, as an image wasn’t available.) Today strikes me as Yesterday’s “holding pattern,” and as such I don’t find it of much interest. Therefore, I shall pass on a reading today, and simply present some esoteric information on each card. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a breathing space today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                                                                                                        
XI the Tamed Lion (Strength) – “In the midst of a green plain, surrounded by blue hills, I saw a woman with a lion. Girdled with wreaths of roses, a symbol of infinity over her head, the woman calmly and confidently covered the lion's mouth and the lion obediently licked her hand. "This is a picture of power", said the voice. "It has different meanings. First it shows the power of love. Love alone can conquer wrath. Hatred feeds hatred. Remember what Zarathustra said: "Let man be freed from vengeance; this is a bridge for me which leads to higher hope and a rainbow in heaven after long storms. Then it shows power of unity. These wreaths of roses suggest a magic chain. Unity of desires, unity of aspirations creates such power that every wild, uncontrolled, unconscious force is subdued. Even two desires, if united, are able to conquer almost the whole world. The picture also shows the power of infinity, that sphere of mysteries. For a consciousness that perceives the symbol of infinity above it, knows no obstacles and cannot be withstood". (P. D. Ouspensky, “The Symbolism of the Tarot” [1913].) 
XVII the Star – “A strange emotion seized me. A fiery trembling ran in waves through all my body. My heart quickened its beating, tumult agitated my mind. I felt that I was surrounded by portentous mysteries. And presently shafts of Light penetrated my being and illuminated many things before in darkness, whose existence even I had never suspected. Veils vanished of which I had been before unaware. Voices spoke to me. And suddenly all my former knowledge took a new and different meaning. I discovered unexpected correlations in things which hitherto I had thought foreign to each other. Objects distant and different from one another appeared near and similar. The facts of the world arranged themselves before my eyes according to a new pattern. In the sky there appeared an enormous star surrounded by seven smaller stars. Their rays intermingled, filling space with immeasurable radiance and splendor. Then I knew I saw that Heaven of which Plotinus speaks: "Where . . . all things are diaphanous; and nothing is dark and resisting, but everything is apparent to every one internally and throughout. For light everywhere meets with light, since everything contains all things in itself, and again sees all things in another. So that all things are everywhere, and all is all. Each thing likewise is everything. And the splendor there is infinite. For everything there is great, since even that 
which is small is great.” (Ibid.) XL the Page of Cups – “The Page or servant, messenger, of the cups suit comes on the Eleventh and on the Seventh house, and has to do with friendship and relations, e.g. marriage. He must be the friend who brings inviting messages, seductive proposals, if not of formal marriage, perhaps of some love-affair or jolly gathering, sportive meeting, or intellectual entertainment, lecture, etc. It is not quite impossible, that the idea of 'seduction' is connected with it or at least a strong sense of persuasion. If it relates to news, there is emotion in it, news that will affect the feelings in some way or other. Relations will be of a passing nature, but may be very pleasant. The combination of the Water with the Air generally adds much to the instruction, development or education of people so there must be much of all this in the Page of Cups. The effects do not always bear the characteristic of reliability, nor of permanence.” (A. E. Thierens.)    


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/09/2017. {Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. Wonderful deck; Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XXI the Universe; Mercury = XVII the Star, and Salt = the Queen of Disks. Perhaps I am going to win the EuroMillions Lottery and become incredibly rich? LOL. I don’t know, it isn’t something I spend a lot of time trying to manifest; despite its “importance,” it is far down on my lists of concerns. That isn’t because I or my wife is rich; we aren’t. But we are very happy with what we have, which is enough to take care of our needs, period. There are no luxury cruises down the Nile or the Volga; no caviar blanketing a lunchtime baked potato {{Sob}}. Grin. This draw is a real Wowser! If I had a business or land deal in the offing, I’d be walking down the street whistling a happy tune! I don’t (have a pending deal,) but there are SO many other material concerns, and for a while now my greatest has been my health. I am avidly hoping that this hand signals some sort of fantastic news today from the medical front, or perhaps something that just gives me Hope that there is improvement in the future for my assorted maladies, mainly related to aging. “Ageing ain’t for pussies,” to paraphrase Ms. Bette Davis. This is a fabulous hand that it almost makes me a bit suspicious, waking the old inner critic in me. What could possibly happen today (in the realm of the possible) that could merit such a glittering presage? I have no idea, of course. I can always use money, of course, and it tends to come my way because I don’t worship it; it has been present in such a way throughout my life that I am not under its’ psychotic sovereignty because of a perceived lack. I simply give it no “philosophical value’ in my thinking; it is a tool, as much and no more than a screwdriver or a sandblaster. It “does” things otherwise difficult to accomplish, period. An old adage on an even older one; “Money isn’t the root of all evil; love of it is.” If you had an overwhelming love for chainsaws and went on a lifelong campaign to own all the chainsaws in the world they would have you gently put away in a hospital. Voila, same for “Money.” Except that now it is considered one of the rules of sanity – which is insane. LOL; a Vicious Circle, obviously.         
XXI The Universe – "As in the case of Uranus we want to point out that originally the planet cannot have been appointed, astronomically, but the principle of cosmic magnetism, of which it is the organ, and the universal magnetized field, the field of the world in which we live, must have been well known to the initiates, who worshipped Poseidon and Varuna, gods of the world-ocean. The symbols of the four fixed signs are presented at the corners of the cards, and where these fixed signs are seen as the foundation stones of our physical world by such visionaries as Ezekiel and St. John of Patmos, we cannot be far wrong in assuming that originally the meaning was that of the physical world coming forth out of the magnetized etheric ocean of the universe, which itself has been represented by the oval form, be it a laurel wreath or something else. The World must have had a larger meaning, originally, than that of the world of beings moving on the surface of our Earth, and the oval figure may well have stood for the form of the solar system at large, with its planets moving in oval orbs. Appropriated to the world of men, it must mean that which falls outside our will-power, cosmic conditions to which we are subject, but which at the same time provide us with all that is wanted for our physical conditions. The latter of course became the reason for attaching to this card a generally benefic influence, especially in the domain of the senses. Let us put it this way: it means that if we row with the cosmic tide, we shall enjoy happiness and everything we want, but on the other hand we must not neglect the implicit possibility, that when rowing against the tidal current of the world, we shall experience trouble and no end of it, or if we 'cross the stream' we shall have to stand firm on our legs. So besides the joy of the senses, this card means also the cosmic origin of life, to which the candidate for initiation returns, and which now and then appears in dreams. In fact this card has much to do with dream-life. The relations of Neptune with the Moon and the lunar body are not unknown to astrologers nowadays." (A. E. Thierens, "The General Book of the Tarot," [1930].) I’m going to give short (written) shrift today to Mercury and the Salt, merely because this risks being far too long & wordy. 
XVII – “The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. No astrologer will hesitate to recognize Venus. "The Star is the ‘étoile flamboyante,’ which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused herein." (W.) And "gifts of the spirit," which au fond means beauty, are the gifts administered by Venus, who in the solar system hands over the vibrations or 'gifts' coming from the Sun, to our Earth . . .  Well, then it is the image of this planet of beauty and eternal youth, which has its place between the Sun and Mercury on one side and our Earth on the other, the third personification of the genius of the Sun. The ibis and the butterfly connect the idea 'of immortality with this figure, in perfect accord with the mystic teaching which says, that love extends beyond the 
grave.” (Ibid.) Finally I see who is driving my Tesla 900 SpaceRover, and she is the Queen of Disks, a no-nonsense and very wise feminine Energy that not only “gets things done” but does so with serene wisdom: “The higher octave of the two, consequently covering the Sixth house and demonstrating the features of the noble Virgo-type. So this must be a woman always inclined to help and to serve, to make herself useful, a nurse perhaps, a household woman of good standing a good hostess. There are also qualities of science in this house, as it is the house of the Academy and Minerva. So she may be as an incarnation of Minerva herself, protecting science and craftsmanship as the Dame of Wands protects the arts. She must have many qualities and above all refinement, though she may suffer more or less from the evil--so far as it can be called--of doubt, and the difficulty of choosing between many possibilities in her nature. She is generous and benefic. Her presence is a good augury and she brings always protection and material wealth or at least well-being, ruling this house of earth. There may be some timidity; there is always honesty, honorable action, correctness and the right attitude to all problems of life, discretion, education, understanding, knowledge. These qualities certainly engender security in life.” (Ibid.) As you can see for yourselves, this is a GOOD hand to receive this morning. I could wish for a little less mystery about what miracle of goodness and/or wisdom may arrive today, but then again, it isn’t wise to look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course, the Trojans may have thought that, too, and boy! were they wrong! Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a generous bonus of “fortune” today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21/09/2017. The deck today is the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers. There is also a separate book, eponymous, by the same authors, quite thick with a LOT of information; it is a treasure house of continental Tarot lore. Great deck; you should own a copy. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = V the Hierophant, and Salt = the King of Cups. This is a fairly tight-knit reading today, with the two element cards being side-by-side in the 1st Septenary of the Major Arcana, and the King of Cups being one of the least expansive of the Court cards. It isn’t that I feel it is hermetically sealed off from the outside, but it has a vibe of “self-containment” & no need of exterior input. That is all fine & good, except that it HAS to accept exterior input or it serves no purpose. So, let’s “pry” and see what the neighbors are doing behind closed curtains . . . Grin. My Animus has pulled 
up in an arcanum for which he doesn’t have a lot of empathy, VI the Lovers. I know myself enough to know that my Animus finds things like Choice not worthy of “drama” if it directly involves him. I/He see “the Right Choice” as a matter of “well, of course! Dummy! You make the wiser, spiritually superior choice of Sophia over “Lilith.” There’s no question! So just do it and get on with it, and quit peacocking about it!”  Grin. But that is me doing my impression of the “unstoppable force” and “paying no nevermind” to plaints, suffering or death upon the way. However, you really can’t do that to this trump and give it ANY justice; it is a highly complicated card, much more complicated that one would normally imagine, and for a full description of its uniqueness I refer you to the eponymous, separate book. (“Tarot of the Holy Light” by C. Payne-Towler & M. Dowers, Noreah/Brownfield, 2015.) For theoretical bones, I also offer this by A. E. Thierens in his “The General Book of the Tarot”; “VI The Lovers - Virgo - From the original meaning of the sign Virgo, the virgin matter of the cosmos or world-ether, to that principle which makes 'lovers' is rather a long step, but we will observe that all these Tarot symbols relate to human points of view and human life in particular, i.e. cosmic principles seen from this particular standpoint which gives more of a practical image than of abstract reasoning, the abstract cosmic significance, however, being embedded fairly accurately in them. So in the human constitution the sign Virgo means the nervous system and everything acting as an organ as well as the relatively 'virginal matter' which is extracted from the food and will serve to build up the body. So this house is known to rule health and sickness. It is further known to relate to the principles and materials of our work. And so the card of the Lovers must in the first place symbolize these things. It does indeed. . . 
And again this card does not say 'love' but 'lovers' (in the French edition of the cards the singular is used: l’amoureux). Evidently the meaning is this: what makes man feel 'amorous' is his sensuousness, the word used in the strictly philosophical and biological meaning of receptivity of the senses for agreeable, caressing, benefic, gratifying vibrations. The same receptivity, however, exists on the other hand for disagreeable, painful, disturbing, malefic vibrations. The receptivity and the condition of an organic center in its double possibility of experience is only the phenomenal expression of the same in organic existence in general, consequently stamping the whole of manifestation with the law of duality of 'good' and 'evil.'” (p.56) Now, in general I like to think of myself as a worldly, modern alchemist, and the whole Hierophant arcanum as something I have already experienced and have no need of anything further from it than my memories. That, of course, is totally specious; once a teacher, always a teacher (as well as the “addiction” of being the Grand Poobah of an entirely legal network of “religious Mafia”, which thankfully, my ego gave up its craving many years ago. It’s crushing, monotonous daily grind of deception is not only a char-broiler for your soul but a hammer on your entire Being because living in a Deception requires ENORMOUS amounts of Energy. “V The Hierophant - Leo - "The fifth step on the cosmic ladder is that of the Atma, the Spark in macrocosmos and that of childbirth and of the heart in particular on the physical plane. The latter is sanctified by the former and this fact is symbolized in the image of the Hierophant. It may also be interpreted in its turn as the sanctifying of the profane (man) by the holy (man) in general, and this fact gave the reason for the other nomination of this card: the pope. Of course it may equally well be called the patriarch. In the masonic lodge it is the R.W.M., the sun in the solar system and the heart in every living body, as also the solar plexus in the etheric body. And as the teaching of St. Paul--and others--has it: from the heart are the issues into life. It is the dynamic center of every living existence. The Hierophant "is seated between the two pillars of Hermes and of Solomon" . . . "He is symbol of mercy and beneficence." (M.) This is exact. P. says he is the principle "which attaches the material body to the divine spirit." Which is precisely that of the heart. So there remains little doubt with regard to identity. The same author identifies further the principle of the Hierophant with the Hebrew letter He, which means aspiration or breath. In fact the heart is the cause of this periodical movement, which we find in pulsation and respiration, in analogy with the Law of Periodicity in Cosmos." (Ibid.) Finally, as the source of 
Energy today, I have drawn the King of Cups. My feeling is “right suit, wrong card.” I can’t help not having a whole lot of admiration for this guy, simply because he doesn’t seem content to be who & where he is; I’m sure he is, of course, but he doesn’t give that impression, which is ultimately confusing. I’ll take his Energy, as he has boatloads of it, but he can stay in the river and swim while I motor on up the Nile . . . Grin. “"This king is the chief of the kingdom of the soul, coming on the Ninth house, and consequently must indicate the teacher, prophet, man of law and divinity; the professor, inspirer and great traveler; sometimes a hunter, a wanderer, or a sailor, a yachtsman. Honesty and probity will be generally his characteristics, but some fantasy may be mixed with it and he may be less particular in details or accuracy. He may be exuberant or even excessive, and this may cause some excitement, but we see nothing of 'scandal, vice,' thievishness or anything of that kind in this card. There is a lively sentiment of justice in it and the person indicated by it will certainly be disposed to render justice to the Querent, whether he be connected with the law or not. If the Querent is himself a weak or vicious individual, the card may indicate the judge before whom he has to appear. At all events it may represent the idea of judgment of the querent's actions or business. Further there is less of 'science' in this card than of philosophy, which is quite another department. There is the idea of promoting, inspiring, pushing. There lies promise for the future and likeliness of monetary advances in this Sagittarian card." (Ibid.) It seems bizarre, don’t you agree? I knew you did. Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the necessary trust in the true source. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20/09/2017. My Blessed Fields of the West! Only 10 more days until October (my favorite month) and then 30 more days until the best holiday of the year, Samhain/Halloween. I’m so excited I can hardly keep my wrinkled, leathery wings still & folded! Do your Samhain shopping now! Grin. The deck today is, of course, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, LWB by Stuart R. Kaplan. Far better than the LWB, however, is a book (en Español,) “La Cábala de Predicción” by J. Iglesias Janeiro himself. (If you can’t read Spanish, there is always Google translate. Grin. And actually, Spanish is so English-friendly you will recognize many of the words. ) Onward and Upward! The draw today is: Sulfur = XXI Transformation; Mercury = IV 
the Emperor, and Salt = #47 Conjecture. I like today’s draw for several reasons: firstly, I notice that my Anima has moved out of the rather overdramatic birth of a new manifestation/effort started in XVI the Obelisk (the Tower) yesterday and I was in IV. Today, she has moved into IV and I have skedaddled up to XXI Transformation; I feel as if I’m sitting in the catbird’s seat. LOL. I particularly like the XXI of this deck; I would much rather hear speak of transformation than I would of arrival. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Arrival at a destination, but here the Destination IS a bit more important than the fact of arrival. Transformation; even the word breathes a kind of excitement and an air of expectation. I can state for a Fact that the reason I am sticking around this gimcrack sideshow on a rundown midway is that I firmly believe that upon checking out, I will be given, because I have earned it, a “new suit of clothes.” I particularly like this card in the Kier deck; it is both cosmic and whimsical at the same time. "Arcanum XXI: Transmutation - in the act of transmuting. It is a symbol of the mystery which operates the changes encrypted in the letter Shin. It represents the principle of the Word in its triple function of creative, renovating and conservative power, the cosmogonic matrix in childbirth, the faculty from which it is possible to be bull, lion, eagle and man. Modeling attribute: Aquarius, Neptune's abode. On the Spiritual Plane is the immortality of the soul, the evolution of ideas, the power to manifest life in infinite forms. In the Mental plane it represents the principle of supreme knowledge as the origin of all knowledge; the bliss. In the Physical Plane, it tends to the processes that favor the stimulus, the inspirations,
 the rewarding work, the generous rewards, the acts that tend to improvement. Axiom transcendent: "The sun rises, and the sun sets, and again it returns to its place where it becomes born.” As an element of prediction, promises long life, inheritance, distinctions, victories, enjoyment of honest delights, rivals who dispute affections, friends who watch over us; obstacles, and an ability to overcome them; uncertain situations, and contingencies that clarify them." ("La Cábala de Predicción" by J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.) Moving along, in my Anima’s overnight transformation from calamity to IV the Emperor she has managed to make an almost unthinkable jump, and I’m terribly proud that she has developed to the point where she can follow the Path that she deems best for our eventual Apotheosis. She works in concert with my Animus, OF COURSE, and with the “superego” of the combined me, “me” as I experience myself, holds the third and final key to our union. (I also hold the tie-breaking vote; LOL.) By Set’s testicles! I sound like a schizoid loony-tune, don’t I? LOL, well, so be it. I’m too clever to let “them” diagnose me with it. Grin. “Arcanum IV: The Emperor in the act of governing his domains. It is a symbol of the principle of unity materialized, the will, authority and power codified in the letter Daleth. It represents the intelligible reality and tangible reality, the absolute principle emanating its powers. Modeling attribute: Uranus in Aquarius. In the Spiritual Plane it is the constant materialization of the divine virtue in man, the hierarchical progression in which life manifests itself. In the Mental plane, it represents the four concordances of Affirmation and Denial, Discussion and Solution in their work of concretion. In the Physical Plane it tends to the realization of the material things, the crystallization of effort and the attainment of power. Axiom transcendent: "To the work of your hands, give blessing, and 
in the work of thought, put heart.” As an element of prediction it promises material achievements, foundations for higher enterprises, favorable results in the effort invested and difficult conditions to achieve them. Friendships are, simultaneously, help and obstacle, and luck is propitious and adverse at the same instant.” (Ibid.) Yes, indeed, isn’t it. Never rely on luck; it will leave you at the altar 100% of the time. And finally arriving at the engine room of our Solar Barque today, I see that #47 Conjecture is running the astral paddlewheels today. I find that somewhat amusing, as we have met Conjecture before, and he is a “curious” kind of guy. “Arcanum #47 Conjecture - as an act of knowledge. It symbolizes the human virtue of knowing by inspiration. Modeling attribute: It is associated to the Moon, the letter Q and the number 2. It represents the principle of deduction as a lighting element. Transcendent Axiom: "To be radiance in the light, and heat in the fire, is your mission for now," and as an element of prediction, it promises new Lights, new teachings, afflictions of spirit, hopes in maturity, coming joys or sorrows, support of relatives, virtuous & durable loves." Now THAT is a curious place to hope to find a surplus of Energy, isn’t it? Yes, I thought so, too. Grin. But as the card “says,” it is an act of knowledge, and more knowledge is always a source of more power, enough to run our Barque down the River. “So Let It Be Written; So Let It Be Done!” GRIN. I ask the Cosmos to grant us all a grand Curiosity today about the roots of our power. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!