Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11/09/2017. The deck today is my personal favorite (although not my go-to deck,) the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, LWB by Stuart. R. Kaplan. I have many reasons for it being my favorite, but bright-eyed & bushy-tailed this morning is its ability to throw me into an instantly meditative state, one specifically focused on the larger, spiritual issues, with no real focus on the mundane. In other words, it sets me dreaming, easily, but more than “dreaming;” it is somewhere between visualization and re-creation. I shan’t go on, but it is truly an inspired deck. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = XIX the Sun; Mercury = XI Strength and Salt = #34 Innovation (somewhat akin to the Knight of Wands, but tread carefully. Grin.)  It is nothing if not a “cheery” hand, don’t you think? Grin. Starting a day of with XIX the Sun can never be bad; it would be perverse to take it otherwise. Even reversed this card would indicate something positive, perhaps just a bit less brilliant. However, I’m “full tits up!” today and it seems as if I’m starting the day with a good understanding of my Anima, as well, as we function together as a united and complete being today for out advancement. The life-giving Aten above promises love, attention, and divine revelation, its many hands giving to the whole person Life, Health & Prosperity.                                                       
  “YOU LIVE IN PEACE WITH MEN AND GODS"                                                          It is associated with the number 19: great inner strength, power of creation, positive changes, materialization of desires, complete fulfillment, authentic successes. Astrological correspondence: Pluto in Sagittarius. Rules interior light manifesting towards the outside, the encounter with the positive potentialities, the ability to make healthy and true changes of consciousness, spirituality, the search for the essential truth through religion, philosophy and study, the gift of healing, the regeneration of corrupted natures, the beyond the usual limits, dissolutions egoist. It corresponds to the nineteenth Hebrew letter, "Kuf": Know there is no one sacred as God, the level of perfection without as within is inherent to the Father, the omnipresence of the Creator in all spheres of reality, spiritual greatness, the beginning of the divine holiness of man which ensures redemption and final elevation, the crumbling of negative barriers, the end of darkness, starting growth cycles. It represents: creation, the inexhaustible source of energy, the light illuminating with all its fullness, the clarity of the reasoning, truth, man's triumph over himself, overcoming one's limitations, resolution of internal duality, balance between heart and mind, union of masculine and feminine, the spirit in peace, the awakening of the soul, great evolution of personal power, the power of inner strength, great energy and vitality, well-being, abundance, happiness.” (The original LWB by I. Janeiro. Trans. by Google.) Having my Anima in XI Strength today is simply peachy keen, and fine with me. As the Sun card carries a semi-divine couple forward in Light, it is mirrored “in minor” by Strength, in her union with the two natures of man, the animal and the spiritual, as signified on the card.                                                                                     “PERSUASION HAS MORE POWER THAN THE GROSS
 FORCE”                                                                                             It is associated with number 11: harmonization of opposing energies and duality, acquisition of high knowledge, realizations on a higher plane. Astrological correspondence: Sun in Aries. It governs the spiritual vision of life, effort for the benefit of others or humanity, initiation into wisdom, intelligence, acquisition of a high self-esteem, inner will and strength, ability to struggle, overcome obstacles and recovery, a determined and enterprising spirit, courage and audacity, sincerity, energy, dynamism. It corresponds to the eleventh Hebrew letter, "Kaph": strength, power, conviction, the act of holding, guarding, preserving, subjugating, bending, prostrating and folding, humility, tolerance, kindness, acceptance, completion, coronation, God giving sustenance to the which acts with benevolence, the power of the immaterial realm manifesting itself in the physical sphere, the capacity to materialize what was in potential state, the beginning of spiritual awakening. It represents: the domain of intelligence thanks to the knowledge of truth, inner strength overcoming matter, transformation of elemental passions into spiritual energy, intelligence used for good, the ability to face fears and overcome obstacles, self-confidence, self-control, energy, courage, vitality, courage, power, success.” (Ibid.) Finally, coming to view and acquaint myself with what or who is powering the construct today, I find #34, Innovation, which can be “vaguely, VERY vaguely” likened to the Knight of Wands, although I get strong vibes of Pentacle energy there, as well, so-o-o, take it as you feel it. I’m “feeling it” today as more of a 60/40 mix with Pentacles sitting on top, but it could be reversed as well. WHICHEVER, (Grin,) he IS bringing Knight Energy to the mix, and ABOVE ALL, the power of Innovation, not something one easily associates with the tradition-worshipping Egyptians (nor me these days, to be honest; I’m feeling my age more than usually lately.)                           
“YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUT YOU WILL PAY A PRICE"                 Arcanum 34 is the emblem of human evolution. It symbolizes the virtue that man has to direct their own effort towards the chosen goals, necessary condition for their spiritual growth. It is associated with number 7 because by mystical reduction 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. This digit is the mystical number of "Divine Harmony". It symbolizes the mastery of the spiritual over material things, consciousness, perfection, the seven planets and their influence on every incarnate person, wisdom, longing to learn, search for knowledge and transcendental experiences, pursuit of high ideals, intellectual activity, inventiveness, ability for research, thought, the meditative and perfectionist nature. Astrological correspondence: Neptune. This planet governs the transpersonal. It is the emblem of inspiration and universal love, its ultimate goal being the union with the "All." He seeks contact with other dimensions, the escape to non-terrestrial worlds, since he feels a great attraction for the unknown and transcendent. Among his concerns are mysticism, the purest of idealism and the search for the spiritual. It symbolizes the fact of transcending the ego and the material world to meet the divine essence. It influences the time to dissolve the limits of the ordinary world and encourages the approach with something more essential, as is the cosmic consciousness. It is a star that fills us with sensitivity and great skills for artistic creation. When he expresses himself harmonically he makes the person altruistic, compassionate, kind and charitable, always ready to give himself emotionally, especially sensitive to the problems of others, and whose end is peace. It represents: the individuality, the man, the experiences of the own existence, the abstract thought, the determination, the innovation to face the changes and the challenges, the inspiration like guide of the activities.” Whew! That is a tall order to fill but I'm sure he's capable. The question is, am I? I feel caged at the moment, by my pulmonary issues, however I presume , "On verra . . . .' Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the wherewithal to handle the energies needed today to accomplish our tasks. Be Well; Be Zen, Be Blessed!!       

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