Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/09/2017. Not having immortality, I notice the passage of the years much more now, a function of age – Time is very flexible and unfixed, indeed. It seems to me that 2016 was just yesterday, and sooner than I can find and conquer Rihanna and put her in my life (LOL!) it will be 2018. Ah well, despite my seeming fragility now, all my life by various sources I have been told I will reach a very advanced age; not wheezy, irritable and arthritically crippled, I hope! Grin. The deck today is my Egyptian favorite, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, with LWB by Stuart R. Kaplan. There is also a more involved & complete text by the creator of the deck, “La Cábala de Predicciones” which covers his metaphysical system(s) in more detail, including the Sacred Tarot. Great 
deck, of course. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XVIII the Moon; Mercury = XIV Temperance, and Salt = #37 Art and Science (again.) Upon first glance, I like this reading, even with my Animus stumbling his way through the delicate crystal labyrinth that is XVIII the Moon.  “Powered by” #37 Art & Science is still surprising, although I can certainly use some creative thought in those realms when I’m houseguesting at XVIII the Moon. Grin. I have a special fondness for XVIII, I feel like I know hir better than many, not only with a close family relationship with “lunacy” for many years but also with my own insatiable curiosity to know things I didn’t need to know for many years in the past. I have ALWAYS operated on the theory, “NEVER trust an ‘other’ to give you everything you need to know. Trust only yourself; inform & educate yourself about anything which touches your life, and don’t depend on others to be fountains of information; they OFTEN have their own agendas as to why they don’t cooperate.” People’s projections make it almost impossible for someone to truly, disinterestedly provide you with everything they know about a given subject. “Ace-in-the-Hole” thinking, you see. “Arcanum XVIII: The Moon in the act of manifesting the magical power of light. It is a symbol of mystery of serpentine power coded in the letter Tzaddi. It represents the principle of the force of magnetism, the outcry that invokes, the emanation that fascinates, the power of incarnation. Styling attribute: Scorpio, Uranus' abode. On the Spiritual Plane is the infinite abyss in that which moves the created, the mysterious power by which things have their being. On The Mental Plane represents the strength of negation as evidence of affirmation, the negative as an exponent of positive. In the Physical Plane, it tends to the processes related to the manifestation of the powers hidden, the action of subtle forces, which requires deliberation without resolution. 
Transcendent Axiom: "Let your charity be inexhaustible, and your patience no less inexhaustible than your charity. '' As an element of prediction, it tends to instability, inconstancy, jealousy, confusion, changes, uncertain situations, long deliberations unexpected impediments, late results, triumphs, and apparent failures.” (“La Cábala de Predicciones” by J. Iglesias Janeiro.) I am always a late-stayer chez la Lune; I constantly push the limits of her hospitality simply because I can never “get enough of her stuff,” so to speak (Now, now, don’t go there! Grin.) All of my life I have loved the occult, the odd & different, the things that weren’t being told or even denied when I “knew” the opposite, my gut & my heart told me so. I have been rebuffed many times in my assaults on her fortress, but over the years we have developed a friendly relationship, and never more so than now as I see in her the heavenly incarnation of Isis on such a frequent basis. (She and I have our “conversations” each & every morning before I draw the Tarot.)  However, I’m no longer a rash & unruly young man who runs in to whichever temple he wishes and expects to hear oracular pronouncements.  I now walk gravely and regally (age, arthritis & rheumatism make a wonderful cocktail called “Apparent Dignity.” LOL,) in to the temples and expect to hear oracular pronouncements. Grin. My since-birth friend, XIV Temperance knows this, and has always had a rueful smile and an endless patience for my caprices and transgressions, both of boundaries and of taste. Grin. I’m very glad to see that she is on board today and “watching me directly” through the avatar of my Anima; I ALWAYS profit from her byword, “Moderation.” “Arcanum XIV: Temperance - in the act of transferring the virtues. It is the symbol of the mystery of the Idea and the Verb coded in the letter Nun. It represents the principle of Divine Androgyny, the primary emanation that is infused and diffused through light and heat, the affinity of opposites, the reversibility of the elements, mercy in its work to give things the right proportion. Modeling attribute: Cancer, the abode of Jupiter. In the Spiritual Plane is the eternal activity of life, the intimate affinity of the opposing elements, the priesthood as a bond of union between the world inside and outside. In the Mental Plane it represents the solidarity of the emotions, the association of ideas; reciprocity of the affections, the correspondence between the vices and the virtues. In the Physical Plane it tends to regulate the relations of the sexes, the balance of the life force, frugality, chastity, which temper the emotions and counteract the passions. Transcendent Axiom: "Do not be like chaff before the wind, nor as a wind before straw." As an element of prediction, it promises friendships, reciprocal affections, obligations, chemical combinations and interest, affiliated loves, devoted loves, treacherous loves, things that remain and things that leave, the first to leave, the second to return.” (Ibid.) And 
finally, I have drawn, yet again, that handsome but mysterious youth #37 Arts & Science as my Salt today, the catalyst in the alembic (me) to trigger the elements of Sulfur & Mercury to fuse with the salt as energy & produce a new, third, perfected substance, “Philosopher’s Stone Professional Foundation #37, Amber Dawn.” Grin. “Just my shade! Oh, what luck!!” LOL. I like young Mr. Arts & Science, I do, although exactly what he does, besides intrigue me, is still a bit of a mystery. One thinks of him as somewhat of a combination of several Pages, with Wands weighing in the most. “Arcanum 37: Art and Science - as factors of individual evolution. Symbolizes virtue of one's discipline as an element of progress. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Sun, the letter I and the number 1. It represents the principle of creation through applied knowledge. Transcendent Axiom: "Land of promise before my eyes, help me, walk, to get to it." As element of prediction, promises sincere friendships, magnanimous aids, probity, equity, resources, [reversed it is] imperious, compulsions, perversions, popularity, not all edifying.” (Ibid.) As you can see, it is a questionable day ahead, and I must wend my way carefully through the misty moors and deadlands in order to get into the Palace of the Moon and regard her translucent beauty. (Careful, Mark, you aren’t anywhere NEAR a supermarket . . . LOL!) So, ‘tricksy’ though it may be, I am looking forward to it in my usual calm, perverse way of attending a small satisfaction. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the thrill of a “Walk on the Wild Side” today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  

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