Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24/09/2017. The deck today is *Crow’s Magic Tarot* by Londa Marks. A strange and esoteric deck, it is oddly attractive and gives wonderful readings. It isn’t a “great” deck, (like *Holy Light* or *Tabula Mundi*,) but it is GOOD, very good. My draw today is: Sulfur = XIV Temperance; Mercury = XVIII the Moon, and Salt = the Page of Swords. Perplexing hand, isn’t it? I must admit that while I understand the cards, this draw leaves me just a bit in the dark. Animus in XIV Temperance? Check. Anima in XVIII the Moon (??? Why?) I’m not feeling it, but perhaps that is the reason for a vague feeling of restlessness this morning, as if I need/want to get up & go do something totally different. Perhaps an enema would lift my spirits . . .LOL! Well, before I go that far, let’s look at the cards a bit more closely. My Animus today is in 
XIV Temperance, and as she and I are VERY old friends, I know to a T what his day is going to be like, and it suits me. Moderation in all things is a decent motto for today, and generally I can follow it with few contretemps. So I’m content to be “there” today, as there is a certain pleasure in regulating one’s day in a compassionate yet mindful manner. Also, it is always beneficial to me if I review, and correct if need be, my daily “addictions” which can often veer into excess; movies on cable, partaking of the herb, late nights having fun (herb - I don’t drink alcohol.) A lifetime of habits, some good some bad, and thankfully I have reduced the “bad” ones over the years to a livable level – no more skating that thin line along the edge of the Abyss for me, “thankyew veddy much.” As for the Page of Swords as my Salt/catalyst today, that one really leaves me scratching my pate; while he has enough energy to spare, that is true, he is such an untrustworthy young whippersnapper that more than anything you feel like disciplining him. Grin. I remember him very well; I more or less grew up in the suit of Swords, and yes, there was a time when I was this guy incarnate, as a late adolescent & young adult. I must have been insufferable, LOL. Growing up, I was an egomaniac with an insecurity complex (emotional,) which to an almost uncanny degree the Page incorporates. I can grok on these three cards individually in an unruffled and quiet manner, but putting them together today for the “grand tableau” simply leads to all sorts of feelings of conflict in my mind, and I know I’m going to have to do some meditation & research today to find a way to “harmonize the union,” so to speak. Following are some card descriptors as simple guides, although I’m not sure how much help they can be, as, despite the presence of the Page, I feel this as more of an emotional issue today than intellectual (perhaps because my focus this time around on the Journey is the Cups suit, . . . {{sigh,}} perhaps. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to resolve inherent differences on our Path today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!
!                  XIV Temperance - "An angel in a white robe, touching earth and heaven, appeared. His wings were flame and a radiance of gold was about his head. On his breast he wore the sacred sign of the book of the Tarot--a triangle within a square, a point within the triangle; on his forehead the symbol of life and eternity, the circle. 
In one hand was a cup of silver, in the other a cup of gold and there flowed between these cups a constant, glistening stream of every color of the rainbow. But I could not tell from which cup nor into which cup the stream flowed. In great awe I understood that I was near the ultimate mysteries from which there is no return. I looked upon the angel, upon his symbols, his cups, the rainbow stream between the cups,--and my human heart trembled with fear and my human mind shrank with anguish and lack of understanding.     "Yes", said the voice, "this is a mystery that is revealed at Initiation. 'Initiation' is simply the revealing of this mystery in the soul. The Hermit receives the lantern, the cloak and the staff so that he can bear the light of this mystery.

"But you probably came here unprepared. Look then and listen and try to understand, for now understanding is your only salvation. He who approaches the mystery without complete comprehension will be lost. "The name of the angel is Time. The circle on his forehead is the symbol of eternity and life. Each life is a circle which returns to the same point where it began. Death is the return to birth. And from one point to another on the 
circumference of a circle the distance is always the same, and the further it is from one point, the nearer it will be to the other. "Eternity is a serpent, pursuing its tail, never catching it.                    "One of the cups the angel holds is the past, the other is the future. The rainbow stream between the cups is the present. You see that it flows both ways. This is Time in its most incomprehensible aspect.           "Men think that all flows constantly in one direction. They do not see that everything perpetually meets and that Time is a multitude of turning circles. Understand this mystery and learn to discern the contrary currents in the rainbow stream of the present.                                      "The symbol of the sacred book of the Tarot on the angel's breast is the symbol of the correlation of God, Man and the Universe. The triangle is God, the world of spirit, the world of ideas. The point within the triangle is the soul of man. The square is the visible world. The consciousness of man is the spark of divinity, a point within the triangle of spirit. Therefore the whole square of the visible universe is equal to the point within the triangle. The world of spirit is the triangle of the twenty-one signs of the Tarot. The square represents fire, air, water and earth, and thus symbolizes the world. All this, in the form of the four symbols, is in the bag of the Fool, who himself is a point in a triangle. Therefore a point without dimension contains an infinite square". ("The Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. D. Ouspensky, [1913].)      

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