Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06/09/2017. The deck today is *The Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Meleen. This is a wonderful deck, in the GD/Thoth tradition, with Ms. Meleen’s unique & accurate take on the cards in this highly symbolic tarot. Worth every child you may have to kidnap to buy it. My draw today: Sulfur = 0 the Fool; Mercury = XVIII the Moon, and Salt = the Prince of Cups. (The latter card today is illustrated by a different GD-style card, as I couldn’t find the proper card on the Web. Sigh, scanner problems.) I feel as if I am looking at a visual representation of the opening from Star Trek TNG, suitably altered; “Me: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Tarot. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new ideas and new manifestations, to boldly go where I have never gone before.” Grin. It really is that simple today, that meaningful in its own way, to me. I don’t have a lot else to say today – this hand seems “good & right.” I could separate the tableau, the unity, into its separate composing parts, but that would diminish it for me today; this one needs to be taken as a whole, as an entire tableau & not a triptych. As such, the Star Trek “motto” is as fitting an interpretation as any. I will, of course, plug in some information on each card. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a unity of vision that provides clarity. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!! 
“0 (Zero) The Fool. Our Earth -                          The average stage of man in the present stage of Earth-evolution is 'human,' but not yet at the stage of wisdom, consequently that of the 'unwise man.' To us, creatures living upon the Earth, this globe cannot be observed by us in toto, and the Fool is represented as a man walking without paying attention to himself. There is something of absolute Fate about this figure, which reminds us of the old saying of astrologers: "The wise man rules his stars, the fool obeys them." On the point of this fatality all authorities agree. For the rest the explanation does not seem very satisfying. To us there appears to be no doubt regarding the nature of this Fool, presented as a final 'principle,' if we may call it that, after those of the planets. A principle, however, without a number, a principle of nothing, nothingness. The planets give us the symbols or ideas of organs of consciousness, the zodiacal signs denote modes of substance, from which consciousness is derived. So the zero-principle is the symbol of unconsciousness. In fact he, who is unconscious, of himself or of Self, will obey every intimation from without and obeys 'his stars'--his senses, stupidly, blindly. Of course this card has much to do with foolishness, spiritual dumbness, but it bears also the meaning of that which cannot be helped and which we do best to leave altogether aside; or that which will come right of itself and need not be heeded by us: that to which we are subject, as to the Earth course in its orbit. It does not need our personal assistance. Realizing the latter fact this 'fool' might after all appear to be wiser than a good many other people, who in their human vanity imagine they are greatly needed for carrying out the intentions of their God, of Whom they claim a sort of personal knowledge. . . Taken as a whole, the card signifies that which will prove to contain more truth than appears; that which cannot be helped; those who are unconscious (of certain things, e.g.,) or unreasonable or foolish, disregarding logical propositions and actions. Also that part of our surroundings over which we have no control or which we do not master; that which we have to obey or which we ignore.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” A. E. Thierens)                                         
 “XVIII The Moon -                                             Everything that has been said in astrology about the Moon might be repeated here, as there exists no controversy whatever on the point of identity. “The card represents life of the imagination apart from life of the spirit." (W.) This card consequently means the life of the soul in particular, the feelings and sentiments, emotions (not only fear, etc.), changes wrought in existence by them, water and the female element in general. In the horoscopic figure it may be the mother or some other woman prominent in the life of the Querent; it may signify women in general (and morally or psychically, while Saturn means physical woman). It is the sign of panta rei: everything passing, flowing or ebbing away in life, consequently uncertainty. It may relate to dreams, to exhibitions, popular plays, and games, theatres, and to the lower class of people. Physically it means the brain and the stomach.” (Ibid.)                        “Prince of Cups (Prince of the chariot of waters) -                             
Tiphareth in the Tree of Life. Astrology: 21° Libra to 20° Scorpio. Element and world: The Air upon the waters of Briah. The Prince of Cups represents the Air above the waters, as the son of the Knight and the Queen - Fire and Water - he combines both the fiery flames and the watery depths of his parents, bringing them up in the heights of the Air, storming towards Yetzirah. So the Prince of Cups has all the emotional depths of the water, but also the intellectual values of the Air. He is clever and open minded, and his emotional soul can make him a sensitive artist or philosopher. Due to the heritage of Briah, he appears introverted and reversed, and indeed he tends to keep his secrets to himself. Like both his parents, he seems to be easy susceptible, but the sharp minded air makes him choose fairly what to accept in the end. On the shadowy side, the Prince of Cups can be reckless and selfish, always striving to improve his own goals and studies, carelessly sacrificing relations in order to perfect his art or passion, and he can be quite shifty in dealings. Drive: The combination of Spirit and Soul. Light: Compassion, warmth, love, artistic intentions. Shadow: Selfishness, unscrupulousness, cruelty.” (‘Raven’    

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