Friday, September 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/09/2017. The deck today is my ‘go-to deck,’ the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. They don’t get any better than this deck; it has equals but no superiors. Purchase it, if at all possible. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = VII the Chariot; Mercury = V the Hierophant, and Salt = the Ace of Disks. Today’s draw feels very ‘masculine’ in its essence to me; of course, gender is a neutral issue when it comes to the Querent, but most of the cards carry definite gender in themselves, although they do not discriminate in who calls or embodies them. While I almost never feel anymore that I incarnate the speedy progress of VII the Chariot, due to age & illness, I can certainly ensconce the symbol in my heart and carry its colors wherever I go; it is an operation of Being which I have carried out before and one which I both loved and do not fail to carry in my heart now. 
I only say speed because of the mental image one has; despite the Chariot almost universally being displayed as static, one never really believes that it is. I blame that partially, and humorously, on the 1958 film “Ben-Hur” and the famed chariot race with the bladed wheels. Grin! Also, the idea or concept “chariot simply doesn’t lend itself to stillness. (In France this genre of film is called “peplum,” as in the Greek word for tunic. Thus, “sword & sandal movies.” Grin.) Enough! Let’s consider VII a bit more seriously. As Gemini, walking between Chokmah and Tiphareth, he carries a powerful attractive force. “The Chariot represents the principal of perpetual motion, meaning the eternal circulation of Light and sound frequencies that compound invisible energies into tangible matter. The awakened human, that heavenly animal, becomes attuned to the voice of Spirit. Sound is the vehicle of Sophia imminent in the human world, traveling across all cultural, temporal and religious boundaries, seeking an abode among the children of men.” (“Tarot of the Holy Light,” C. P.-T. & M. D., Noreah/Brownfield Pr., 2015, p.148.)  I grok the concept, the symbology and its place on the Path; that is all that I need ask of it at this time. This is much more of a mental attitude than anything else. All of which works rather uncomfortably with V the Hierophant. NOT being oriented towards swift progress (to say the least! Grin,) “me pappy,” as we know, is Aries in the House of Life (funnily enough, the same name as an Egyptian
 embalming complex,) and walks between Kether and Chokmah. So, it is an unbroken yet angled walk on the Path today, Kether-Chokmah-Tiphareth, but rather planned ass end-over-tea kettle, it seems; I’ll need to straighten that out, if only for the illusion of progress in a temporal sense, for my weak human needs (Grin.) I am having a bit of a difficult time figuring out what my Anima is doing playing around here today; she is normally very “euh,-agnostic” about religion but not faith; I (Animus) am the one, nevertheless, who prefers to wear his faith on his sleeve, in the interest of full disclosure. (And for a variety of other reasons, “bien sûr.” Grin.) I shall leave her to her explorations; I know that if she comes up from the cellar covered in dust and yelling, “Eureka!” it will be something which will produce smiles &/or laughs. (A catechism would be perfect, LOL.) Taking him a bit more seriously; “Trump 5 is the High Priest of every lineage, the master of the doctrine of correspondences. He is also the headmaster of the temple university, setting the curriculum and choosing the students. He wears the triple crown and enacts the role of Hermes/Mercurius (the Philosopher’s Stone), separating out the ascending, expanding influences (Sun, Mars, and Venus, with Elements Fire and Air, thumbs up) from the descending, consolidating influence (Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn, with Elements Water and Earth, thumbs down). Hierophant is the role for which the soul is being prepared and tutored by Sophia. The person who wears the mitre assumes political and administrative responsibilities of a cosmic nature.” (Ibid.)  (Although I hope I always retain my sense of humor AND proper respect for this arcanum, I always think of that genre of person you will hear saying, “Harrumph! Do you know who I AM??” LOL. I’m ALWAYS tempted to respond, “No, DO tell.” Grin.) We come to my “engine” for today, and “Oh my gosh, Daddy Warbucks, that’s BIG!” it is the Ace of Disks. The Ace of Disks and I have been acquainted all of my Life: for various reasons, the suit was important to my family, and we were introduced to it, in a positive way, very early in life. What I shall do today with this source of physical vitality I am not yet sure, but surely it should at least provide some enthusiasm, if not actual wings to waft me down the boulevard without the need to breathe torturously; Grin. S/he lives in Kether, of course, and is 
ruled by Saturn. In turn, it influences the 1st decan of Capricorn. “The element of Fire, of the nature of the Sun and Venus, on the house of the Sun, the Fifth: indeed this card has been well defined by the traditional renderings, which give it all as very benefic. How could it be anything else? The aces are all more or less a commencement, new prospects, etc. If you get the ace of pentacles or hearts on one of your houses in the horoscopic figure, you may be pretty sure that the matters to which the house in question relates will be beneficial and, on account of the fiery element, irresistible. It means the commencement of that what is wished for, desired, and this is what man calls his happiness. It is the spark of the Ego demonstrated in the practice of daily life; and this is what may well be called the note of good, which also brings good luck to other people. So there is creative energy in this card. Not yet worked out into details, but originally decided and fairly sure to work out in the future in lucky events and prosperous happenings. So there is promise in it and it is above all a card of good augury of a new and prosperous beginning. It is like a bright spark. Even among very bad cards it is the bright spark of hope and good-will, though of course in such cases it may be too weak to conquer adverse circumstances immediately. It may mean further a person or thing of first ranking. A child. A speculation.” (A. E. Thierens.) Well, I don’t gamble, and I’m not currently “culturing” any children with my wife (she would be HORRIFIED at the idea!! LOL!) so of course this is both rhetorical and metaphoric. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the refreshment of feeling today’s Energy in a real and tangible manner. Be Well, Be Zen Be Blessed!!    

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