Friday, October 13, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14/10/2017; the deck today is one I haven’t used before, so we’re going to give it a run. It is one of a number of gift decks I received as an ordering bonus: out of 10 decks, this is the only one I didn’t immediately shove into storage. It ‘vibes’ very well; the images are pleasing, nothing bizarre or “wrong,”, and the overall impression is that despite its apparent TdeM/Italian styling, it is a modern feeling deck with enough ‘juju’ & strength to get the necessary machinery started and working. It’s a good deck; being free makes it even better. Grin. My cards for today are: Sulfur = IIII the Emperor; VIII Justice, and Salt = the Ace of Coins. It is a mightily pleasing hand, especially if one has 3D reality worries. My Animus is in his most self-satisfying role, that of IIII the Emperor. (Some of you may not know that in TdeM tradition, i.e. Renaissance tradition, one always ADDS Roman numeral sums, never SUBTRACTING them. Thus IIII instead of IV.) 
“There is much more mystery buried in every symbol than words spoken can tell. Superficial consideration might make astrologers wonder at this image, which assimilates worldly power with the sign Cancer instead of with Leo, to which they are accustomed. Still there remains this to be taken into account, that originally 'emperors' got their power from the people,--China, 
Rome--long before they began to claim God as their private protector against eventual aggression from outside. The people are ruled by the sign of Cancer, says the astrologer. And thus originally the chosen emperor accepted vox populi as vox Dei. This chosen dignitary was nothing of a tyrant, originally, nor did he have anything to do with rulership or warfare: he was simply the highest and most pure expression of the soul of the people or nation. In China sometimes a poor but extremely virtuous old man without any other antecedents was elected to be emperor. All later usurpations of power and succession were deviations from the old and pure institution. The present position of the president in a republic comes very near to that of the original emperor. The sign of the soul indeed is . . . Cancer. At the same time this is the sign of the breast (P.) and of the womb, as W. translates this passage about the card, which P. says is connected with the Hebrew letter Daleth. In the older pictures we see the effort to let the man make a figure 4 or something like the symbol for Jupiter with his crossed legs. There may be some meaning in it, but this seems futile with regard to the general significance of the Emperor as the representative of the past, of memory, tradition in the people and in family life, dharma and the real motives of the soul in the background of life, which actually rule life. It every inner power of the soul from which outer activity (karma) will arise.” (A. E. Thierens, “The General Book of the Tarot.”)  
My Anima is in a role she loves as well, that of VIII Justice. She can indulge her weakness for “fake” lack of emotion (“Ole Sternface”) to her heart’s content, pretending to be without any prejudice or summary judgements & character assassinations. “In this Court’s opinion, you’re a rotten, foul, bastardly, ugly SOB who doesn’t pay his child support. Cut of his right hand!!” LOL. Her judgements are entirely based on feeling and thus not to be trusted for accuracy or even-handedness. But there ARE certain things about the role she can’t gum up with her personal take on life; to be fair, one must also add that more times than I would like to admit her feelings & emotions & intuition force a reexamination of “the crime,” and a resulting correction in behavior. “VIII Justice - Scorpio. Whosoever might hesitate before the emblems of this card and think it might as well stand in relation with Libra on account of the idea of 'justice,' generally ascribed to the latter sign, and the balance which the woman holds in her left hand, will do well to consider the systematic relationship existing between all signs of the zodiac or evolutionary cycle.
 The left hand derives from, while the right hand is instrumental in giving out. Scorpio derives from Libra the balance and the idea of justice, but the sword in the right hand shows, that we have not justice pure and simple, platonic so to speak, but that which has often been called 'avenging justice.' Au fond it is more vengeance than justice and Scorpio is famous for its tendency to vengeance, in every way and every form. After Libra, the stage of total manifestation, this stage is the taking-back, the first step on the way home, which explains the well-known feature of desire, thirst for experience in this sign, because it wishes to bring home something from the voyage 'westward.' So the card of justice means above all the faculty of desire, higher as well as lower, from the most spiritual or religious longing down to the most crude lust. Sexual experience is one of the most important expressions of it, and we may safely say, that one of the principal significances of the card is sex. Another, principally where sex is sublimated, is occult experience and the psychical side of earth-life in general. Naturally it stands in close relation to the sign Virgo, on the other hand of the Balance, in which sensation was born; the faculty (or possibility) of the sensation bringing the desire to realize it. It is the sign of transmutation, which is the change of the inner composition by the experience won. The sensation realized makes one feel, actually, bodily, psychically or morally, the meaning of good and evil, and therefore the 'sword of discrimination' is the emblem in the right hand of this figure. Every mistake in the process of life will avenge itself with geometrical certainty. This house is the school of life and it is remarkable how it is concerned with 'school' in every respect. In this house the Self takes from life and from the cosmos surrounding what it wants, consequently what it does not yet possess, and the card of Justice becomes the index for our debts or the possessions of other people. . .   It is the card of sorrow as well as of deeper satisfaction. In the man under this card there is always something of the 'avenger of wrongs,' and very often it has to do with the proceedings of Justitia in the world. It is also the card of the secret, or hidden. Most authors are not very famous for their interpretation of this card, but P. says a very good thing about it: "The sword here is a sign of protection for the good, as well as a menace for the bad." (Ibid) 
As an Ace, our engine today has a LOT of Energy humming away there in potential, waiting for someone to take it and use it. “The element of Fire, of the nature of the Sun and Venus, on the house of the Sun, the Fifth: indeed this card has been well defined by the traditional renderings, which give it all as very benefic. How could it be anything else? The aces are all more or less a commencement, new prospects, etc. If you get the ace of pentacles or hearts on one of your houses in the horoscopic figure, you may be pretty sure that the matters to which the house in question relates will be beneficial and, on account of the fiery element, irresistible. It means the commencement of that what is wished for, desired, and this is what man calls his happiness. It is the spark of the Ego demonstrated in the practice of daily life; and this is what may well be called the note of good, which also brings good luck to other 
people. So there is creative energy in this card. Not yet worked out into details, but originally decided and fairly sure to work out in the future in lucky events and prosperous happenings. So there is promise in it and it is above all a card of good augury of a new and prosperous beginning. It is like a bright spark. Even among very bad cards it is the bright spark of hope and good-will, though of course in such cases it may be too weak to conquer adverse circumstances immediately. It may mean further a person or thing of first ranking. A child. A speculation.” (Ibid) The Page of any suit is almost always hasty and rather reckless with his prodigious gifts. By remaining unstable, s/he is able to carry it just long enough to transmute it into the next step in the 3D ladder, the Knight. However, I’m not there yet in terms of Energy needs; today’s requirements should be easily fulfilled by the Ace, with power to spare. I don’t have anything on the grill today, other than a new manifestation that I am nursing through its stations in the alembic. I have a major new turn in my life coming up, about which I will relate more information when more is appropriate. I am both gleeful and full of Hope for spectacular advancement as a result of this new manifestation, and for right now, only the illusion of Time will tell. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a feeling of new-born confidence in our magical workings today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!     


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