Sunday, October 15, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/10/2017; the deck today is *Crow’s Magick Tarot* by Londa Marks, which comes with an eponymous book as well as an LWB. It is an amusing and interesting deck, and although not what I would call classic, it reads well and true. It is a good deck for an unusual one-off. My draw for today is as follows: Sulfur = XII the Hanged Man; Mercury = The Wheel of Fortune, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Wow! That is a lot of energy, for something in which I don’t see an enormous appetite for it. Both my Sulfur & Mercury cards are, to me, today, conducive to inner reflection and work on my understanding of my process, hardly jumping out of the chair to don my armor and go rescue a lost soul. Grin. (Besides, the labor of donning my armor would probably leave me breathless and in danger of needing an ambulance, due to BPCO. Grin.)  However, there is that Ace if I need it, which I suppose is a case of “better too much than too little.” I find that dangerously close to “If one feels good, take ten!” the addict’s credo. Thank Hathor that I have lived in Recovery Village for a long time! LOL. (My drug of choice was alcohol.) Blahblahyakyak; the point of the reading seems to be angling towards how I feel today, interiorized and meditative. I asked Atum-Ra this morning, in my prayer before the reading, to help me understand where I need to go next. I believe that I know; and it entails a great deal of modification in my program. I have contemplated this move for a long time, and have decided that it is right for; I am going to be initiated in the Egyptian Mysteries and will take the studies further, to the point of being consecrated as an Initiated Priest.
 The fact that self-sacrifice and an objective withdrawal from the world to contemplate the Mysteries is its meaning only serves to concretize my decision, a de facto “Yes, Mark, that is a good choice” kind of “attaboy!” from the Divine. The fact that my Anima, the passive person in my construct, is seeing X the Wheel as a chancy move but it is only reasonable; she errs on the side of domestic simplicity, when she can. This doesn’t throw a wrench into any of my material living conditions, nor of my marriage, therefore it is less life-changed than you may imagine; I have no need to divorce my wife and go live atop a pillar in the Sinai desert. (Not to mention that the solar protective cream bill would be enormous! Grin.) As for the Ace of Swords, besides the power and dynamism inherent, it also carries the seeds of intelligence and logic; not necessarily tools when journeying in other realms, but certainly not a hindrance! A great deal of what is experienced in other realms has absolutely nothing to do with intellect or logic, but it is important not to let them influence the mystical divine in your experiences by explaining them away. Wonderful tools, Swords, but always double-edged, so I need to be extra-careful today when handling the Energy. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the sensibility to handle our weaponry with care. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                                      
XII the Hanged Man – “And then I saw a man in terrible suffering, hung by one leg, head downward, to a high tree. And I heard the voice: -- "Look! This is a man who saw Truth. Suffering awaits the man on earth, who finds the way to eternity and to the understanding of the Endless. "He is still a man, but he already knows much of what is inaccessible even to Gods. And the incommensurableness of the small and the great in his soul constitutes his pain and his Golgotha. In his own soul appears the gallows on which he hangs in suffering, feeling that he is indeed inverted. He chose this way himself. For this he went over a long road from trial to trial, from initiation to initiation, through failures and falls. And now he has found Truth and knows himself. He knows that it is he who stands before an altar with magic symbols, and reaches from earth to heaven; that he also walks on a dusty road under a scorching sun to a precipice where a crocodile awaits.” (P.D. Ouspensky.)                             
X The Wheel of Fortune – “I walked along, absorbed in deep thought, trying to understand the vision of the Angel. And suddenly, as I lifted my head, I saw midway in the sky a huge, revolving circle covered with Kabalistic letters and symbols. The circle turned with terrible velocity, and around it, falling down and flying up, symbolic figures of the serpent and the dog revolved; above it sat an immovable sphinx. In clouds, on the four quarters of heaven, I saw the four apocalyptical beings, one with the face of a lion, another with the face of a bull, the third with a face of an eagle, and the fourth with the face of a bull. And each of them read an open book. And I heard the voices of Zarathustra's beasts: -- "All go, all return,"--the wheel of life ever turns. All die, all flourish again,--the year of existence runs eternally. All perish, all live again; the same house of existence is ever building. All separate, all meet again, the ring of existence is ever true to itself. Existence begins at every moment. Round each "here" rolls "there". The middle is everywhere. The way of eternity is a curve". (Ibid)                                                                                                      
The Ace of Swords – “This is the first step of the element of Earth, coming on the First house or ascendant. Of course this has to do with a beginning, a strong outpouring of force, an impulse, and a material one too. Positive activity on the material plane is typically masculine, and this is a very masculine card, perhaps the most of all. There is no negotiation possible with it. It is emphatically 'yes' or 'no.' One of the primary expressions of the masculine is fructification, and the male action is indicated by this card. For the same reason it means germ, seed. And its natural consequence is conception and childbirth, the ace indicating here also the ascendant. In everything this card means the actual beginning in material execution, which at the same time may cut short something else. It may mean decapitation, or any justiciary execution. It signifies of course a decision, the end of uncertainty or twilight. It is a fresh starting point in matter: 'alea jacta est.' And so it may as well mean a strong demand, an appeal. There is courage in it and firm initiative. It may cause pain and affliction, but annihilates doubt, the greatest torture.” (A. E. Thierens) 


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