Saturday, October 21, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/10/2017:  only 9 shopping days left to find that perfect corpse and/or skeleton in the local cemetery! Grin. The deck today is the *Tarot de Marseille: Edition Millennium” by Wilfried Houdouin with Yves Renaud. IT is a great TdeM; concise, clear, no folderol, a really good reconstruction of “a Tarot de Marseille deck. No need to peer through the aging sienna tone or craquelure to seize the essence of the archetype. A superb effort which I recommend wholeheartedly. Onward and Upward! My draw today consists of: Sulfur = XXI Le Monde, Mercury = V Le Pape, and Salt = le Valet de Deniers. (No image available: substitute from Camoin/Jodorowsky.) On the surface, a wide-eyed Pollyanna might coo, “Oooh, Mr. Tarologue, look! I get the entire world AND I do it spiritually while becoming as rich as a televangelist! Ooh, goody-goody!!” Grin. Wrong, Mrs. Osteen! No, what I see before me is a moderately pleasant but split day with a great deal of energy available, but I need to be careful it doesn’t leak into my spiritual concerns for any reason. Intellectually, actively, my Animus is enjoying his ride in the incarnation of XXI today, and of course I wish him well & bon voyage; however, my Anima is less prosaic about the idea, preferring to concretize her stability and her grasp on the hierarchical and organizational aspects of the Red Road today. Supplying Energy to this duo of Enlightenment vs. Ordered, Tried & True is the Valet de Deniers, the Page of Pentacles. As we already know, he’s a chip off of the Old Block, but devoted to hir studies and hir efforts to rise to BE “the Old Block.” He has the Energy, but he may not have the time, and do be careful he isn’t dissolute (Grin,) which could gum up the machinery with polluted “fuel.” It IS a prosaic enough reading, nothing too startling when considered in the light of my response to “How is Mark feeling today?” (“Adult comedy recording, hmm . . . may I see your I.D. please?”) In the penultimate conclusion, it is a “nice” spread, one with which I can fully make any necessary adjustments today. The ultimate conclusion must await the end of the day. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a “pleasant” day, according to our own lights. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                      
XXI Le Monde/ The World – Neptune - “As in the case of Uranus we want to point out that originally the planet cannot have been appointed, astronomically, but the principle of cosmic magnetism, of which it is the organ, and the universal magnetized, field, the field of the world in which we live, must have been well known to the initiates, who worshipped Poseidon and Varuna, gods of the world-ocean. The symbols of the four fixed signs are presented at the corners of the cards, and where these fixed signs are seen as the foundation stones of our physical world by such visionaries as Ezekiel and St. John of Patmos, we cannot be far wrong in assuming that originally the meaning was that of the physical world coming forth out of the magnetized etheric ocean of the universe, which itself has been represented by the oval form, be it a laurel wreath or something else. The World must have had a larger meaning, originally, than that of the world of beings moving on the surface of our Earth, and the oval figure may well have stood for the form of the solar system at large, with its planets moving in oval orbs. Appropriated to the world of men, it must mean that which falls outside our will-power, cosmic conditions to which we are subject, but which at the same time provide us with all that is wanted for our physical conditions. The latter of course became the reason for attaching to this card a generally benefic influence, especially in the domain of the senses. "It is eloquent as an image of the swirl of the sensitive life, of joy attained in the body, of the soul's intoxication--(can any word remind us more strongly of Neptune's workings than precisely this one: 'intoxication'?--Th.)--in the earthly paradise, but still guarded by the Divine Watchers . . ." (W.) Let us put it this way: it means that if we row with the cosmic tide, we shall enjoy happiness and everything we want, but on the other hand we must not neglect the implicit possibility, that when rowing against the tidal current of the world, we shall experience trouble and no end of it, or if we 'cross the stream' we shall have to stand firm on our legs. So besides the joy of the senses, this card means also the cosmic origin of life, to which the candidate for initiation returns, and which now and then appears in dreams. In fact this card has much to do with dream-life. The relations of Neptune with the Moon and the lunar body are not unknown to astrologers nowadays.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens [1930].)
V The Hierophant – Leo – “The fifth step on the cosmic ladder is that of the Atma, the Spark in macrocosmos and that of childbirth and of the heart in particular on the physical plane. The latter is sanctified by the former and this fact is symbolized in the image of the Hierophant. It may also be interpreted in its turn as the sanctifying of the profane (man) by the holy (man) in general, and this fact gave the reason for the other nomination of this card: the pope. Of course it may equally well be called the patriarch. In the masonic lodge it is the R.W.M., the sun in the solar system and the heart in every living body, as also the solar plexus in the etheric body. And as the teaching of St. Paul--and others--has it: from the heart are the issues into life. It is the dynamic center of every living existence. The Hierophant "is seated between the two pillars of Hermes and of Solomon" . . . "He is symbol of mercy and beneficence." (M.) This is exact. P. says he is the principle "which attaches the material body to the divine spirit." Which is precisely that of the heart. So there remains little doubt with regard to identity. The same author identifies further the principle of the Hierophant with the Hebrew letter He, which means aspiration or breath. In fact the heart is the cause of this periodical movement, which we find in pulsation and respiration, in analogy with the Law of Periodicity in Cosmos. In the different versions given by authors there is very little of value. The Hierophant is, in short; the heart and herein resides the motoric force for good or for evil, according to the more or less sanctifying force that comes through. In case of affliction there may be lack of courage, self-confidence, honesty, sometimes certain evil or bad character. . . There ought to be no kings, however, without an emperor over them. The king is and remains the central official, as the heart is the central organ of the organism.” (Ibid.)       
Le Valet de Derniers/Page of Coins – “Tradition: Dark young man, disciple, student, speculator, commercial man. Application, scholarship, study, re flection, meditation, occupation, rule, management, news, message and the messenger himself. The reverse meanings are here for once even given as favorable for the greater part: Profession, luxury, sumptuousness, breadth, abundance, magnificence, liberality, generosity, well-doing. Also the crowd, multitude. Degradation, dissipation. Theory: The Page, always more or less of a messenger, in this case of fiery nature, on the Seventh house, as well as on the Third. The latter house is that of the disciple and the message; so here the traditional rendering is again quite correct. The seventh house explains everything that is said about application, occupation, profession, liberality, etc., this being the house of Libra, of relation. We may add, that the card will indicate a proposal of marriage, courting, love-making, but in a gentle, sometimes a poetical or platonic way, not without ardor however. It has also to do with all sorts of honorable offices and denominations and may indicate any official person in the civil service and commerce, a stationer, bookseller or editor, bookkeeper or director, appointed by the owner or patron.” (Ibid)   

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