Monday, October 23, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24/10/2017;  only 7 more shopping days to find your eye donors for the blood punch; after all, what is blood punch if it doesn’t have floating eyes?? Grin. The deck today is the *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* by the Church of Light, an esoteric mystery initiation organization. (They are a very well-meaning group.) I like this deck a lot because of its formalism, but it DOES lack pizzazz, just as you would expect for a deck authored by an institution.  IF you can get past the lack of pizazz, then it is a wonderful, deeply esoteric and finely working Tarot deck, worthy of the appellation, the “Sacred Tarot.” You can almost see a bunch of these decks parked on the back of the pews in some temple, to refer to when the high priest gives his “homily.” Ahahaha. Also, oddly enough, this is not an Egyptian deck per se, but an Egyptian-themed deck, meaning it has suits & Court cards, instead of cards numbered 0-77. All given, it is a superb deck, although a bit “dry.” Onward & Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = VII the Chariot; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the King of Cups. [Just to refresh your memory, this spread is the modified “Alchemist’s Draw,” with three cards representing Sulfur, Mercury & Salt, the 3 base Elements of the Alchemist. In an unmodified draw, these are all Major Arcana; in my modification, Salt is a Court card. They stand for 1) the Active principle, male, intellectual; 2) the Passive principle, female, emotional & intuitional; and 3) the Catalyst, to interact with and transform the other two elements, so that all three combine to form the Philosopher’s Stone, or in this case, the building blocks for the best day I can create and from which I may profit.]  At first scanning glance, the “tableau” look, I see a wildly positive hand . . . thank Osiris! I was feeling rather flat this morning but this tableau has managed to pick me right up. In VII the 
Chariot I have harnessed the opposing natures of my Will/Being and in harness they conduct me forward in victory, decision & exploration; “VII the Conqueror - In Divination, Arcanum VII may briefly be read as Victory. Arcanum VII is figured by a war chariot of square form, surmounted by a starry canopy sustained by four columns. Upon this chariot advances a conqueror armed with a cuirass and carrying both sword and scepter. He wears a crown from which rises three pentagrams, or golden stars with five points. The square car symbolizes the material world vanquished by the work of the will. The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four quadrants of heaven which surround the conqueror. They also represent the four elemental kingdoms that have submitted to the master of the scepter and the sword. Upon the square front of the chariot is pictured a sphere sustained by two outspread wings; symbol of the immortal flight of the soul through the infinitude of space and time. The sacred serpent at the conqueror's brow signifies the possession of that intellectual light which makes clear all the arcana of fortune. The three golden stars rising from the crown symbolize the dominion of man in all three worlds; physical, astral and spiritual. A T-square and two try-squares are traced upon the cuirass. The T-square, or Tau, symbolizes virile force, and the two try-squares indicate the rectitude of judgment that enables the conqueror to direct this force either to right or left, into mental or physical power as occasion demands. The cuirass signifies resistance; the high held sword is the emblem of physical victory; and the scepter indicates mental conquest. This scepter is surmounted by a square, a circle, and a triangle. The square is the emblem of matter, the circle indicates the realm of spirit, and the triangle is the emblem of mind; together denoting the perpetual dominion of intelligence over all realms and forces of nature. Two sphinxes, one white and the other black, are harnessed to the car. A sphinx, as composed of the four emblems of the zodiacal quadrants, indicates the passage of time. The white sphinx signifies fortunate periods, and the black one signifies periods of adversity; both of which serve the soul victorious over the ordeals met in its pilgrimage of eternal progression.” (“The Tarot of C.C. Zain”           This moves into II the High Priestess,
 where my Anima is visiting the Temple during my time of conquest & victory, and therein learning more on the secret nature of our being and the magical structure of the Universe and how to understand and use it; “II Veiled Isis – In Divination, Arcanum II may briefly be read as Science. Arcanum II is figured by a woman seated at the threshold of the Temple of Isis. She is seated between two columns, the one on her right being red to signify pure spirit and its luminous ascension over matter, and the one on her left being black to represent the bondage of matter over the impure. The woman is crowned by a tiara of three stories surmounted by a lunar crescent. From the tiara a veil falls over her face. She wears upon her bosom the symbol of the planet Mercury, and carries upon her knees an open book which she half covers with her mantle. This symbolic ensemble personifies occult science, which awaits the initiate at the threshold of the sanctuary of Isis in order to tell him the secrets of universal nature. The symbol of Mercury (Hermes) upon the bosom of the Virgin signifies that matter is fecundated by spirit in order to evolve mind, or soul. The cross below is matter, the circle is spirit. Together they figure the lingam of the Hindus, representing the union of the sexes; and the crescent above the union of spirit and matter represents the soul which is the evolved product of their union. The seal on the breast of Nature also expresses the thought that knowledge comes from God and is as limitless as its source. The veil falling over the face announces that Nature reveals her truths only to the pure in heart, and hides them from the curious and profane. The book half hidden under the mantle signifies that but half of the truth can be discerned by the physical senses, the exoteric side. The esoteric, or other half, must be apprehended through the application of the psychic senses. Reason, divorced from intuition, can discern only in the realm of effects; but re-wed to intuition, can remove the obscuring mantle from Nature's most secret page and pursue her mysteries at leisure. These mysteries are revealed only in solitude, to the sage who meditates in silence in the full and calm possession of himself. The tiara represents the power of the intellect to penetrate the three realms of existence--physical, astral and spiritual--which are signified by its stories. The lunar crescent, symbolizing the feminine attribute, is above the tiara to indicate that in occult science the intellect should be guided by the intuitional or psychic powers. That is to say, in the occult sciences the feminine qualities of the mind are often of superior value to the masculine, or rational. The woman is seated to show that Will united to Science is Immovable.” (Ibid) And finally we come to the engine for our vehicle today, and I am pleased to see the King of Cups, for a change. 
Normally this king looks hesitant, even doubtful, in the majority of decks; in tarot lore, he is often referred to as “the reluctant King.” In this Tarot deck, however, he looks positively jubilant & celebratory; I must add I find it humorous that he is “conquering” the crab under his foot. As he welcomes us, his is opened-handedly and openheartedly generous & smiling. This is the genre of King of Cups I prefer! Grin. As for his esoteric meaning, we all have a pretty good grip on his position; this master of the suit of emotions, intuition, dreams, water & the moon is all familiar ground, although developed to its maximum here, just as the Ace holds its essence. “This king is the chief of the kingdom of the soul, coming on the Ninth house, and consequently must indicate the teacher, prophet, man of law and divinity; the professor, inspirer and great traveler; sometimes a hunter, a wanderer, or a sailor, a yachtsman. Honesty and probity will be generally his characteristics, but some fantasy may be mixed with it and he may be less particular in details or accuracy. He may be exuberant or even excessive, and this may cause some excitement, but we see nothing of 'scandal, vice,' thievishness or anything of that kind in this card. There is a lively sentiment of justice in it and the person indicated by it will certainly be disposed to render justice to the Querent, whether he be connected with the law or not. If the Querent is himself a weak or vicious individual, the card may indicate the judge before whom he has to appear. At all events it may represent the idea of judgment of the querent's actions or business. Further there is less of 'science' in this card than of philosophy, which is quite another department.” (A. E. Thierens.) Whew! That is a lot to digest, I know, but just take the basics and run fast & far with them, then take a second look. After they’ve been around your sweat awhile, they may look like something you recognize. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a happier and healthier outlook on Life than we expected today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!


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