Friday, November 10, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! To The Fool’s Tarot for 11/11/2017; today’s deck is *The Night Sun Tarot* by Fabio Listrani. I just opened his new Tarot deck, *Santa Muerta: Day of the Dead* and used it here previously, but unfortunately no images yet exist. So today I am using his first deck, and it is just as compelling and rich as the second. He is an artist and gifted at Tarot art; whether he reads or not (the cards), I do not know. His art is very evocative and will help to summon some of your deepest currents of thinking and emotion. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = III the Empress, and Salt = the King of Wands. This is a perfect reflection of where I am today, i.e. currently, on my new Path to complete the outer change to reflect the inner one. I have asked that this time around through the cards, on the Path, I be given the wherewithal and the necessary qualities and strengths to break on through and LIVE the spiritual life on the exterior that I live on the interior. I’m not speaking of grabbing a cart and reading the cards throughout hazardous journeys in the Carpathian Mountains; or dressing in some bizarre get-up to parade around as the initiated High Priest of BlahBlahYakYak; if I needed that kind of confirmation and assuagement, then I wouldn’t deserve the titles, if you see what I mean. I am actually happy to say that my Sulfur today, the card 
of my Animus, is XIII Death; that confirms my actions and makes me feel even better with what I am doing. Death to the old, and lo and behold! Birth to the New in the form my Anima’s archetype for today, III the Empress. What more natural progression could one want? These fit together like peas in a pod in this happenstance; they describe a state of things that I DO wish is operating as I write. My Anima absolutely loves being with this archetype, it is home ground for her, because it is a secret joy for my Animus, too. My love of living things can only be affected by a malign intelligence, and that generally happens only in Man; by that I mean that almost every living thing on Earth is in a state of love-me-I-love-you/leave me alone, with the exception of Man, who can & will go out of his way to deceive and harm for no logical reason. The Empress is the basic affirmation of life and a cornucopia of blessings unto the world. Gaia has no morality, remember; she is there to exist in joy, or erase the things that mar her joy. We are high on that list, I should think. Yet as always, if asked to cooperate with Life, to imbue my new “incarnation” with the joy of existence and love of Life, then she is Joanie-on-the-Spot, and she gives with open arms and loving abandon. I have come to TRUST a GREAT DEAL in the generosity of the Universe, and if asked, it never fails to provide. Finally we arrive at my source of Power for today and again I am happy to say that it is the King of Wands. As far as Kings go, “he’s the top!” (Not exactly Cole Porter, eh? Grin.) and by that we can understand that he is not “greater” than the other kings, he incarnates an Element, Fire, at its highest expression. One thing to remember with the King of Wands
 (creativity, inspiration) however, is that you have to give it your ALL on the first try; this King spends the entirety of his resources in his first attack or arrival, and it takes time to bring him back to Strength; so when using him, put it ALL up front, “Succeed the first time or don’t succeed at all.”  I’m quite content with today’s draw, and I hope it has helped you to clarify some ideas, too. Attached you will find some explanatory citations for each card. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment of dedicated, full-force action today to resolve any difficulties. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!                                              XIII Death – “Fatigued by the flashing of the Wheel of Life, I sank to earth and shut my eyes. But it seemed to me that the Wheel kept turning before me and that the four creatures continued sitting in the clouds and reading their books. Suddenly, on opening my eyes, I saw a gigantic rider on a white horse, dressed in black armor, with a black helmet and black plume. A skeleton's face looked out from under the helmet. One bony hand held a large, black, slowly-waving banner, and the other held a black bridle ornamented with skulls and bones. And, wherever the white horse passed, night and death followed; flowers withered, leaves drooped, the earth covered itself with a white shroud; graveyards appeared; towers, castles and cities were destroyed. Kings in the full splendor of their fame and their power; beautiful women loved and loving; high priests invested by power from God; innocent children--when they saw the white horse all fell on their knees before him, stretched out their hands in terror and despair, and fell down to rise no more. Afar, behind two towers, the sun sank. A deadly cold enveloped me. The heavy hoofs of the horse seemed to step on my breast, and I felt the world sink into an abyss. But all at once something familiar, but faintly seen and heard, seemed to come from the measured step of the horse. A moment more and I heard in his steps the movement of the Wheel of Life! An illumination entered me, and, looking at the receding rider and the descending sun, I understood that the Path of Life consists of the steps of the horse of Death. The sun sinks at one point and rises at another. Each moment of its motion is a descent at one point and an ascent at another. I understood that it rises while sinking and sinks while rising, and that life, in coming to birth, dies, and in dying, comes to birth. "Yes," said the voice. The sun does not think of its going down and coming up. 
What does it know of earth, of the going and coming observed by men? It goes its own way, over its own orbit, round an unknown Centre. Life, death, rising and falling--do you not know that all these things are thoughts and dreams and fears of the Fool?" (“The Symbolism of the Tarot” by P.D. Ouspensky.)                                      III the Empress – “I felt the breath of the spring, and accompanying the fragrance of violets and lilies-of-the-valley I heard the tender singing of elves. Rivulets murmured, the treetops rustled, the grasses whispered, innumerable birds sang in choruses and bees hummed; everywhere I felt the breathing of joyful, living Nature. The sun shone tenderly and softly and a little white cloud hung over the woods. In the midst of a green meadow where primroses bloomed, I saw the Empress seated on a throne covered with ivy and lilacs. A green wreath adorned her golden hair and, above her head, shone twelve stars. Behind her rose two snowy wings and in her hands she held a scepter. All around, beneath the sweet smile of the Empress, flowers and buds opened their dewy, green leaves. Her whole dress was covered with them as though each newly opened flower were reflected in it or had engraved itself thereon and thus become part of her garment. The sign of Venus, the goddess of love, was chiseled on her marble throne. "Queen of life," I said, "why is it so bright and joyful all about you? Do you not know of the grey, weary autumn, of the cold, white winter? Do you not know of death and graveyards with black graves, damp and cold? How can you smile so joyfully on the opening flowers, when everything is destined to death, even that which has not yet been born?" For answer the Empress looked on me still smiling and, under the influence of that smile, I suddenly felt a flower of some clear understanding open in my heart.” (Ibid)
                                     The King of Wands – “Higher octave of the ace, lord of the suit of Air and the mind; coming on the First house. What may have led to the legend of calling him a country gentleman and bringing the whole suit of wands more or less in relation with the country is not clear. He is the lord of the intellectual kingdom; consequently he may denote every authority or personality of primary importance in some or other intellectual, mercurial or mercenary line. It must be someone representing a high authority himself or uniting opposite interests, while he himself, on account of the same authority he represents, may not or cannot be contradicted. Now we want to put in a remark here concerning the court or personal cards in general: in the practice of divination they are generally taken to indicate persons, and this comes out very often right enough. Still they ought first to be considered as principles; the personification of these principles in men and women comes in the second place only, but is important, of course, in our daily life. So the King of Wands must represent intellectual authority, mastery in the domain of the mind, trade and language.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.)       


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