Friday, November 3, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04/11/2017; the deck today is *El Tarot Egipcio* by Guillermo G. Elizarrarás with eponymous book by Martina J. Gabler. (In posting the images, I was forced to scavenge because none posted of these cards were EXACTLY this deck; so you are seeing close-as-possible approximations from other decks.) It is a better deck than I had originally thought; I haven’t used it much (1X?) as I was under a different impression. However, upon using it now, I found that I have “grown into” a liking for this deck; not a love affair, mind you, as with the Kier, but this is a passingly acceptable substitution. I must add that the art is precise and superb. My draw today is: Sulfur = X La Rueda de la Fortuna; Mercury = V El Hierofante, and Salt = As de Espadas (X the Wheel, V the Hierophant, the Ace of Swords.) Well . . . harrumph! It seems that my Animus is still in 
X the Wheel, not having moved a step since yesterday. Apparently I’m waiting something out, perhaps some catching up to be done by my Anima? One doesn’t know, but one suspects. Grin. I guess I like the draw well enough, although to be ‘henry’, I AM a bit disappointed to be spinning one of my wheels, apparently – a BIG one. LOL. “It is a symbol of existence, of the evolution of events. The turning of the wheel marks our experiences, the cycles of our existence. Everything moves, turns and changes; sometimes that change is pleasant and desirable, sometimes not. In any case, the evolutionary change is progress. The change is permanent and the only thing safe. Adapting to him is intelligent and reduces suffering. The Wheel marks a cycle of favorable changes, albeit sudden ones. Do not let that intimidate you. The species that survived on the planet did so thanks to their adaptability. Accept and adapt to the changes that burst into your life. The situation forces you to evaluate your resources and your abilities; it requires you to refocus your goals, to flow with the times, preserving your ethical principles and values. Now change your routine, give way to the new so you can achieve success. Remember, life implies that, when the time comes, new changes will have to be made, cycles to close and new cycles to open.” ( Trans. by Google & myself.) Moving along on our magic sled, we come to my Anima’s archetypal projection for the day, V El Hierofante
 (the Hierophant.) Here’s where we’ve been playing catch-up, apparently. Yesterday she was in XX, and today she has crossed the starting line again hot on my heels and hoping to arrive simultaneously at the apotheosis. I’m sure she will; I am an impatient man in general, and in my Animus the characteristic is only exaggerated. Having to wait for my Anima to catch up annoys me, but not seriously; I secretly fear the pace would be hair-raisingly rapid if we were in sync all of the time. Grin, I’m an aging man; I have to think of what I can support. LOL. “The High Priest, also called "The Hierophant" in ancient religions, is based on faith, values ​​and institutions. He not only has the ability to reason (like The Emperor) but also to intuit. He is in communication with God (he is his channel before men), he is the spiritual guide, the internal teacher who "speaks to our ear" or advises us, from our heart, to facilitate our understanding of ourselves and the intangible. The effects of your past actions, both "right" and "wrong", are revealed. Enjoy the positive fruits and admit the consequences of your mistakes. Recognize what you should recognize, without shame and without self-punishment, to focus the future on correcting the error. Cultivate the gift of forgiveness, forgive yourself and forgive those who produce or cause pain, because they are your teachers who teach you something to make you better. Give thanks for everything experienced, pleasant and unpleasant, because you, as you are today, are the product of that experience." (Ibid) And finally, bringing our magic sled back to the rental booth, we receive our final card, the engine for this vehicle 
today, and it is the As de Espadas, the Ace of Swords. Yesterday the energy was the prenatal state of this “egg”; today we have the egg itself as it comes into manifestation. “The ace of spades is a symbol of the presence of aspects such as intelligence, reason, justice, clarity, truth and strength. When it appears in the readings, it shows that a seed of understanding has been sown in our lives, although it may not have been recognized yet. When the seed germinates, it can take almost any shape. It could be the presence of good ideas, desire to face the truth, a call to justice or the need to be honest. On the other hand, it can represent a gift, an offer, a meeting or any other event that promises prosperity. Many times this ace represents a challenge that proves us in some way. Life is turbulent and lasts for a long time. Sooner or later obstacles will appear and the ace of spades can give us a warning as to when it will happen. This letter is also a reminder to face adversity in the best way, with courage, honesty and firm resolve. It keeps us in mind that behind an adversity there is always a good opportunity. When this letter appears, we must examine our lives to realize how clean and clear they are, the energy will work for us. Let's think about our problems objectively. Above all it is time to act with ethics and be honest with ourselves and with the people around us. It is time to face situations that if they seem unfair and confusing, to solve them. This letter reminds us of the inner resources we must use to fight against obstacles and find a path enlightened by the truth.” ( Trans. by Google & myself.) ALL of that Energy!! My oh my, the intellect is going to be in high gear today as my Animus and Anima shall try to bridge the gap and move forward, driven by Fate, Luck, and newly-revealed Occult Knowledge. This all works out quite nicely, as a sequel to yesterday as well as standing on its own. Living it out today may require some changed thinking modes, however. On verra. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL an Active Intelligence today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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