Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15/11/2017; the deck today is *The Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka, one of my favorite Egyptian-themed decks. I tried drawing with a different deck this morning, but it was a cacophony of confusion, *Tarocco Egiziano* which I found out is actually an Etteilla –style deck, with some marked differences. For instance, II is Plants, and XII is Prudence. It proved too much for my morning brain to work with so I switched it out for the *Ibis,* a much more palatable read. My cards for this morning are: Sulfur = XIV the Two Urns; Mercury = III Isis-Urania, and Salt = the Warrior of Pentacles. I like the draw, it is nice and mild for this grey and mild morning here in Montpellier; I’m not in a grey mood, however, so I am seeing it through a bit of a positive filter, I suppose. Better that than the inverse, right, Froggy? Grin. My Animus is in XIV the Two Urns 
(Temperance) today, and if you read this page semi-regularly you know that Temperance and I are old friends since the dawn of Time; she has NEVER ceases riding sidecar with me, simply because I am a creature bound to natural excess, and on a big scale. I NEED Temperance in my life, at all times./ Moving on, we find that my Anima today is inhabiting III Isis-Urania (the Empress,) Gaia in all of her finery and illuminated by the Divine Light. In her role as Gaia, Isis shines with her knowledge of crafts and the uses of all natural products. My Anima is here today no doubt to rest her weary body and to refresh not only her body but all of the feminine functions to which she holds right, including motherhood, priestesshood, and holder of Life. Not to laugh, but I do feel just a bit “pregnant” right now, giving birth to this new Mark of the more directed turn to a spiritual life to the exclusion of some of the material. I am no longer willing to accept an uncensored flow of the world’s stinking, crawling “slime” into my life, such as being constantly distracted by the media for this, that, or the other thing, in order to keep everyone diverted from the even bigger crimes happening right under their eyes. My first move has been to rid myself of my cellphone. So far, so good; no regrets, AT ALL, and no monstrous outlay upfront for a new 4G phone this year and the ensuing slavery of subscription. “One small step for Mark, One giant Leap for the Disconnected!” LOL. In selecting which knowledge I let in more carefully now,
 I am taking yet another step in my spiritual life. Finally, we glide over to the Power Room, with its “Absolutely NO Entry: This Means YOU!” sign prominently displayed on the door, and stroll in to find the Knight of Pentacles deep in thought, wondering where he can apply his doggedness as a mid-level salesman the best – in the country, or in the city? Grin. I like the Knight of Pentacles, and I like having one or two friends around of the Knight-of-Pentacles-type; reliable, trustworthy, their word is their bond; they are truly friends through thick and thin. On the other hand, trying to get them to accept a new idea is similar to the time & effort poured into World War II – ridiculously immense. Stubborn & bull-headed don’t even begin to describe it. Grin. So, accept them as they are, they don’t change at your pace. Their energy is deep & profound, Earth energy, and if aroused, they can level mountains & move seas. Yet another reason to be nice, non? GRIN. That’s it for me today; following are some BRIEF tidbits on the cards today. I ask the Cosmos to grant us all good & steady friends & companions in life. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                        XIV the Two Urns (Temperance) - This is evidently the cosmic function next to the Sun, messenger of the same: Mercury or Vulcan, lord of the sphere of Virgo, surrounding the solar Leo-sphere. Other traditional descriptions confirm this: "It is the symbol of combinations, working incessantly in all regions of Nature." (P.) On his breast this angel bears a square with inscribed triangle, reminding us of the passage of the cosmological Stanzas of Dzyan, "The Three fall into the Four," which means the beginning of Manifestation. "Entry of Spirit into Matter and reaction of Matter upon Spirit." (P.) So on the subject of this card there seems to be perfect understanding. "Incarnation of Life," P. adds. This is Mercury, who has to do with the distribution of life-currents from the Sun farther on into the solar-system and from the heart and solar-plexus farther on into our physical body. The golden vase and the silver one illustrate this distribution from higher to lower regions.” (A. E. Thierens) III Isis-Urania –
“This Empress is indeed "a daughter of Heaven and Earth" (W.), for she represents the sphere of Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, and so this card always bears the meaning of messages and writing, and of news to be heard, instructions to be received. Twelve (in older pictures nine) stars are placed around her head and this certainly means that down here on earth the messages come to us from the stars, a gentle hint at astrology. We regret that in the picture of W., the wings, with which the figure is gifted, and the shield with eagle in her right hand, as shown in older editions of this card have been omitted, for both hold a due indication of the element Air. Gemini is the first house of Air, and sound uses the air as its medium. The use of the sign of Venus is not very clear in the picture given by W. because it is not Venus but Mercury that rules the house of the Empress. One of the older editions shows the Empress holding in her left hand a wand with a heraldic lily, a sort of trefoil on its top, very suggestive of the origin of the color or suit of Wands, which of course has a close relation with the card of Gemini.” (Ibid)                                                                                                              The Knight of Pentacles – “The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance. Consequently the benefic influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present. On the other hand the houses mentioned give the tendency to retire from the outer world; this accounts for renderings such as 'inactivity, inertia,' etc. . . . We should say, it means the tendency to enjoy the good things of the heart(s) within one's own private or family circle, in repose, in some retreat, secretly.” (Ibid)      


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