Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/11/2017; my deck today is *The Eternal Tarot* by Samael Aun Weor, (AKA Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez,) and is an Egyptian deck, thus no suits nor Court cards. Thus for my Salt this morning, the draw was from the 56 remaining cards instead of just the Courts. As for images, the Eternal is simply less ornamented copies/twins to the Kier deck, and as in the Eternal images are unavailable, I am using the Kier ones. Same difference, so to speak. I like the Eternal Tarot, BUT . . . I have big reservations about a deck created by a “mystic” who didn’t really seem too stable on his etheric feet. However, it is a good deck, & usable, so I’m not going to flinch too much. The draw today is: Sulfur = 17 the Star; Mercury = 5 the High Priest, and Salt = 45 Regeneration. I think everybody will probably be familiar enough with the general descriptions of these cards that I don’t need to re-iterate them. Instead, what I will do is to give you what is written in Samael Aun Weor’s accompanying LWB about his interpretations of the Arcana. It makes for thought-provoking and question-birthing reading.                                                                                          
#17 Hope (Kier: The Star) – “The star of eight points always represents Venus, the star of dawn. We find the Venustic Initiation within the Seventeenth Arcanum. ¶ The symbol of Venus shows us that the circle of the Spirit must be upon the cross of sex, meaning sex must be under the control of the Spirit. When the symbol is inverted it represents that the Spirit is dominated by sex. ¶ Timetable: Eighth Hour of Apollonius: ‘The astral virtues of the elements, of the seeds of every genre.’ ¶ Transcendental Axiom: ‘Some men require signs in order to believe, others require wisdom in order to act, but the hopeful heart bears everything within its hopes.’ ¶ Forecasting Element: It predicts Intuition, support, illumination, births, brief afflictions and brief satisfactions, privations; abandonments and benefits.”                                                              #5 The Hierarch (Kier: The High Priest) – The Fifth Arcanum is indication, demonstration, teaching, karmic law, ^philosophy, science, art. It is the law, severity. ¶ Kabbalistic Sephira: Geburah. Hebrew letter; Hei. ¶
 Transcendental Axiom: ‘I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee, and my heart feeleth thee.’ ¶ Forecasting Element: Freedom and restrictions, new experiences, acquisition of advantageous teachings, love and love affairs, journeys of frustrated prosperity. Propitious friends and friends who are of a sinister augury; beings and things that come and go, those who come in order to leave, those who go in order to                                           #45 Regeneration (Kier same) – “Regeneration is a reiterative act. Symbolizes the human virtue of remembering the past and preventing the future. ¶ Modulating Attribute: It is associated to the planet Mars, the letter O, and the number 9. It represents the principle of memorization and visualization. ¶ Transcendental Axiom: ‘Everything is beautiful in its time, and everything is flavorful in its ripeness.’ ¶ Forecasting Element: As an element of prediction it promises spiritual resurrection, physical rejuvenation, reconsideration of that which was and some first fruits of that which will be, vigor; decrepitude, something from infancy and from elderhood, influence of relatives in loving matters, breakage and abandonment.”                                                                           
As one can see, Mr. Weor/Gomez-Rodriguez has a few ideas that run far from the mainstream; counter-current, even. He also seems to have abandonment issues, as it is inevitably one of the results of a majority of his cards. Grin. Well, no one said a neurotic couldn’t read cards, right? I think it might take a sociopath, or perhaps even a psychotic, to create a church and religion, which he did, but my speculations are beside the point. Perhaps he was José Ordinario and the nicest guy on the bloc. Who knows? I DO find some of his explications downright bizarre, however; oh well, Caveat Emptor. I’m fairly equitably set up for fair skies and smooth sailing at the moment. Special mention goes to my dear friend Charles, who contributed greatly to my physical relief this past week. It’s going to be short today, folks. “All the better,” you murmur. LOL. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a measure of satisfaction in the greater powers to which we have access and through them to the regeneration of our beings. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!    


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