Thursday, November 16, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17/11/2017; the deck today is *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery* by Robert M. Place. This is a great deck, and I don’t understand why it isn’t more popular, according to postings. I love his Alchemical decks, especially the Third Edition, which is the height of their development (the 4th edition is rather like a dénouement; all the excitement is over.) This is a wonderful deck, although I admit that some of the construction is a bit awkward; there is no reason to title III “Regina” or XV “Satan”, if you see what I mean. It gives it a decidedly judeo-christian interpretation, which I think is very limiting. Luckily, I’m not, so I can see beyond the restrictions for the general meaning. So can you; I’m not a seer, I just know my cards. Half the battle is “won” when you can say with confidence, “Yes, I KNOW the cards.” Then it becomes a matter of reasoning, intuition and even a bit of flash to pull it all together into the glowing jewel of knowledge you know it to be. Grin.  At any rate, if you don’t own this deck and are a Robert Place fan, you should get it; it will pleasantly surprise you. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is as follows: Sulfur = XV Satan; Mercury = III Regina, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. Without climbing up on a rocking horse and sounding like a complete ninny, let’s just bypass the whole christian name thing, okay? Satan, Regina (Latin, for Isis’ sake!) and any others who claim Abrahamic descent (includes all three religions, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic) can simply go by their more regular names; being named this way affects nothing, and only increases my distaste for the constant proselytizing by these faiths. So, 
with that out of the way, my Animus today is in XV the Devil; here is the paragraph from the LWB that explains the card & the naming; “XV Satan-the-Devil represents prejudice, imprisonment, and destructive unconscious forces. He is most powerful when we are unaware of his influence. His victims represent the two lower souls. They are only chained to him in that they are asleep and unaware of his influence. As Lucifer, the Devil helps us by illuminating our shadow.” That’s a fine line, Robert, and yes, I see where you have drawn it. But this kind of dichotomous thinking leads to Manichaeism, and all are agreed that neither the world nor the Devil are that simple. I prefer to cautiously take Lucifer as a given on the Path at this point, because quite simply, I am QUITE aware of the blind spots in my own psyche that might allow him an entry if I don’t maintain a high level of personal moral probity and regard for the continuing work. Moving on to my Anima today, we find her lollygagging in her boudoir at the open window that overlooks her garden. (I note that she is “the Holy Roman Empress” – push that faith!!L. Let’s call her Cunegonde, like a Merovingian queen, shall we? LOL.) This from the LWB; “-is the wife of the Emperor [duh.]   She is passive and attractive. Her eagle is her royal symbol and the heart connects her to Venus, goddess of beauty and sensuality. Her dog represents fidelity and the apple tree fruitfulness and abundance. 
She has a seven-pointed crown but she is too comfortable and relaxed to wear it.” Well, she seems rather “désinvolte,” doesn’t she? Grin. I think of III the Empress rather differently; “I felt the breath of the spring, and accompanying the fragrance of violets and lilies-of-the-valley I heard the tender singing of elves. Rivulets murmured, the treetops rustled, the grasses whispered, innumerable birds sang in choruses and bees hummed; everywhere I felt the breathing of joyful, living Nature. The sun shone tenderly and softly and a little white cloud hung over the woods. In the midst of a green meadow where primroses bloomed, I saw the Empress seated on a throne covered with ivy and lilacs. A green wreath adorned her golden hair and, above her head, shone twelve stars. Behind her rose two snowy wings and in her hands she held a scepter. All around, beneath the sweet smile of the Empress, flowers and buds opened their dewy, green leaves. Her whole dress was covered with them as though each newly opened flower were reflected in it or had engraved itself thereon and thus become part of her garment. The sign of Venus, the goddess of love, was chiseled on her marble throne. "Queen of life," I said, "why is it so bright and joyful all about you? Do you not know of the grey, weary autumn, of the cold, white winter? Do you not know of death and graveyards with black graves, damp and cold? How can you smile so joyfully on the opening flowers, when everything is destined to death, even that which has not yet been born?" For answer the Empress looked on me still smiling and, under the influence of that smile, I suddenly felt a flower of some clear understanding open in my heart.” (P.D. Ouspensky, “Symbolism of the Tarot”.) That is more familiar to me than the other, although I will add that my conception of the Empress is considerably less Tolkein-esque than Ouspensky’s. No singing elves. Grin. Otherwise, I am glad of heart to find my Anima in III the Empress today; it can do nothing but benefit her to bathe in the waters of fecundity. Coming to the end of our 
promenade, we find the engine for our construct today, the Knight of Cups. From the deck’s LWB; “- collects rainwater. He represents seeking information, questing into the unconscious, or acceptance of a situation.” Ehhh. . Okay. That is AWFULLY sparse information, and doesn’t BEGIN to cover what goes on when the Knight shows up. For a more detailed understanding, check this out; “The Water of the soul on the Twelfth and on the Eighth house. The double influence of water makes the emotions and feelings prominent, relates to the imagination, to deeper experiences and strong reactions of the soul, processes of psychic life, which may end in wonderful success or in less desirable phenomena. It is sure to indicate much relating to the subways of human life and the human soul. This is not always favorable or pleasant, of course, but is in almost every instance intensive, though the cups never go to anything like hatred or crime or real malice. Their weakness is in being unreliable or incalculable with regard to things of the exact world or matter. So in the worst cases this card may indicate everything connected with swindling from sheer mental instability. But it may also be, that the term 'swindler' (charlatan) is wrongly given to people who are standing apart from the common herd and are more or less occultists. The "higher graces of the imagination." There may be certainly a considerable degree of falsehood expressed by this card: false interpretation, misjudgment, tendentious or fantastic narratives, exaggerated complaints, imaginary wrongs, pathos and what the world calls miscarriage. On account of the eighth house all this may be connected with sex-questions or intimate and private affairs. The card may express indiscretion committed and slanderous reports, secretly promulgated. It has to do with secrets and the divulgation of secrets. But there may be also a higher sway in the emotional realm: devotion, sacrifice, charity.” (A. E. Thierens, “The General Book of the Tarot.”) Now THAT is a good description of this Knight. And of course, his available power is quite strong although not overtly hypnotizing or even remarkable. He’s a good fellow, basically, but watch out for the charlatan in him that is dozing; it can awaken egoism in the Querent. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a fine perception of our Energy source(s) today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                             

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