Monday, November 20, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21/11/2017; to Americans abroad everywhere, “No! It is NOT acceptable to substitute the giant mutant rat native to your country of residence instead of a turkey! Cope! And Happy Thanksgiving, dammit!” Grin. I actually don’t celebrate the landing of the Mayflower or the starving colonists; I wish they HAD starved; I’m a Native American so this whitewash job doesn’t impress me. I keep in mind “liquor, guns and smallpox-infected blankets.” SO fuck you, Christopher Columbus; you found the wrong place anyway. There, that’s out of my system. Grin. Today’s deck is the *Tarot del Fuego* by Ricardo Cavolo. It’s fun & festive with a predominance of reds, yellows, and oranges, which will remind one a lot of the *Bonefire Tarot*, with the exception that this isn’t ‘quite’ as psychedelic. I like it, although I forget I have it and hardly use it, which is rather silly of me. (My only excuse is that I have a LOT of Tarot decks, most of them useless to me.)  Onward and Upward! My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. (No, this isn’t a newly opened deck. Grin.) It is a good draw today . . . and suddenly I have lost ALL desire to write about it. I think I may need to change the format to bring my interest in the Dailies back up to par, non? Si, bien sûr. Okay . . . rather than cut myself off at mid-thigh, I shall wrap up with the observation that my Animus & Anima seems to be “enfilade” today, and that is a comforting feeling that we are “on the same page [more or less].” My 
choice today is clear, as it has been for some time; the fact that my choice is immediately followed by VII the Chariot can only mean that the means to deliver this choice throughout “the system” is at hand and impatient to be used. VII is a card of wisdom, as well, in that it counsels that in uniting your forces you must retain command of the vehicle which they power; their direction is your responsibility and your honor, as well. That this can be accomplished today through the Energy in the Ace of Cups thrills me down to my astral fingertips; this round on the Path has been focused on the Cups (I hope! It has been my intention.)  To have the “Orphic egg” (it isn’t, really, but I love the imagery; Orphic, I mean.) It IS the egg that contains ALL of the possibilities of the Cups suit, in their “pre-manifestation stage;” think of being 8 months and 27 days pregnant . . . LOL. As I wrote, I like it, both the deck and the hand, and it sends me sailing into my day with a calm heart, open eyes (all 3) and a spiritual sentiment of being in good form today to both give and receive random blessings of the Universe. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a feeling of well-being today as we ride the currents of energy to our actions. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                VI The Lovers – “The sun shines in the zenith, and beneath is a great winged figure with arms extended, pouring down influences. In the foreground are two human figures, male and female, unveiled before each other, as if Adam and Eve when they first occupied the paradise of the earthly body. Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing twelve fruits, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is behind the woman; the serpent is twining round it. The figures suggest youth, virginity, innocence and love before it is contaminated by gross material desire. This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life. It replaces, by recourse to first principles, the old card of marriage, which I have described previously, and the later follies which depicted man between vice and virtue. In a very high sense, the card is a mystery of the Covenant and Sabbath. The suggestion in respect of the woman is that she signifies that attraction towards the sensitive life which carries within it the idea of the Fall of Man, but she is rather the working of a Secret Law of Providence than a willing and conscious temptress. It is through her imputed lapse that man shall arise ultimately, and only by her can he complete himself. The card is therefore in its way another intimation concerning the great mystery of womanhood. The old meanings fall to pieces of necessity with the old pictures, but even as interpretations of the latter, some of them were of the order of commonplace and others were false in symbolism.” (“The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by A. E. Waite [1911].)                                 
VII The Chariot – “An erect and princely figure carrying a drawn sword and corresponding, broadly speaking, to the traditional description which I have given in the first part. On the shoulders of the victorious hero are supposed to be the Urim and Thummim. He has led captivity captive; he is conquest on all planes--in the mind, in science, in progress, in certain trials of initiation. He has thus replied to the sphinx, and it is on this account that I have accepted the variation of Éliphas Lévi; two sphinxes thus draw his chariot. He is above all things triumph in the mind. It is to be understood for this reason (a) that the question of the sphinx is concerned with a Mystery of Nature and not of the world of Grace, to which the charioteer could offer no answer; (b) that the planes of his conquest are manifest or external and not within himself; (c) that the liberation which he effects may leave himself in the bondage of the logical understanding; (d) that the tests of initiation through which he has passed in triumph are to be understood physically or rationally; and (e) that if he came to the pillars of that Temple between which the High Priestess is seated, he could not open the scroll called Torah, nor if she questioned him could he answer. He is not hereditary royalty and he is not priesthood.” (Ibid)                                                                                                            
The Ace of Cups – “The Cups, representing the element of Water, Jovian and lunar by nature, start their cycle on the Ninth house, the house of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the lawgiver. The element Water has its two polar effects in the soul, so we need not look for particular 'weak cases' to demonstrate a more or less benefic and malefic effect at the same time. The house of Sagittarius, however, does not bring much evil to the soul and is generally uplifting, inviting, pushing towards progress and development, journeying and hospitable reception of strangers. There is little or no stability or fixity in it, but on the contrary always a good deal of 'mutation'; also the magic power of the true transmutation. Further we find a tendency to teach, to translate, guide, interpret. It may, too, lead to extravagance as regards dissipation or at least spending. There is sanction or even holiness in it, inspiration, idealism. The latter, of course, may lead to more or less well-directed actions.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens [1930].)


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