Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/11/2017 ; only one more day to tell your children that “Mr. Gobbler” WILL be at dinner, but as the Guest of Honor, i.e. ‘’le plat principal.’ Grin. Today’s deck is one of my very favorites for sentimental reasons, the *Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea,” by Julia Turk (whose name figures nowhere on the deck!) Here is a longish quote from the deck review on Aeclectic Tarot to give you this deck in précis; “. . . These cards have, in readings I've done for others and for myself, consistently discussed the deep reasonings of the soul, the actual personal impetus behind one's acts, rather than commenting on shallower levels of development. They have been accurate in terms of physical-world outcome, and equally accurate in discussing a person's internal motivations. My first reading with them, done for myself, was rather startling in its depth, like telephoning a casual friend and getting into a soul-baring conversation. . . NotMS doesn't feature nice fuzzy pictures of pseudo-medieval scenes; the cards are accurate emotional shorthand for the energies and situations under study for a particular reading. NotMS is probably best suited to someone who has studied Qabbalah, number theory, and Tarot theory as well. Anyone who is familiar with Rachel Pollack's work, Jungian psychology, or the innovative number/suit theory studies of Gail Fairfield, will find this deck rewarding to work with. Those whose reading is totally "intuitive" rather than rote-based might also find "Navigators of the Mystic SEA" informative and broadening to use. . . ‘Navigators of the Mystic SEA’ speaks to the emotions directly, and I recommend it to non-beginners whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” (Lin Barrett) I fell in LIKE with it immediately. Onward & Upward! My draw for the day is: Sulfur = X Fortune; Mercury = XIV Art, and Salt = the King of Pentacles. (It should be noted that the deck’s creators reversed the order of the Major Arcana, starting with the Universe and ending with the Fool. I have no idea why because I didn’t bother to inquire; I don’t care, it doesn’t affect the readings.) Today’s reading is especially meaningful after a talk I had last night with my 2nd best friend here in Montpellier, K. (My 1st is my wife; and no, it isn’t K from the Castle - thank you for asking, though. Grin.) In short, he pointed out that I often don’t allow the Universe its full effect in my life when I am on my “high & mighty throne,” and “already know everything.” Grin. He’s right, although it stings to admit it. I was able to see his point at that moment instead of being ultra-defensive, and he was correct; he also pointed out that whereas I am good at the Talk, walking the Walk could use a little tune-up. Grin again. Following up on his words, I reflected on his assessment, and decided that if, as I thought, he is right, then I need to open the “gates” even WIDER than what I thought I had already done. Like alcoholism, the Ego seeks a thousand and one ways back into your life, and luckily mine was checked last night as the result of a simple conversation. So, thanks to K for that; now, in order to return the favor (GRIN,) I shall remind him that he is, like all of us, simply an instrument of The Divine’s Love/Will to know itself. J I’m not going to blather on today about the cards; they made their point, and with a little imagination, you can see my reading in them, too. I shall provide card information in the adjoining text. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the freedom of opening our eyes to the Truth, from wherever it originates. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                
(X) Fortune – “Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - the masters of Karma. Planet: Jupiter. Tree of Life: The axis Chesed – Netzach. Element: Fire. Number: 10 as symbol for perfection, the cross sum is 1 (the Magician.) The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck, of the ups and downs of life and fate. Everything is in motion, turning and floating, constantly changing, accidental and uncontrollable. The trump also represents the need to be careful, to realize and recognize the vagaries of life, to accept the fact that fate is nothing what we could have done, but the result of what we already did. Today is the result of the past, future will be the sum of past and today, and no matter how accurately we plan, the Wheel of Fortune will mix up light and shadow. Whether the Wheel of Fortune is positive or negative is not a matter of happenstance or events in the first place; but rather of the way we will deal with the results, arrange our lives with the unchangeable and work on what we might be able to change - and of course of our ability to realize facts. Drive: Eternal motion, changing, restarting, accepting of fate. Light: Unexpected changings, fortune, realization of luck. Shadow: Fatalism, a changing to the worse.” (‘Raven’ @                                                               
XIV Art – “Mercury as ruler of Virgin and House 6 - balance and harmony in motion. Zodiac: Sagittarius. Tree of Life: From Yesod to Tiphareth. Element: Fire. Number: 14 as two times the 7, adjustment of destiny. The Art represents the art of alchemy, the ability to solve and combine to turn something plain into something precious. The Art is the symbol for the right mixture, the perfect balance, standing for harmony, beauty and peace. But the trump can also show that sides that were previously ignored should be lived out and that contrasts should be put together to enrich the inner spectrum with new perspectives. From a personal view the 'solve et coagula' can mean that there is a need to leave a fixed position, to retire, watch and then go back again to combine on a new basis. Drive: 'Solve et coagula' - dissolve and combine. Light: Balance and harmony, fulfillness, creation, peace. Shadow: Getting into extremes, splitting up and tearing apart.” (Ibid)                                         
The King of Pentacles – “(Lord of the wild and fertile land.) Chokmah in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Leo to 20° Virgo. Element and world: The Earth of Assiah. The Knight of Disks represents the Fire in the element of Earth, and with Earth suppressing Fire; the materialism is the dominant aspect in this card, showing the Knight as a complex person of amazing strength, representing Earth in its function as provider of life. The Knight of Disks is industrious and patient, steady and reliable, clever in material matters. He is the one working without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mindgames or high flying ideas. With more Earth than Fire and lacking the qualities of Air, the King of Disks is more dedicated to making but to thinking, his success results from instinct and pragmatism rather than from intellect or knowledge. Further, the King of Disks lacks the emotional depth of Water, therefore he can have difficulties to understand or relate to others, he can be self-centered and sullen, intolerant and unable to put any interest in anything outside his own deeds and doings. At the darkest side, the Knight of Disks can turn stubborn and even stupid, clumsy and jealous on anyone that seems higher than himself, arousing over tidbits and butting in everything, yet cowardly and unwilling to change himself. Drive: Strife for material success and wealth. Light: Clever in material matters, patient, industrious, reliable, strong and enduring. Shadow: Stubbornness, dullness, jealousy, grasping, stagnant.” (Ibid)                      

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