Sunday, November 26, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27/11/2017; Today Only! Buy One Big Gulp, Get One Free! (I’m betting most won’t get the pun. Grin.) Today’s deck is the *Santa Muerta Tarot: Book of the Dead* by Fabio Listrani. It is new, and I absolutely like it. I shall be using this for a while as my RWS deck until further notice. UNFORTUNATELY, there are no images on the Web of ALL the cards, just the ones you don’t need. Grin. So instead of providing the proper images, I’ve given you a hodgepodge of images taken from Pinterest. Yet another reason to get my scanner fixed . . . {{sigh.}}Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XVII the Star; Mercury = IX the Hermit, and Salt = the Page of Cups. “Nice, nice, if I do say so myself,” Thibaut muttered as he finished tying the girl to the train tracks. If you remember, yesterday my Animus needed to process XVI the Tower; I am happy to see that we did so (and indeed, there was an unexpected event yesterday, as well as my personal growth heading off on a new trail.) That was traversed successfully enough to warrant my being in XVI today, the Star, or in Tarot shorthand, Hope. I like that, a lot. And I DO feel hopeful today after the recent turn of events, that perhaps there is goodness the Universe is waiting to channel into my life that I was indeed not allowing. As for my Anima, “as yesterday, so today.” She is still curled up with/as the Hermit, and it isn’t looking as if she has any plans to break the cocoon and go socializing any time soon. I’m a bit surprised at this; my Anima is usually a no-holds-barred, gutsy kind of girl that doesn’t mind showing you that her stones are bigger than yours. 
Then, she will turn around and employ her grasp of the feminine arts to get what she wants or where she needs to go with a quite surprising ease. Perhaps it is the incongruity of “feminine wiles” issuing from this large, burly guy who isn’t the least feminine. Grin.  I don’t know, really, but I have previously put it down to that. Finally, we come upon the steward of our Energy today, the Page of Cups. S/He has a lot of Energy, but it is all of the fluttery-flittery kind, dancing here and there amongst the pansies and tulips as the Page gaily dances in and out. Um Hmmm. My father would growl and say, “Definitely light in the loafers.” LOL. Funnily & appropriately enough, on the Santa Muerta card the illustration is of a skeleton dressed in drag, cooking and holding up a spoon. Grin. If that isn’t a drag queen’s skeleton, I’ll eat that soup! LOL. I like this kind of energy – to a point. It is the same kind of energy that gets a queen up on Sunday mornings, put on “her” mink coat and nothing else except a pair of heels, and do the Sunday morning cleaning to Southern gospel on the stereo and a margarita in her hand. LOLOL. Believe me, I have seen it done. (I drank margaritas, but didn’t help clean.J) One can get a lot done with it if you take it lightly and handle it delicately – it is quite powerful, but unpredictable and as changeable as a lover’s affections. As I wrote, I am rather more content than not with today’s draw. It is certainly a nice pause in between the moments of ‘sturm und drang’ with which I have been bombarded this year. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a light touch today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                                    XVII the Star – “A strange emotion seized me. A fiery trembling ran in waves through all my body. My heart quickened its beating, tumult agitated my mind. I felt that I was surrounded by portentous mysteries. And presently shafts of Light penetrated my being and illuminated many things before in darkness, whose existence even I had never suspected. Veils vanished of which I had been before unaware. Voices spoke to me. And suddenly all my former knowledge took a new and different meaning. I discovered unexpected correlations in things which hitherto I had thought foreign to each other. Objects distant and different from one another appeared near and similar. The facts of the world arranged themselves before my eyes according to a new pattern. In the sky there appeared an enormous star surrounded by seven smaller stars. Their rays intermingled, filling space with immeasurable radiance and splendor. Then I knew I saw that Heaven of which Plotinus speaks:              
"Where . . . all things are diaphanous; and nothing is dark and resisting, but everything is apparent to every one internally and throughout. For light everywhere meets with light, since everything contains all things in itself, and again sees all things in another. So that all things are everywhere, and all is all. Each thing likewise is everything. And the splendor there is infinite. For everything there is great, since even that which is small is great. The sun too, which is there, is all the stars; and again each star is the sun and all the stars. In each however, a different property predominates, but at the same time all things are visible in each. Motion likewise there is pure; for motion is not confounded by a mover different from it. Permanency also suffers no change of its nature, because it is not mingled with the unstable. And the beautiful there is beautiful, because it does not subsist in beauty. Each thing, too, is there established, not as in a foreign land, but the seat of each thing is that which each thing is. . . . . Nor is the thing itself different from the place in which it subsists. For the subject of it is intellect, and it is itself intellect. . . . In this sensible region, therefore, one part is not produced by another, but each part is alone a part. But there each part always proceeds from the whole, and is at the same each time part and the whole. For it appears indeed as a part; but by him whose sight is acute, it will be seen as a whole." ("Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. D. Ouspensky [1911].)                                                                                                          
IX the Hermit – “After long wanderings over a sandy, waterless desert where only serpents lived, I met the Hermit. He was wrapped in a long cloak, a hood thrown over his head. He held a long staff in one hand and in the other a lighted lantern, though it was broad daylight and the sun was shining.

"The lantern of Hermes Trismegistus", said the voice, "this is higher knowledge, that inner knowledge which illuminates in a new way even what appears to be already clearly known. This lantern lights up the past, the present and the future for the Hermit, and opens the souls of people and the most intimate recesses of their hearts. The cloak of Apollonius is the faculty of the wise man by which he isolates himself, even amidst a noisy crowd; it is his skill in hiding his mysteries, even while expressing them, his capacity for silence and his power to act in stillness. The staff of the patriarchs is his inner authority, his power, his self-confidence." The lantern, the cloak and the staff are the three symbols of initiation. They are needed to guide souls past the temptation of illusory fires by the roadside, so that they may go straight to the higher goal. He who receives these three symbols or aspires to obtain them, "strives to enrich himself with all he can acquire, not for himself, but, like God, to delight in the joy of giving. The giving virtue is the basis of an initiate's life. His soul is transformed into 'a spoiler of all treasures' so said Zarathustra. Initiation unites the human mind with the higher mind by a chain of analogies. This chain is the ladder leading to heaven, dreamed of by the patriarch." (Ibid)                                                                                     The Page of Cups – “The Page or servant, messenger, of the cups suit comes on the Eleventh and on the Seventh house, and has to do with friendship and relations, e.g. marriage. He must be the friend who brings inviting messages, seductive proposals, if not of formal marriage, perhaps of some love-affair or jolly gathering, sportive meeting, or intellectual entertainment, lecture, etc. It is not quite impossible, that the idea of 'seduction' is connected with it or at least a strong sense of persuasion. If it relates to news, there is emotion in it, news that will affect the feelings in some way or other. Relations will be of a passing nature, but may be very pleasant. The combination of the Water with the Air generally adds much to the instruction, development or education of people, so there must be much of all this in the Page of Cups. The effects do not always bear the characteristic of reliability, nor of permanence.”            

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