Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28/11/2017; today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka, one of my favorite Egyptian-themed decks. “The Ibis Tarot has stylized ancient Egyptian figures and hieroglyphs in rather pretty scenes. I like the colors used for each card in this deck, but some Egyptian knowledge would help with interpretation.” ( .) That is Aeclectic’s opinion, and I can only agree in that a little knowledge of Egypt does help, but then again, I presume that EVERYONE is as interested by Egypt as I am and that this deck poses no problems of interpretation. Grin. Onward & Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = IX the Veiled Lamp; Mercury VI the Two Paths, and Salt = Slave of Scepters; OR, if you like, IX the Hermit, VI the Lovers, and the Page of Wands. Ahh, {{sigh,}} so it is to be another turnaround hand this morning, is it? Well, I’m not particularly thrilled, nor particularly deceived, by today’s hand, just &a little bored. 
Here we go again; where my Anima was, my Animus is, and where my Animus was, my Anima is, now. Cute. And about as effective as those bad paintings of waifs with mutant, enormous eyes – the epitome of bad taste, and I, too, feel as if it is a “kind of” bad taste in my mouth when I am simply living a mix-up of the cards running as “theme” that week. Or, I could put on a happy face, be a sunbeam for Jesus, and reiterate the lesson without bitching. Nah . . . fuck that. I’m over this today. That being said, here are some “better” takes on these cards than mine. Grin.  I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL either a better outlook on leftovers or the grace not to bitch about them. LOL. Be Well! Be Zen! Be Blessed!!                                                                          IX The Veiled Lamp (The Hermit) – “The challenge of The Hermit card is to be able to recognize a teacher in a humble disguise. This font of mysterious knowledge will not make it easy for the student to acquire his wisdom, as it takes time and long contemplation to fathom what he knows. He often speaks wordlessly, or in ancient and barbaric tongues, communicating with the elements, animals, and nature herself. While an hourglass was an identifying feature on the earliest Hermit Tarot cards, more modern cards have shifted the metaphor, showing more or less light released from his lantern. In either case, the Hermit card reminds us of the value of time away from the hubbub of civic life, to relax the ego in communion with nature.” (
VI the Two Paths (The Lovers) – “Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally The Lovers Tarot card reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries. Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures. Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice -- the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship -- instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort.” (Ibid)                                                                      
The Slave of Scepters (Page of Wands) – “This suit, most often called "Wands" and sometimes called "Rods" or "Staves," represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.  

This card is traditionally entitled the Page, but in some modern decks appears as a Princess. This archetype is that of a unique individual, a nonconformist, often something of a bohemian, definitely independent by nature. He or she requires little in the way of affirmation or approval. Perhaps a mischief-maker, often an innovator or inventor, the energy represented by this card will only serve others until he or she figures out how to get others to serve him/her. This person's freedom is so important they would rather go as a peasant among strangers than inherit a fortune with strings attached. Don't be fooled by this humble appearance. This person is a future captain of industry or world leader, now serving an apprenticeship. These people are sometimes seen planting a staff like a flagpole into the earth in the far off wilderness (where they can start fresh without having to make any compromises). You could think of this card as a wild card.” (Ibid)                         

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