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Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01/12/2017; the first day of December, and the Christmas Onslaught begins. I have vague queasy feelings in the pit of my stomach, as if I’m already ill in anticipation of the mind-numbing blitz headed our way in the media culture. Oy Vey!! (No, I’m not Jewish. Grin.) Any idea of the 25th of December as a sacred holy day of remembrance and thanksgiving is gone out the window lo’ these many epochs ago, when the Industrial Revolution arrived by C-section; Noël became motorized. Ugh. On top of which it sits on an older crime of stealing its very existence from earlier religions, i.e. Egyptian, Mithraism, go ahead and take your pick of many. The 10 commandments are distillations of the 42 Statements made before the Scales of Ma’at, etc. etc. etc. I don’t want this to degenerate into my tirade against christianity, so let’s move on. Today’s deck is *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson. A perennial favorite and created deep in the contemplation of the Kaballah, this deck is never-ending producer of wondrous insights into one’s Path. I like it; I suggest you like it, too. (Grin.) Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur == XV the Devil; Mercury = XVI the Blasted Tower, and Salt = the Princess of Swords. Oh my, my, my . . . this doesn’t look good, does it? I have written a LOT about my takes on XV the Devil and XVI the Blasted Tower over time, and I stress my continues belief that they are NOT, in and of themselves, inimical cards. It is with what/whom they are surrounded and their placement in a 
spread that determines their “cast.” Which is why I’m not too delighted today to see them pop up in the 1st and 2nd positions like Boris & Natasha; it “augurs” ill. On top of which, a VERY questionable, temperamental, blazing star of incandescent capriciousness; she has the urge to Justice, but she isn’t quite yet mature enough to leave her mood out of it. Oh, by the way, she is also pregnant, with the Ace of her own suit. Grin. If this were true in a 3D historical sense, her father –(the King) would be desperately searching for an honorable out for his offspring, but being the King of Swords, he is prone to take up arms first against the King of Pentacles, the already(married father of the child. LOL, all quite unlikely, isn’t it? But if it were manifested on Earth, it would VERY MUCH resemble that situation. Now, remember, that is MY Path today; I’m not quite sure I get the ins and outs of it, but I definitely pick up on the funeral tone & mood, and I can only wonder what is developing in the alembic to surprise me today. At a stretch, this could be a “death alert” of someone I know well, perhaps even love, which I would read as a quick obituary; “Living in a manifestation of pure Materiality, in a complete state of bondage, the dear departed relied upon the state of Destruction to provide his life energy; in all forms, violence fed him. He has now broken free of his prison and is free to start again. Those who live by the sword die by the sword, and the dear departed’s life is no exception.” I hope this is NOT true, as I’m not sure I’m quite ready for this person to depart, but then again, it isn’t up to me, is it? On the OTHER claw, this could simply be a rather complicated reading about a difficult day of temptation, unexpected change and a kind of “vengeance-derived” energy fueling the whole construct with a very high octane product indeed. I cannot tell in advance; I shall have to live it, my intuition is laying low and keeping mum. Grin. Following are some information gobbets of information on the individual cards. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL “something out of the ordinary” today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                      XV the Devil – “The design is an accommodation, mean or harmony, between several motives mentioned in the first part. The Horned Goat of Mendes, with wings like those of a bat, is standing on an altar. At the pit of the stomach there is the sign of Mercury. The right hand is upraised and extended, being the reverse of that benediction which is given by the Hierophant in the fifth card. In the left hand there is a great flaming torch, inverted towards the earth. A reversed pentagram is on the forehead. There is a ring in front of the altar, from which two chains are carried to the necks of two figures, male and female. These are analogous with those of the fifth card, as if Adam and Eve after the Fall. Hereof is the chain and fatality of the material life. The figures are tailed, to signify the animal nature, but there is human intelligence in the faces, and he who is exalted above them is not to be their master forever. Even now, he is also a bondsman, sustained by the evil that is in him and blind to the liberty of service. With more than his usual derision for the arts which he pretended to respect and interpret as a master therein, Éliphas Lévi affirms that the Baphometic figure is occult science and magic. Another commentator says that in the Divine world it signifies predestination, but there is no correspondence in that world with the things which below are of the brute. What it does signify is the Dweller on the Threshold without the Mystical Garden when those are driven forth therefrom who have eaten the forbidden fruit.” (“The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by A. E. Waite, [1911].)
XVI the Blasted Tower – “Occult explanations attached to this card are meagre and mostly disconcerting. It is idle to indicate that it depicts min in all its aspects, because it bears this evidence on the surface. It is said further that it contains the first allusion to a material building, but I do not conceive that the Tower is more or less material than the pillars which we have met with in three previous cases. I see nothing to warrant Papus in supposing that it is literally the fall of Adam, but there is more in favor of his alternative--that it signifies the materialization of the spiritual word. The bibliographer Christian imagines that it is the downfall of the mind, seeking to penetrate the mystery of God. I agree rather with Grand Orient that it is the ruin of the House of We, when evil has prevailed therein and above all that it is the rending of a House of Doctrine. I understand that the reference is, however, to a House of Falsehood. It illustrates also in the most comprehensive way the old truth that "except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." There is a sense in which the catastrophe is a reflection from the previous card, but not on the side of the symbolism which I have tried to indicate therein. It is more correctly a question of analogy; one is concerned with the fall into the material and animal state, while the other signifies destruction on the intellectual side. The Tower has been spoken of as the chastisement of pride and the intellect overwhelmed in the attempt to penetrate the Mystery of God; but in neither case do these explanations account for the two persons who are the living sufferers. The one is the literal word made void and the other its false interpretation. In yet a deeper sense, it may signify also the end of a dispensation, but there is no possibility here for the consideration of this involved question.” (Ibid)                                                                     
The Princess of Swords – “The Martian and Saturnian element on the Third house and on the Eleventh. It is very remarkable, that the first series of meanings in this case hint at the third house, while the so-called reversed meanings bear all the characteristics of the Uranian eleventh house: suddenness, surprise, etc. This element on the house of Air, Gemini and Aquarius, must, of course, denote either intellectual facts or concrete results of intelligence. The latter may be called 'proof' or 'outcome' or exact knowledge. The knowledge of facts may be the fruit of an elementary school curriculum, of journalism, of spying, etc. But it is justly indicated by tradition, that the Martian and Saturnian Gemini-man is a specialist in unlawful knowledge or in knowledge gathered at the cost of much trouble and effort; so it may be also knowledge gathered later in life, university extension. Exact intellectual results may appear as: remarks, observations, notes, etc. When put in the negative there may be investigation, examination, etc. All these are truly the effects of Gemini. There are, moreover, the personalities representing the facts. On account of the eleventh house we shall have to note the same sort of results but more or less reciprocal and sudden, whereas Uranus, lord of this house, accelerates the energy of Mars in this element but is apt to destroy the Saturnian vibrations or at least counteract them. It is quite true, therefore, that this card may represent speaking and acting without sufficient preparation and without dogmatic or very formal outlines: improvisation. Tradition was very correct in this.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens, [1930].)        

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