Saturday, November 4, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05/11/2017; the deck today is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman, or more accurately, from a series of paintings he did. It is a magnificent deck, generally conforming to an Egyptian-themed (vs. Egyptian) deck, and the paintings are so beautiful, gnostic and mystery-soaked that they simply vibrate of their own volition. I love this deck, but it is unusual enough to place it outside of my normal criteria for an “Egyptian-themed deck.” If you can find a copy, obtain it all costs, by any means; sell that red-headed stepchild, mortgage your spouse’s gravesite, whatever you need to do, do it. Grin. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XX Evolution; Mercury = XXI Earth in the Universe, and Salt = the Hero of Wands (Knight.) It is a surprising powerful draw at which I am gazing, a bit puzzled as to why I merit such a glorious spread that already puts me at the end of the run; of course, I mean a temporary end, because as we know the Sacred Tarot is of service during an entire life. On the other hand, in this deck these cards don’t exactly have cookie-cutter meanings, either, and as always, ALL written explanations of the cards are subservient to a blow of intuition and personal direction. With that in mind, let’s take a little trip up the Nile . . . Grin. To open today, I find my Animus 
inhabiting XX Evolution (Judgement,) a wise label for this stage of one’s Journey. I tend to look at this today as my Animus stepping forward and declaring; “Agreed, I do claim responsibility for my life, my decisions and my actions. I am able pass them in review and accept the TOTALITY of my life, good & bad, and have learned how to balance my being. I claim the right to make the final step into universal consciousness.” Well, that is all fine, good & grand on my part; let’s see what the LWB has to say about it? “Evolution – 20 – The Lord of the Triumph of the Light. There are two themes present in this Card. One is that of Ancestors and Ancestral property, and the other is the idea of genetic continuity through the seed of the forbearers. As accretion of Knowledge to the Source: increase of the Soul through generations of gradual accumulation. The Way of Renewal. The progress of the Eons – power existing from eternity. The whole process of Becoming as an ongoing eventuality; Renewal; Resolution; Determination; Rejuvenation of spirit; Spiritual awakening; Rising to the challenge of Life. Awareness of the Cycle in Reincarnation.” (LWB) Well . . . harrumph!! LOL. That sounds like exactly what I was saying, to my own ears. I grok it, although I must admit that I’m still a little vague on the Ancestors’ contribution. Not that much, mind you; I know I’m a Wind Shaman from the Wind Clan of my tribe, and I have even exercised that gift upon one or two rare occasions. My point is that I have no “context” for my ancestral gift – the lifestyle & culture that would have taught me the needed context is long gone, so I have to more or less wing it out here. (The trade off of the more natural Path for the convenience of modern “civilization” is of the most perverse variety and ingenuity; the whole & healthy was lost to laziness and desire, to creature comfort. I shan’t weep over it, though; I raked in some hellacious dividends from the “white” culture along the way. Grin.) Walking like an Egyptian to my next card, I have drawn the very next Arcanum in the sequence,
 XXI Earth in the Universe (the World.) Wow! Anima isn’t fooling around today; she’s in an even bigger haste to arrive at understanding than I am. My Anima is my darling, my cherished if often misunderstand feminine side, and as she often spends her time lost in the Vaps or in the Mysteries, in the Temple of II or with the Star in XVII, perhaps with V the Hierophant or IX the Hermit. She leaves XII to me, the wench. Grin. This is, of course, something I see as a “future” card, but by placing it as Now, and if taken as my Anima, it is the almost slaked yearning of wishing to arrive at Comprehension. “The Daughter of the Firmament; The ancient sages have bequeathed to us what we have called “hermetic” wisdom in the form of simple labels, and some of these come into fullness with the elevation of “EARTH IN THE UNIVERSE.” The axiom, “know thyself” flows along with “. . . so to know THE SELF.” And, the implications of “as above, so below” remind us to find the archetype in the ordinary. An interesting comparison exists between TAU, the Earth and TAO, the Way. TAU is the descent of the Tree of Life into Matter, and TAO is the ascent up the Tree of Knowledge back to the Light. Assured success. Perfection. Successful completion. Rounding a cycle of destiny. Synthesis. Actuality. A completion into a state of continuity.” (LWB) And so we have it. Finally, progressing on to discover the source of Energy this morning, that which will Catalyze the Elements in the alembic (me) to produce the finished Work. “The Hero of Wands – 
‘Lord of the Flame and Lightning’ [POWER!-mm] A reaction to challenges of time leads the Hero quite often into rash excesses of selfish action. In any case, the challenge is to react in the right time with the right action. This could be called ‘Appropriate Action.’ Decisions of the moment. Departure. Flight or emigration. An absence. A change of residence. A dark young man, quick, active & strong. Initiative, but not prudent. Personable, just and generous. Unpredictable but inspired. A noble attitude scorning meanness. A politician. A governor.” (LWB) Well, I CAN see a LOT of me in that engine, but as well quite a bit that I am not. I have cultivated an attitude of nobility all of my adult life, and yes, I do scorn meanness; it is rooted in Fear. Thank Osiris! that Temperance has ridden (side)saddle on me for most of my life; it is only by grace of her influence that I have avoided the depths of depravity one can go to with that kind of Energy. Grin. It is a GOOD, informative draw for me today; I can situate myself within these coordinates of Space-Time . . . Grin. I believe that is a great note upon which I can sign-off. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the glory of an accomplished day. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!          

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