Sunday, November 5, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06/11/2017; the deck today is again *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald. G. Beaman. It is a wondrous deck which I like profoundly, and it ‘reads’ like an astral encounter with the vampire vixens of Venus . . . Grin, a truly wonderful deck. It may be hard to find now, but if you do run across it someday, by all means sell the red-headed stepchild to finance your purchase. J Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XVI the Tower; Mercury = XVII the Stars, and Salt = the Princess of Wands. Harrumph! Well! That is certainly enough to set you back on your heels to think. XVI The Tower, . . . hmmm. You will, of course, find any number of books, treatises and channeled toe-scribblings which will tell you that Oh Shit! Disaster! Death! Disgrace! Doodoo in your Drawers! I, however, do not interpret it that, never have. A reading like that reeks of the carnival and “bring me $500, a black chicken & one white-speckled brown egg. Meet me at the Forest Lawn Cemetery at midnight; it’s the only way to undo the Curse!!” Grin. I have 
almost always intuited to this card to mean, “Brace yourself. Here is a great BIG, unexpected change in your life &/or spiritual growth. It may/may not upset the apple cart this point in your life, but deal with it. This is an ‘autocorrection’ by the Universe to get you back on track!” This may be unexpected, certainly, and good or bad according to timing and placement. I generally don’t mind this card showing up; in the first place, there is hardly a phenomenon in the Cosmos that could deliver bigger & harder blows than those I have already received in life; OF COURSE I am not saying it is impossible, but being a more sober & stoic man now than ever before, they don’t cause me FEAR. The key is to pull out that time-worn & milk-sopped truism, “Look at it as an opportunity, Osgood!” Grin. “’Spirit of the Primal Fire’ – The fourth Dream State: a revelation of direct intervention by the Creator to correct an act of transgression by the Human Ego. This is specifically the act of glorifying the messenger more than the message; and the Temple more than the fact of communion. This illustrates a corrective ‘Act of God,’ interpreted as a sign of retribution [sic! - mm]. The god’s action could be as shocking as a thunderbolt. [The] Overthrow of selfish ambition. Lessons to be learned. “You reap what you sow.” We lose the seed to gain the plant; A belief in humanity’s systems. Courage in resistance. Destruction as a change for the better. Suffering as a part of destiny.” (LWB.) 
There WAS a drastic change in my life yesterday afternoon; I shaved myself bald. There were vague feelings of “it’s time to make a change” in there, as well as a somewhat foggy subconscious stream of thought on Egyptian priesthood, alopecia, and leopard skin “badges of office.” LOL. I had given myself a really lovely short cut, great looking, but in trimming it up I slipped, and . . . voilà, the shiny dome of some humble priest in the hierarchy, probably, pegged to sort fishes & loaves for the temple staff for a good long stretch into the future. Now let us take a gander at how my always-surprising Anima has situated herself today; “Isis as Sirius; Priestess of the Silver Star. Nature at work. Actualizing imagination. Possibility becoming. This is a symbol of Hope through Faith, or Faith in Hope, which is really Faith in Faith – a self-validating truth. The subtitle is ‘The Priestess of the Silver Star’ which refers to Venus as a planet, and to Isis as Sirius (in ancient Egyptian, Sopdet.) The card/rune is concerned with existing in Grace while meeting the challenges of Fate with Faith. Grace is a rather old-fashioned concept still worth adopting. The Way of Destiny. The guidance of our Astrology. Cycles of Nature at work. Actualizing imaginations. Health. A sense of Destiny. Hope for fulfillment. The promise of a future opportunity. A gift of new inspiration. Unexpected encouragement. A suggestion of Divine guidance. Fantasies of possibility in Hope.” (LWB.) Grin. So lacking a better candidate at the moment, I am going to take this “move” to a more spiritual stance (symbolized by the shaved head) in my beliefs as the given moment referred to by the Arcanum. If my legs, arms, or other parts fall off 
today, I’ll keep you apprized. So, moving on “as the moving finger doth write,” we arrive at our chance to look at the engine room of this luxurious liner and see that our engineer is, surprisingly, the Princess of Wands. Not exactly the place where you could expect to find the young, newly pregnant mother of the Orphic Egg of Wands, the Ace, is it? Grin. On the other golden hand, perhaps she is doing time imposed by the Juvenile Court system; she IS a wild & willful girl who listens to no one. “Time and Becoming.” Her motto would be – ‘I inspire.’ A dark young man or woman, a faithful lover, one who brings words with inherited Intelligence. Brilliance, Ambition, and Resourcefulness. Courageous. A carrier of exciting news or a good sense of service.” (LWB.)  In line with hir being my engine today, it should have all the freshness of youth, as well as its arrogance, and the surety that with Will absolutely no one can stand in hir way. This is all reasonable and even complimentary; I noticed particularly that Just In Case my Tower was personally disastrous today (which I suspect is NOT the case,) Hope is Right There, Johnny-on-the-spot to reinforce, backup and build up my spiritual being through any ordeal, great or small. This IS one of my oldest companions, along with XIV Temperance. LOL, it’s like having two older sisters – they ALWAYS know better and You are a PEST!” Grin. After all is said and read, I like this hand; a small shake-up in the daily routine could be welcome, I always love hanging with Hope, and a young and impetuous Energy source to power the go-cart I drive on the Path (only when my arthritis is acting up – LOL.) I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the aide of fiery and impetuous Energy today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!     

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