Monday, November 6, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07/11/2017; the deck I am using today is the fabulous new “Santa Muerta Tarot: Book of the Dead* by Fabio Listrani, of *Night Sun* fame. Unfortunately, I could not find the proper images to illustrate my draw, so I have resorted to his Night Sun deck for the images, but used the Santa Muerta . . . {{sniff}} Grin. It is too sad, really, as the Santa Muerta deck is truly stunning and gorgeous. This should motivate me to have my scanner repaired, let’s hope it does. Grin. My cards today are: Sulfur = X the Wheel of Fortune; Mercury = V the Hierophant, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Harrumph! This is more or less the same hand that has been dogging my footsteps for the last 7 or so days. So, OBVIOUSLY, I’m missing something in the reading of prime importance, or it would not return again and again in this fashion if I weren’t. The Blessed Fields know that I am doing my best, although if I am brutally honest, I have been a bit lazy about the practice of the observations. At times I am so lazy that I wish the deck could follow its own advice and go out and accomplish these duties for me – LOL. However, since 2012 and the debut of my medical melodrama, “laziness” has become fluid in its definition, sometimes simply meaning “fatigued unto death.” My Vitality is sporadic these days, and I have learned to make allowances for it, something unthinkable to my old self.  Alright, then, let’s go through this step by step, card by card, and see if we can find something in the synthesis, the “tableau,” that has been previously undetected or simply not followed through with yet. My Animus has chosen for his 
Sulfurous self today’s X the Wheel of Fortune. “According to the position in which this card appears, it represents the beginning, the middle, or the end of a cycle. It represents dynamism, mutation and the complimentarily with which we move uninterrupted, changing direction and orientation. On the horizon can be seen unexpected but positive events, favorable circumstances and successes but ones not to linger upon in order to avoid risking stagnation. If we do not continue to move, to be fluid and changeable like the Wheel itself, we will find ourselves blocked and laziness will make our situation even more precarious. ‘The Advice of the Dead:’ – Support new circumstances and face the changes in front of you in time, if they enable you to proceed until it is necessary to change once again.’” (LWB for the Santa Muerta Tarot.) “Eureka!” cried the naked man running down the street, clutching a copy of “The Naked Truth” to cover his genitals. Well, right off the vampire bat, here is something I’m being very cavalier about, the TIMING of my participation in evolutionary events in my being. I am very much sunk into the pleasure of aging, retired selfishness, a state in which I do my utmost to keep the comfort level as high as I can support it. This is with my wife’s eager agreement, of course, as my attitude has drastically changed her previous, celibate existence of Spartan simplicity with her own touch of messiness, of humanness. She has been glad to make the upgrade, as we choose to see it. This has led to us living, in our heads, in “Montpellier, ville de demain,” or otherwise, “Montpellier, I’ll do it tomorrow.” We even call it that, with a smile. (Not a literal translation. ‘City of Tomorrow’ is literal.) This is quite obviously not going to work for the Divine inspiration that flows through the fields, as it isn’t reasonable to insist that the Cosmos change its flow rate for me; it is I who must change and become again a great deal more prompt and “Just Do It” in my actions & participation. Today my Anima is again in V the Hierophant; 
I know that she must be reaching the limit of her schoolmistressy patience with my Animus (“Oh that dolt of a man!”) Grin. I DO love to aggravate her, but this time it isn’t deliberate; I have been simply selfish, not in order to hurt anyone, or even as a by-blow of my procrastination, and I am going to need to change that ASAP. Now, today, this morning. “Get back on the horse, Mark; we really don’t give a fuck about our meat-suit, do we? Beyond normal care, I mean; we aren’t trying to die, are we? No, but we have been exceedingly cavalier about following any sort of timetable larger than our own, narrow-minded needs & desires, eh, Flapjack? Well, we now know, don’t we, that according to ‘rules & regulations, and a genuine concern for your evolution, that I have it with this set-up, and you are now Aware that you need to observe the direction of the Path that you yourself have designed.” (Ibid) Okay, yes Ma’am heard and understood. We move on to the final card for today, the Catalyst card for the Elements already in the alembic (me,) Sulfur & Mercury. We need directed energy to Cause the reaction and transformation that should yield today’s “philosopher’s pebble;” I’m not sure even yet that 
I can grasp the entire stone. Grin. The Ace of Swords – “The Ace of Swords represents a strong conquest, force, a genuine intelligence that is penetrating and aggressive. A very dynamic card [Yay!] that is aligned with high ideals but for that reason could easily become sinister, bringing on excesses, violence and extreme behavior. ‘The Advice of the Dead – Evaluate and choose carefully the direction in which you wish to channel your abundant intellectual and subconscious energies.’” (Ibid) Well, that is as clear as crystal! Grin! I like that; no punches pulled, “here’s what you need to do, buddy,” advice, that is absolutely right-on, well-suited to my particular conundrum, and a gentle-enough reminder to follow through on my auto-promise; “Get of your butt and Do It, Mark.” I like this, a lot, and I KNOW that I can bring myself into alignment with the flowrate of the Universal Love that is helping me to discover and transform myself. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a day of energized, directed Energies with which we can work miracles. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!              

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