Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/11/2017. I would like to extend a special welcome to *Tarot Montpellier*, a small group of people here that are interested in the Tarot and with whom there is a sharing of lives, interests & friendships; Welcome All! The deck today is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. The accompanying, eponymous book by the two authors &the artist is separate and very helpful in interpreting the symbolism, if it isn’t already familiar to you. I love this deck; the images are bold and strike right to the heart of the meaning of the archetype. There is a sense of reading with this deck that you are definitely NOT seeing things through rose-colored glasses, but rather esoteric prisms. IF you can find one forgotten deck in an odds&ends bin, snatch it, it is worth its weight in transmuted gold. The last time I saw a deck for sale the prices ranged between $400 and $1400 American dollars, so-o-o. . . Grin. I take EXTRA-special care of the deck I have, LOL. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is! Sulfur = XVIII the Moon; Mercury = VIII Strength, and Salt = the Princess of Cups. To refresh the memory, these stand in for my Animus, Anima, and Catalyst to form the reaction/union and thus the transformed “stone.” The alembic containing this reaction/union is, of course, me. To be ‘helen’ (frank’s wife) with you, when I first took in the ‘tableau’ for the draw, I was somewhat taken aback. 
My Animus?? is in XVIII the Moon today? I usually profit when my Anima goes off into what I consider to be a more natural domain for her, “the mystic vistas of altered states,” Whereas when I go there, as my Animus, while I enjoy the experience I often come back befuddled and not quite sure what I gained. Little Missy Anima is much better equipped to deal with the Moon, but she is elsewhere today, so me it is. I LOVE the Moon, its actual apparition in the sky as well as the Archetype, but for me the connection between the actualization of scrying the Moon is not very different than an altered “drug” state, and the problem with drugs is that they are NOT under your control once they hit your bloodstream. You’ve let loose a possible berserker in your mind. The Moon, while not as entirely unstable as drugs, can have much the same effect on people.  “The primal awakening to the path of manifestation, from eternal night. The manifestation of the dreams of creation. From the ‘soup of creation’ (the subconscious) comes life. The birth process. Instinct and intuition’s role in physical manifestation. The pool, as The Star card, and all previous references to water, refers to the feminine and the subconscious. From the source (the pool) comes birth/creation of physical results/manifestation. Solar and lunar influences (the two pyramids shown in the card) travel to and from the one source into manifestation.” (“Guide to Tarot of the Sephiroth” by J. More & J. Stockwell, U.S. Games, Stamford, 2001.)  Enjoy the experience and take it for what it I think it is; if one isn’t habituated to altered reality, the experience could be mind-bending to the point of breaking.
Not everyone is meant to live the Drug Experience, as social conditioning has imprinted some too deeply with its own hierarchy of forbidden experiences; Fear through Guilt is a powerful weapon. Moving on, we find the reason my Anima wasn’t available for a Moondance, that being that she is occupied here, in VIII Strength. This IS a great place for her; occupied in continuing the combination of the two natures begun in VII the Chariot, and now dompting the Strength of the lion with the gentility of Intelligence. “The second exploration of polarity in the evolution of universal energy. The strength gained by mastery of instinct over intellect, and/or intellect over instinct, and the discrimination to know when to employ which, for the best possible outcome. As the lady unites with/mediates the energy of the lion, we gain a state of successful integration as pictured in the sphinx of The Universe card. The union of the lady and the lion is the integration of the polarity of male and female, instinct and intellect. This path also refers to the pure strength and tenacity of Nature – the unstoppable forces of nature such as volcanic activity, storms, wind and earthquakes, which mankind still must bow to on the physical plane.” (Ibid) Finally we 
arrive at the engine driving the barque today, the Princess of Cups. Well, my, my, she is a stunner! (Except the nose) Grin. As we know, all princesses are the “thrones” of their suit’s Aces, meaning the 1st human manifestation of that suit’s characteristics, and in this case, a young girl and the “mother” of the Ace, so to speak. I know, how can the later-arrived child birth the parent?? Well, it’s Tarot, where the rules are drawn from inside, not from the exterior. “The Earth of Water, in Malkuth with the power to manifest creative projects. Idealized form; physical allure; realization of creative projects. She is physical love and physical hatred, and that which may be manifested through love or hate – mountains that can be scaled through the inspiration of love, and the monuments that can be destroyed through the impetus of hatred. Since both love and hate exist in the physical plane, the question is: how do we temper them both? Answer: you must work with all of the princesses to do that. She is Intention.” (Ibid) So we can see that her intention is the manifestation of love and its obverse, hatred. Like all young girls/women, she needs to be treated with wisely; they are mercurial creatures, young women. AND I need to work with ALL 4 of them (together or separately?) to resolve this situation with finality. My tendency is to tease young girls, but perhaps 1 vs. 4 isn’t the time to practice that opening. LOL. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL Strength and Love through any trials today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!   

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