Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/11/2017; the deck today is the *Tree-of-Life Tarot* by Rufus Camphausen & Apolonia Van Leeuwen. There is an LWB included. The illustrations are simple schematics of the Tree of Life, where the Path or Placement of each arcanum is highlighted. Unfortunately, there are NO Web images I could find of the deck or cards, so I have filled in the cards with random decks and illustrations illustrating the arcanum concerned (scanner broken.) I like the deck, I dislike the lack of explicatory materials, but hey, there are a million & one books out there on the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, so one can inform oneself if interested. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XXI the Universe; Mercury = X the Wheel of Fortune, and Salt = the Ace of Pentacles. Ahahaha, I get it; same draw as the last 9 days, with some rearrangement, in order to reflect the decisions I made after yesterday’s reading. The cards/my subconscious are right; I have been procrastinating and letting my butt sit comfily cushioned on a fat pillow of informed inaction. I decided yesterday to forge ahead, make the changes necessary, and get on with my spiritual journey come hell or high water. That means some changes in my 3D reality, but I am committed to this Path and cannot and WILL NOT back out now, this far down the road; besides, I’m a bit afraid that if I DID back out now, the price/consequences would be catastrophically high, I could even lose my self-hood, I suppose. But no one wants to return to a porcine existence, right, growing fat on the detritus of the world & the stinking dredge of humanity? Not me, at any rate. Well, let’s get on to the cards and see how this falls out, shall we, boys & girls? Grin. I am in XXI the Universe again as my 1st and Animus-friendly 
archetype; new horizons, and all the possibilities and responsibilities that come attached.  I’ve been here most of this week, but it does feel a bit different today, as if I have opened the gate to actually access the card instead of passively observing it. “XXI - The Universe - Path of Tau 32 in the Tree of Life. Neptune as the cosmic omniscience and Pluto as central power of creation. Planet: Saturn. Tree of Life: From Malkuth to Yesod. Element: Earth. Number: 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3. The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development - the achieved goal. The work is done or will soon be and we have found our place in life or will soon do so. Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe. On a more practical level the Universe implies the good news that a goal has been achieved, or a success sure to come, and that a venture will flourish. In its negative aspect the trump can tell us that we are running after false ideas, that our way leads nowhere, that it is far too early to reach out for the Universe for there's substantial work that has yet to be done. Drive: Entirety and completion, harmony between spirit and body. Light: Being home in one's self, inner independence, the 'mental paradise'. Shadow: False visions, being on a street to nowhere.” (*Raven* Moving on, we find that my Anima has managed to leap her way onto
 X the Wheel of Fortune; now we need to discern if she sneaked on going up or going down – Grin.  I have full confidence in the gal, you see, I know her intimately – LOL. In a way, I consider my Anima to be much more ferocious, competitive and deadly than my Animus; one should always fear women more than men, they are capable of so much more realism than men are. They are beings whose existence is colored by 40% MORE hormones in their body than a man; you cannot tell me that we have the same views on reality, life & the world. We don’t. In Nature, it is almost always the female of the species who is larger and/or deadlier than the male. We ARE Part of Nature. “X - The Wheel of Fortune - Path of Caph 21 in the Tree of Life. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - the masters of Karma. Planet: Jupiter. Tree of Life: The axis Chesed – Netzach. Element: Fire. Number: 10 as symbol for perfection, the cross sum is 1 (the Magician). The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck, of the ups and downs of life and fate. Everything is in motion, turning and floating, constantly changing, accidental and uncontrollable. The trump also represents the need to be careful, to realize and recognize the vagaries of life, to accept the fact that fate is nothing what we could have done, but the result of what we already did. Today is the result of the past, future will be the sum of past and today, and no matter how accurately we plan, the Wheel of Fortune will mix up light and shadow. Whether the Wheel of Fortune is positive or negative is not a matter of happenstance or events in the first place; but rather of the way we will deal with the results, arrange our lives with the unchangeable and work on what we might be able to change - and of course of our ability to realize facts. Drive: Eternal motion, changing, restarting, accepting of fate. Light: Unexpected changes, fortune, realization of luck. Shadow: Fatalism, a changing to the worse.” (Ibid) Finally we arrive at the 
power source for today, that Energy which I am counseled to invoke and utilize today to forward my progress on the Journey. It is all the power of the 3D, the Ace of Pentacles. In MANY ways, I have been abundantly blessed in the suit of Pentacles during my life, and I have always felt that I rode it well, having little attachment to it; I simply figured that it must be karmic balance for some hideous state of poverty I had lived in previously. That is quite true, even though I Grin. When money has no intrinsic meaning to you, when having it or not having it is just a change in outlook, not a catastrophic change in being, it loses all power over you. I love having enough to satisfy my needs, wants, & even desires & caprices from time to time; I don’t hoard money “against the day . . .” the day when what? I die? What utter insanity. Besides, I almost NEVER take the Pentacles/Disks as signifying money; it does, but to me it signifies more everything else in Malkuthian manifestation: Health, Work, Physical home, Comfort, etc. “Ace of Disks - (The root of the powers of Earth) Kether in the Tree of Life: Kether through Earth. Astrology: The signs of the Earth. The Ace of Disks represents the entity of the element Earth, the beginning of Assiah, the material world of making. It stands for the pureness of the element, and also for its seed, the first little sprout that later becomes a tree. So the Ace of Disks can stand for the beginning of a material subject, this can be a physical project or a material value, which could mean the urge to material creation or the chance for material gain.. . But, the Disks not only represent plain materials, but the entire world of Assiah, the actual, physical earth of daily life, and the actual, physical body of the human being. This implies home and profession, daily works, familiar bondings, health and well-being in common. And in this context, the Ace of Disks tells us that something will be created, something will begin. Drive: The beginning of creation. Light: A creation, a beginning, a chance. Shadow: Avarice, dissatisfaction with material circumstances, something was born but is not allowed to grow.” (Ibid) And that, my dear fellow travelers, is today’s draw. I’m absolutely cool with the idea that this time the Ace represents a new Beginning, a new Endeavor, and to me that directly signifies to carry through with my decision to amp up my activity level (back to at least moving, Ha!) and continue with my decision, to actively take up my walking staff again. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment of Beginnings today, a day of New Creation. I feel especially fond of you, my friends, this day. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!    

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