Thursday, December 21, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/12/2017; today’s deck is the *Haindl Tarot* by Hermann Haindl, a justly celebrated, DEEPLY intuitive and psychological deck, intuition-friendly and heavily encouraging of depth investigation of the Self. IT is a dynamite deck but can be difficult to decipher, so I ‘highly!’ recommend two companion books by Rachel Pollack, “The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana” and “The Haindl Tarot: The Minor Arcana,” Career Press, Franklin Lakes, 2002. My oracular card for the day comes from *The Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit* deck by Kim Krans. The draw for today is: A) XXI the Universe; B) 7 of Stones (Pentacles), and C) the Queen of Swords. My oracular card = the Cosmic Egg. It is worth remarking that in this version of the deck, the 7 of Stones is labeled “Failure,” whereas in other editions of the deck it is labeled “Stagnation.” Personally, I feel neither “label” is correct; I have always looked at the 7 of Pentacles/Stones as being “a question of patience, or the lack of it.” I happen to believe that it is incorrect to label a card in the middle of a minor suit something as definitive and condemning as “Failure.” That is NOT mid-scale on ANY systems of values or attributes. That would force the 8 to mean a “resurrection” of sorts, and it is FAR from giving that impression, besides being at the wrong end of the suit for that. It is a ludicrous concept, and I dance a merry Bavarian jig on its demise. Grin. “Alright, let’s get on with already, Mabel!” 
My “Guiding Light” today, the Archetype to consider today from all perspectives, is XXI the World, a glorious card indeed, n’est-ce pas? This from Ms. Pollack on XXI the World, in its divinatory aspect: “. . . ¶ The ego sees itself as the hero and the unconscious as the poisonous beast. But the unconscious is not “out there”; it lives inside of us. And the simple lesson of every breath teaches that the whole world is inside us, just as we are inside the world. The Scandinavians, like many other people, prophesied the end of the world. Their name for this disaster is Ragnarok; in German it is Gotterdammerung, the name Wagner (no, not Robert; grin.) gave to the final opera in his Ring Cycle. Many cataclysmic events will signal Ragnarok, including the awakening of the World Serpent. When it uncoils, the water will rise up to engulf the land. [Global Warming??? -mm] We have learned that psychologically the seas represent the unconscious, and the land the ego. Therefore, the “end of the world” comes when hidden energy awakens and overwhelms the narrow ego.” (“The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana* by Rachel Pollack.) [I might remark that it seems rather obvious to me that the same exact process is happening, materially, on a global scale, but with less than optimal conditions existing for the Change. Thus, we shall perceive the change as global disaster when, in the case of “dirty input,” the Change takes on a more ferocious nature to accomplish its goals, which our trash necessarily corrupts. The ‘cleaner’ we are, the gentler the birth. So, let’s clean up our egos, people! LOL. -mm] On this Archetype of shining example my gaze is fixed today, and “I” am composed of my Animus and Anima, respectively the 7 of Stones and the Queen of Swords. First, let’s take a look at the 7 of Stones, 
“Stagnation” (new title) vs. Failure, (old title.) I have always had an absolutely neutral opinion of this card; in previous geological epochs of my life (grin,) I would have shuddered like a mosquito on amphetamines at the necessity of Patience; “In readings, we would tend to look first for some particular application. Does the Seven of Stones here refer to a project that has failed or become stagnant? . . . Something is headed for failure, and she or he must take a different approach. . . .” (“The Haindl Tarot: The Minor Arcana* by R. Pollack.) Well, yes, obviously . . . BUT, first it calls for some patience to be QUITE sure that whatever was essayed IS a failure. If it is in the future, then preventative medicine is necessary. But all of that isn’t particularly relevant; what is is the general atmosphere around the person (“Me, My Animus and I,” tra-la! Grin.) This is certainly the case I intuit today, an atmosphere rather itch-makingly uncomfortable for me, Patience. Yes, yes, I’ll correct it with What-Need-Be, IF it fails. However, I CANNOT dilly-dally around – NO procrastination – if I do indeed see the probability of its failure; at that point the key word becomes “PRONTO!” Finally, my Anima today is wearing more than her share of stars today as the Queen of Swords: Mother of Swords in the South. Here we have Nut, the Egyptian sky goddess, whose body forms the celestial arch of the heavens and her body is made of stars. On sees the eternal cycle of death & rebirth of the Sun as it passes through her “body” and lives again, to die again, and so on in the Eternal Cycle of Ma’at. IF ANYTHING can redeem the “blah-so-so-ness” of that 7 of Stones today, it is my Anima. "Nut, in Egyptian religion, a goddess of the sky, vault of the heavens, often depicted as a woman arched over 
the earth god Geb. Most cultures of regions where there is rain personify the sky as masculine, the rain being the seed which fructifies Mother Earth. In Egypt, however, rain plays no role in fertility; all the useful water is on the earth (from the Nile River). Egyptian religion is unique in the genders of its deities of earth and sky. As the goddess of the sky, Nut swallowed the sun in the evening and gave birth to it again in the morning. Nut was also represented as a cow, for this was the form she took in order to carry the sun god Re on her back to the sky. On five special days preceding the New Year, Nut gave birth successively to the deities Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. These gods, with the exception of Horus, were commonly referred to as the *children of Nut.*" ( I’m no Geb, of course, LOL, but in my vanity I would like to think that someday, when I have progressed beyond the “pale,” (whatever the Hell that means in this instance! Grin,) I hope to have the pleasure of a closer acquaintance with ALL of the “facets, faces & forms” of the Divine in its myriad incarnations. “On verra . . . MDR!” I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a small challenge to overcome for a HUGE payoff. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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