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Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02/12/2017; The Fool's Tarot is celebrating its 1000th Edition today!! The deck today is one I haven’t picked up in quite a while, the *Thoth Tarot* by Aleister Crowley & Lady Frida Harris (illustrations.) I DO like the deck, it is simply that among so many great Golden Dawn and GD-format & style decks out there, there are several I bond with more immediately than the original, but I can, and do. The top three major decks, the Thoth, the RWS, and the Tarot de Marseille, all share the distinction (sic) of being misprinted and color-bleached by a myriad knock-off distributors; do yourself and your psyche a favor, and be sure that the one you use is a faithful reprint of the original. Onward & Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = XVII the Star; Mercury = XVI the Tower, and Salt = the Princess of Wands. Well . . . Harrumph! This is the 4th Tower in 8 draws; methinks I am missing something that the card really wants to communicate with me; perhaps it is that this new manifestation I am constructing is bound for explosive destruction, which I admit to myself is highly possible; or else I am underestimating its impact on my life and my Journey. On the other claw, it IS preceded by XVII the Star, aka Hope, so it is hard to tell if I should steer the course with hope in my heart, despite the tempests because a new beginning & understanding lies just beyond. Tempests there will be, that is without doubt. Take a gander at the Energy source today – Watch Out! It’s the Princess of Flames, and we know all about her, don’t we? Remember the last time we went out with her? We ended up paying for all the bar damage SHE caused, and she skipped off none the worse for wear! (Grin.) Since we haven’t used the Thoth deck in quite a while, let’s go to the post-Edwardian horse’s ass mouth and pull some quotes about each card from the Book of Thoth, by the ‘Great Beast’ himself, A. Crowley. First, let’s take a closer look at what XVII the Star can mean for me today in this 
draw; “XVII the Star - This card is attributed to the letter He’, as has been explained elsewhere. It refers to the Zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the water- bearer. The picture represents Nuith, our Lady of the Stars. . . The Universe is here resolved into its ultimate elements. (One is tempted to quote from the Vision of the Lake Pasquaney, “Nothingness with twinkles. . . but what twinkles!”) Behind the figure of the goddess is the celestial globe. Most prominent among its features is the seven-pointed Star of Venus, as if declaring the principal characteristic of her nature to be Love. (See again the description in Chapter I of the Book of the Law). From the golden cup she pours this ethereal water, which is also milk and oil and blood, upon her own head, indicating the eternal renewal of the categories, the inexhaustible possibilities of existence. The left hand, lowered, holds a silver cup, from which also she pours the immortal liquor of her life. (This liquor is the Amrita of the Indian philosophers, the Nepenthe and Ambrosia of the Greeks, the Alkahest and Universal Medicine of the Alchemists, the Blood of the Grail; or, rather, the nectar which is the mother of that blood. She pours it upon the junction of land and water. This water is the water of the great Sea of Binah; in the manifestation of Nuith on a lower plane, she is the Great Mother. For the Great Sea is upon the shore of the fertile earth, as represented by the roses in the right hand corner of the picture. But between sea and land is the “Abyss”, and this is hidden by the clouds, which whirl as a development of her hair: “my hair the trees of Eternity”. (AL. I, 59). In the left-hand corner of the picture is the star of Babalon; the Sigil of the Brotherhood of the A.’. A.’. For Babalon is yet a further materialization of the original idea of Nuith; she is the Scarlet Woman, the sacred Harlot who is the lady of Atu XI. From this star, behind the celestial sphere itself, issue the curled rays of spiritual light. Heaven itself is no more than a veil before the face of the immortal goddess. . . ." ("The Book of Thoth - Liber LXXVIII" by Aleister Crowley.) And THAT is only an excerpt from the entry on XVII. Grin. It’s a lot to swallow in its entirety, but the message is clear and not very complicated – the eternal force of the Great Mother manifesting in the Star, in Hope. My Anima today is swimming in darker waters,
 XVI the Tower. XVI the Tower – “This card is attributed to the letter Peh, which means a mouth; it refers to the planet Mars. In its simplest interpretation it refers to the manifestation of cosmic energy in its grossest form. The picture shows the destruction of existing material by fire. . . At the bottom part of the card, therefore, is shown the destruction of the old-established Aeon by lightning, flames, engines of war. In the right-hand corner are the jaws of Dis, belching flame at the root of the structure. Falling from the tower are broken figures of the garrison. It will be noticed that they have lost their human shape. They have become mere geometrical expressions. This suggests another (and totally different) interpretation of the card. . . Briefly, the doctrine is that the ultimate reality (which is Perfection) is Nothingness. Hence all manifestations, however glorious, however delightful, are stains. To obtain perfection, all existing things must be annihilated. The destruction of the garrison may therefore be taken to mean their emancipation from the prison of organized life, which was confining them. It was their unwisdom to cling to it. The above should make it clear that magical symbols must always be understood in a double sense, each contradictory of the other. These ideas blend naturally with the higher and deeper significance of the card. The dominating feature of this card is the Eye of Horus. This is also the Eye of Shiva, on the opening of which, according to the legend of this cult, the Universe is destroyed . . . Bathed in the effulgence of this Eye (which now assumes even a third sense, that indicated in Atu XV) are the Dove bearing an olive branch and the Serpent: as in the above quotation. The Serpent is portrayed as the Lion-Serpent Xnoubis or Abraxas. These represent the two forms of desire; what Schopenhauer would have called the Will to Live and the Will to Die. They represent the feminine and masculine impulses; the nobility of the latter is possibly based upon recognition of the futility of the former. This is perhaps why the renunciation of love in all the ordinary senses of the word has been so constantly announced as the first step towards initiation. This is an unnecessarily rigid view. This Trump is not the only card in the Pack, nor are the “will to live” and the “will to die” incompatible. This becomes clear as soon as life and death are understood (See Atu XIII) as phases of a single manifestation of energy." (Ibid) Whew! Now that is a lot to bite off, chew & swallow, isn’t it? But the energy/intention is GOOD, as is pointed out, though impersonal, terrifyingly strong and life-changing. Finally, we arrive at the source of our 
Energy today, the Princess of Wands, (that sly minx. Grin.) As she has been hanging around a lot lately, I shall simply insert the description from “The Book of Thoth” and let you go along for the ride – don’t come back with something communicable!! Grin; “The Princess of Wands represents the earthy part of Fire; one might say, she is the fuel of Fire. This expression implies the irresistible chemical attraction of the combustible substance. She rules the Heavens for one quadrant of the portion around the North Pole. The Princess is therefore shewn with the plumes of justice streaming like flames from her brow; and she is unclothed, shewing that chemical action can only take place when the element is perfectly free to combine with its partner. She bears a wand crowned with the disk of the Sun; and she is leaping in a surging flame which re-calls by its shape the letter Yod. This card may be said to represent the dance of the virgin priestess of the Lords of Fire, for she is in attendance upon the golden altar ornamented with rams’ heads) symbolizing the fires of Spring. The character of the Princess is extremely individual. She is brilliant and daring. She creates her own beauty by her essential vigor and energy. The force of her character imposes the impression of beauty upon the beholder. In anger or love she is sudden, violent, and implacable. She consumes all that comes into her sphere. 
She is ambitious and aspiring, full of enthusiasm which is often irrational. She never forgets an injury, and the only quality of patience to be found in her is the patience with which she lies in ambush to avenge. Such a woman, ill-dignified, shews the defects of these qualities. She is superficial and theatrical, completely shallow and false, yet without suspecting that she is anything of the sort, for she believes entirely in herself, even when it is apparent to the most ordinary observer that she is merely in the spasm of mood. She is cruel, unreliable, faithless and domineering.” Yikes! That simply sounds like a 24 carat Bitch With A Purpose, to me, but then again, this kind of woman drives me nuts. Oh well, I don’t have to marry her, just use her energy. LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the power and focus of Hope to see through changes in our lives. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                       

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