Sunday, December 10, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11/12/2017; “Ladies and gentlemen, we are indifferently announcing that Christmas has been renamed this year; it is now officially called Moneymas. Thank you for your attention.” The deck today is a sentimental favorite, *The Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea. This from Aeclectic; “. . . I found the artwork in NotMS solidly grounded in the cards' meanings, and well-done to boot - few people nowadays get their equine anatomy correct, but NotMS does. The deck is not gender-balanced in its minor depictions, which will aggravate my fellow feminists. It's not a deck for looking at and understanding on a logical basis; "Navigators of the Mystic SEA" speaks to the emotions directly, and I recommend it to non-beginners whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” (Lin Barrett, reviewer.) That last phrase is key; “. . . whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” That is precisely the great, big, lovely point of why I like this deck so much: it is truthful in a way that words rarely are. If you can find a copy, I highly recommend you obtain it. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XV the Devil (Ha!); Mercury = V the Hierophant, and Salt = the Knight of Pentacles (again.) Well . . . Harrumph! Grin – This is actually a quite acceptable hand for today (and if it wasn’t, tough shit, Mark. Grin.) XV the Devil popping up right out of the box first 
thing is guaranteed to startle anyone; but after recognition, I smile wryly; the Devil and I are old playmates of long date; I know his tricks and he knows mine. He only has one more to offer me, the entire world laid at my feet if I will bow down and worship him (no, I’m not comparing myself to the fictional Jesus of Nazareth, so untwist your knickers. At some point in the Path, he offers it to everyone.) And I, following in the footsteps of better men than I, shall have the same response; “Keep walkin’, creep.” (Or some version thereof - Grin.) I’m obviously keeping company with him for a reason today, and I shall need to examine this; at the present moment, I feel no ties of thralldom connecting us, other than the fact that a surprise surplus of money would be welcome in order to finance the escape of my friend from a civil war. (Actually, financing only goes as far as a plane ticket, the hard part is up to him: getting to an airport somewhere in a neighboring country in order to flee. However, the ticket will be expensive.)  My Anima in V the Hierophant today is a bit obscure, as well; I know EXACTLY what this pertains to (and no, I shall not enlighten you – grin.) Taken in the general sense, of course, this person is all about rules, regulations, & teaching; safeguarding knowledge as well as suppressing or hiding knowledge from the uninitiated. Here I think it is functioning in a dual capacity; not only is s/he thinking of the structure of the forthcoming manifestation, but that can and cannot be employed in its creation, its use and its continuation. Form there we move on the engine room of this Construct today, and we find that our power today is being supplied by our old & faithful friend, the Knight of Pentacles, who takes the phrase “I won’t leave your side” to whole new levels of meaning (i.e., he can become quite “sticky.” Irksome.)  However, let’s not look a gift Knight in the mouth, eh? Your “too” faithful friend is choc-a-bloc FULL of energy; he has MOUNTAINS of it. It is a comforting thing to know that you are not going to run out of fuel in mid-manifestation, nor getting it on down the Red Road – Grin. I shan’t go into a lot of personal detail today; I do not find that there is merit in it, at least not for now. Instead, I would like us all to consider these three Arcana and their presence in our lives today; where are they? What are they doing? Are we involved, or observing? Is there some blessing we have yet to uncover in the combination? All good questions. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the appreciation of complex combinations in any form today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                              
XV the Devil - "The Devil Tarot card expresses the realm of the taboo -- the culturally rejected wildness and undigested shadow side that each of us carries in our subconscious. This shadow is actually at the core of our being, which we cannot get rid of and will never succeed in taming. From its earliest versions, which portrayed a vampire-demon, The Devil evoked the church-fueled fear that a person could "lose their soul" to wild and passionate forces. The Devil image which emerged in the mid-1700s gives us a more sophisticated rendition -- that of the "scapegoated goddess," whose esoteric name is Baphomet. Volcanic reserves of passion and primal desire empower her efforts to overcome the pressure of stereotyped roles and experience true freedom of soul. Let go of inhibitions. Allow yourself to express all of who you are. The Devil card advises that you show some spunk. There may be nothing to be gained by trying to be subtle or strategic in this situation. Assert your agenda, express yourself honestly, and let the chips fall where they may. Your best bet could be to express your true emotions, possibly even including anger. Acknowledge that you have whatever feelings you have. While it may not be necessary to act out what you feel in every situation, accepting the power and depth of your inner experience enables you to remain true to yourself." (                                                   
V the Hierophant - "I saw the great Master in the Temple. He was sitting on a golden throne set upon a purple platform, and he wore the robe of a high priest with a golden tiara. He held a golden eight-pointed cross, and lying at his feet were two crossed keys. Two initiates bowed before him and to them he spoke: --  "Seek the Path, do not seek attainment, Seek for the Path within yourself. Do not expect to hear the truth from others, nor to see it, or read it in books. Look for the truth in yourself, not without yourself. Aspire only after the impossible and inaccessible. Expect only that which shall not be. Do not hope for Me,--do not look for Me,--do not believe--that I am outside yourself. Within your soul build a lefty tower by which you may ascend to Heaven. Do not believe in external miracles, expect miracles only within you. Beware of believing in a mystery of the earth, in a mystery guarded by men; for treasuries which must be guarded are empty. Do not search for a mystery that can be hidden by men. Seek the Mystery within yourself. Above all, avoid those towers built in order to preserve the mysteries and to make an ascent to Heaven by stone stairways. And remember that as soon as men build such a tower they begin to dispute about the summit. The Path is in yourself, and Truth is in yourself and Mystery is in yourself." ("Symbolism of the Tarot" by P. E. Ouspensky [1911].)                                                                                                        
 The Knight of Pentacles - "The Fire on the Eighth and on the Fourth house, personified. The traditional renderings are not bad but far from complete. The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance. Consequently the beneficial influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present. On the other hand the houses mentioned give the tendency to retire from the outer world; this accounts for renderings such as 'inactivity, inertia,' etc. . . . We should say, it means the tendency to enjoy the good things of the heart(s) within one's own private or family circle, in repose, in some retreat, secretly. In weak cases there may be some danger of degeneration into idleness or indolence, etc. In connection with the fourth house, ruling family matters and the past, the home and the storehouse (of memory, e.g.) the card must have to do with pleasant memories, recollections, people we have known before; collections and collecting." ("The General Book of the Tarot" by A. E. Thierens.)

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