Monday, December 11, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for the 12/12/2017; the deck today is *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff (LWB by J Mori & J. Stockwell.) We all know, ad nauseam, how much I like this deck, so let’s leave it there. Obtain a copy if you can, they are rare & very expensive. Let’s all hope for a reprint by U.S. Games. Onward & Upward! The draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XVI the Tower; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Prince of Cups. Whew! There it is again, XVI the Tower in Sulfur/Animus’ position, and I’m a bit tired of thinking the same old thing every time I see it, not to mention that apparently I am NOT getting it. Hmmm. I need to empty the stale marshland of my previous ideas about the Tower, simply because it keeps coming back; obviously I’m missing another, more important interpretation (for this run of XIVs.) There is a separate guidebook to this deck, by the same LWB authors, and perhaps as the start of a thread to follow, I will look there. “Key Symbols: Hebrew letter ‘Peh’, meaning mouth, pictured between two horns of the solar and lunar crown; 
energy ingested then externalized speech; vibration. / Eye: Eye of Ra, from which emanates a lightning flash sword, symbolic of the singular energy underlying the multiplicity of form. / Yods: spiritual sparks of creation descending and condensing to physical matter. / Mars: symbol depicted on the Tower, invokes destructive force in order to create anew. / Head and Stairs: the entrance to the Tower through the mouth of the goddess Hathor. // Energies of the Path: Inevitable change; form adapting to function. // Evolutionary State: Embracing structural change. // Path Color: Scarlet. // Connecting Spheres: Hod, orange – Netzach, green. ¶ Physical Transformation predicated upon mental transformation; transformation of consciousness. Physical plane results of change – restructuring/deconstruction – dependent upon mental and spiritual changes or changes of consciousness. A healing path in relation to physical dis-ease being a direct result of mental or spiritual dis-ease. Also the transformative power of our physical plane means of communication, through the vehicle of vibration, speech and song.”  Well, well, well, do you read, as I do, absolutely NOTHING about the inherent “badness” of the card or that it should be taken as an “evil augury?” Nope! I knew that already, but that interpretation tends to get lost in the general melee when XVI pops up to stick its warning right in your face. I am obliged to think, immediately, of my lung “dis-ease” (illness of the “vibration, speech”) and the possibility/probability that it can be transformed by the healing of the mental/spiritual condition leading to it. That would certainly be miraculous, and I would be less stunned than overwhelmed with mouth-shutting gratitude for the change. “On verra.” Dancing the light fantastic with new lung-power,
 we find my Anima in XIX the Sun today, and that makes me very glad indeed. I do love the sun; I was born in a land of intense light with the sun present nearly 320 days of the year, Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U. S. A. It is a ‘high desert’ climate, thus without humidity, the Sun becomes a living being very close to you rather than the dreadful tyrant of the tropics. I have “worshipped” the Sun, in one fashion or another, all my life; I do not, however, cultivate skin cancer. Grin. (Being partly Native American, I am always “lightly tanned.” Grin.)  Through the majority of my life I have “perceived” the stars as the actual “citizens” of the Universe, and we are like nanobacillæ inside its sphere of influence. ‘Sorta kindof’ . . . . LOL. Esoterically, I enjoy XIX and profit from passing through its portal, but I am a touch less enamored of it tarotistically than astrophysically. It is less the “Be All” of existence in the land of Spirit, and more one of the necessary “enlightening stages” through which one passes in the penultimate steps to apotheosis. I am delighted to see it, of course, but it isn’t the real center of the draw; today it plays a supporting, positive role. 
Now we waltz to the final cadenza of today’s reading, and the source of our Energy today, available for use; the Knight of Cups. I am always delighted to receive a Cups Court card as energy these days, because this suit is the reason for this pointed promenade through the Arcana this time around. This from the separate book to the deck; “The Air of Water – Tiphareth – Yellow [LOVE IT!] – Goals geared to creative inspiration and emotions. Progress in creativity; understanding cycles; emotional fulfillment; health matters. He is the physical and metaphysical health and well-being of the heart, and of the emotions. As with Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, all things emanate from and lead back to the heart. Physical disease stems from emotional disease – either or both can be explored here. Come here to open the heart, and to improve the free flow of emotion.”  (Ibid) I find some EXTREMELY interesting points in there for me, today, especially the health problems & emotions, although I WILL say that cigarettes and alcohol gave quite a big pair of helping hands, too. LOL.  Ah well, my philosophy has always been “You gave the party; Pay the bill.” Ha! I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a new insight today to our physical well-being. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                               

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