Sunday, December 17, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19/12/2017; eight more days to find that ultimately displeasing gift for your spouse who only wanted either more time with you or a divorce. Ha! In my case, both of us being retired, my spouse may actually want less time with me – grin. Today’s deck is one of my favorite Egyptian-themed decks, *The Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. If you are a fan of E-t decks, you already know this one; if you aren’t, it is an excellent investment in your subconscious learning curve. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: Sulfur = IX the Veiled Lamp (Hermit); Mercury = XIV the Two Urns (Temperance,) and Salt = the One (Ace) of Cups. This is quite a tolerable reading, and promises to be deeply rewarding. My Animus is counselled to retreat from the World and to contemplate and collate his “leaves from the Book” into a coherent and logical construct. Interestingly enough and up until recently an idea I largely overlooked, is that card represents both the Master AND the candidate for Initiation. I suppose that latter idea underlies the former, but I have overlooked that “recently” – ten to fourteen years perhaps. I’m not sure why I so easily eclipsed the latter, but I am sure it was for hubristic reasons; I can easily see my ego reasoning out that if it represents the Master, then I need not consider the candidate for Initiation. Harrumph; a very egoistic idea, of course. Boy O’ Boy, does he have an inflated idea of his own importance and progress; (un)luckily for him, I’m here to kick his ass back 
down the ladder if he gets too “uppity” these days – grin. My Anima is more than happy to lend me a hand when that is necessary; however, today she is more concentrated in helping her companion than profiting by him. Today she inhabits my very dear, very longtime friend, XIV the Two Urns (Temperance.) We go WAY back, Lady Temperance and I; back to the very first time I learned to hide my light under a bushel because exposing myself meant being hurt, either physically, emotionally or psychologically (one could argue that any of those responses automatically includes all three, even though the physical aspect may be muted.) The last time that I am told I exhibited exuberance and untrammeled joy & energy was at the age of 3; I suppose that my body seemed sufficiently developed to withstand physical abuse, so it started then. I say this not to evoke empathy or even pity, but to explain why Temperance was sorely NEEDED by me at the time; my nature was/is Dionysian, chaotic-seeming, and driven by emotional pain that was disguised as cool & unsympathetic logic. SO there I was, stuck between the belt and a hard place, and Temperance and I made acquaintance and became bonded buddies ever since, EVEN THOUGH I have almost ALWAYS ignored her advice. No longer – since I attained the age of 60, her values have become my own and I am more inclined to counsel a wise & quiet night rather than rushing to Home Depot to buy all the red paint they have to paint the town that evening. (Or #42, “Black & Blue Symphony,” or a particularly hostile shade of violent pink that screamed out loud, “Fuck You!”. Grin.) I always tend to gather like-minded friends no matter what the mindset of the time, so naturally I surround myself with firebrands & troublemakers. Grin, I loved & still love those people, LOL! Now I attract a less “stressed” type of person, thank Osiris! The point being that no matter what the gestalt of the group, my Lady Temperance always found a way to fit right in; her voice often went unheard, but she was good company on every occasion. Now we are old warriors, who have both survived often contentious battles, and we sit together on the balcony of her chateau and regard the Waters below and above and dream of what is still possible.
 Moving on, we come to the third and final card of my construct today, the Engine Room for this Solar Barque I am trying to navigate through the heavens, and most joyously today I find out that we are traveling on the Love Boat – Grin, (I despised the show, but the pun is unavoidable,) The Ace of Cups (XLI the One of Cups.) Tired yet of hearing how I’m on a Cup hunt this time through the cards? LOL. Sorry, Olive Oyl, but we are HAPPILY on that road today. It is tremendously easy to be self-serving and self-deluding with the Sacred Tarot; the mind easily latches on to whatever point serves its purpose and magnifies it to the exclusion of all the other qualities inherent in the symbology and the archetype (in the case of the MA and the Court cards.) In this case, the LWB could be interpreted to wholeheartedly support my new venture into Love; “The source of love and joy. Overflowing feelings of the same kind, surpassing all understanding. Harmony and fulfillment on the emotional level, especially in the area off love. A fulfilled life. A powerful love affair. The desires of the heart being fulfilled. A surrender in love and affection. To be loved, but also to give love . . . Overflowing Abundance. Great beauty.” Despite the repetitiousness, the main message gets through – you have hit the jackpot of Love. Now, that would fit QUITE nicely, and most conveniently, into the slot of what is appropriate to a new love I am investigating, although that sounds rather clinical. Let us rather say, I am approaching with cautious step the possibility of a new man in my life (and in my wife’s by proximity, of course. She has already indicated she is more than agreeable with my efforts; she is positively supportive.) HOWEVER, I know better than that; I 
cannot take this card as it appears in this trinity-of-construction out of context and manipulate it to give an imprimatur to my relationship efforts. It appears here as a great Engine, the “orphic egg” of its own suit, containing all the possibilities of growth in emotion and intuition that develop from birth to transcendence (as in Cups giving way to the Wands suit.) While I  may “siphon off” just a bit of that Energy to keep the power on standby over in the presumed issue, I shall, of course, take it here for what it signifies; an immense amount of emotional and intuitional Power behind, before & binding the Sulfur and the Mercury into an indissoluble bond, with itself as the glue. Even withdrawal and meditation, scholarship and studiousness, must be dosed with moderation. So there we have it, my day’s “counsel” from Atum-Ra, as I have been able to discern to the best of my abilities from his “general broadcast of Love” that is eternally existent. I simply ask, each day, for the ability to discern which fragment of the message is applicable to me today as counsel, not command. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a moment of divine equilibrium in which to discern our intentions. Be Well! Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    


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