Monday, December 25, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26/12/2017; I cannot say that I am sorry to see this year exit; as we used to say, with great daring, as grade school children, “Yeah, it sucked donkey dicks!” LOL. (If we were overheard by the nuns, off we were hauled to the basement to be put to “The Question;” the rack, the iron boot, the Iron Maiden, the red-hot iron – yes, Catholic school IS as bad as you have always heard it is. GRIN.) The deck for today is the *Tarot del Fuego* by Ricardo Cavolo. It is an amusing and quite intuitive deck; surrealist art in bright, primary colors tends to automatically lift the mood, so that is a + ; it is highly intuitive, which is another + , and I really can’t find anything “off” to say about it, except that it doesn’t suit those occasions when you want a more serious, ‘scholarly” approach. A good purchase. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Light = II the Priestess: B) Animus = the King of Wands; C) Anima = the Page of Swords, and the oracular draw of the day from Angelarium© is Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries. Good pairing with the MA, eh? Grin. “On verra.” Let’s take the last first, and reflect upon its LWB description; “The Keeper. The speaker of truth. All knowledge is pressed within the binding of his book. Raziel stands at the foot of the Tree of Life and observes all of creation, ever the diligent witness, for transcribing the whole of creation. The book is passed to 
Enoch through his journey into the Tree of Life. ¶ There are some things we simply cannot know. Such is the precious narrative of life. We can know the parts of the play but not the story’s end. Secrets and hidden endings keep the performance alight and dancing through the universe. ¶ Raziel, rapt on high, our ever-present observer. We dream and fill Raziel’s Book of Mysteries. Our breath turns its pages. Exhale. Signs: a book, a mask, codes.” (“Angelarium©” by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya.) Well . . . “interesting, yes, hmm, very interesting,” murmured the Belgian ambassador to the U.N. With my “Guiding Light” today being II the Priestess, I shall need to enter the quieter and more singular space of the Priestess’ temple to contemplate what I am in there to find, discover, or intuit. I have an idea of what this concerns, but for now I shall keep my cards close to my vest. It is rather a serious question and requires more thought than rapid judgement either allows or recommends. It is a grave decision not to be entered without responsibility and consequence, and I need to be VERY sure I am doing “the right thing” by entering the issue. "When I lifted the first veil and entered the outer court of the Temple of Initiation, I saw in half-darkness the figure of a woman sitting on a high throne between two pillars of the temple, one white, and one black. Mystery emanated from her and was about her. Sacred symbols shone on her green dress; on her head was a golden tiara surmounted by a two-horned moon; on her knees she held two crossed keys and an open book. Between the two pillars behind the woman hung another veil all embroidered with green leaves and fruit of pomegranate. And a voice said: "To enter the Temple one must lift the second veil and pass between the two pillars. And to pass thus, one must obtain possession of the keys, read the book and understand the symbols. Are you able to do this?" "I would like to be able," I said. Then the woman turned her face to me and looked into my eyes without speaking. And through me passed a thrill, mysterious and penetrating like a golden wave; tones vibrated in my brain, a flame was in my heart, and I understood that she spoke to me, saying without words: 
"This is the Hall of Wisdom. No one can reveal it, no one can hide it. Like a flower it must grow and bloom in thy soul. If thou wouldst plant the seed of this flower in thy soul--learn to discern the real from the false. Listen only to the Voice that is soundless... Look only on that which is invisible, and remember that in thee thyself is the Temple and the gate to it, and the mystery, and the initiation." ("The Symbolism of the Tarot" by P.D. Ouspensky [1911].) At the next stop on our regional express we find the King of Wands holding inside of him my Anima, my Male self, active & intellectual. I can see this today; yesterday did indeed “merit” its oracular card, the Fox, and as one event succeeded another, I kept a firm hand on myself and forced myself to retain a neutral position involving all arising matters of the moment. Inside, I was rather angry and worried at the same time, but it wouldn’t have done “the day” any good to manifest these at that time; it would only have added billowing black smoke to the candlelight . . . so to speak. Grin.  Today I shall move forward nevertheless and keep in mind that "The King of Wands in this position reminds us that our lives are designed to bring us eventually to a place of self-ownership. An opportunity for self-empowerment is presenting itself to you now. Recognize that through your attitude and the way you express yourself to others, you hold the power over your own experiences in life. You are the determining factor in this situation and circumstances will proceed in the direction that you steer them. Indecision or doubt is not an appropriate response when clarity and confidence are critical. As you take on a bigger role, it will begin to feel more comfortable." ( And as we end our three-city tour, we come to my Anima, who has thrown a tabard over her playsuit and is deeply projecting herself into the Page of Swords. “Well . . . alright, if you insist.” She DOES like to think she’s a badass, but I have my doubts; I know her, you see (LOL,) and at heart she’s a stay-at-home gal who likes sentimental movies and cooking, as well as exploring Egyptology, Egyptian thought, and the Sacred Tarot in depth, as well as in comfort & silence (although she DOES adore precious tones. Grin.) ‘On verra’ how she does in this rôle today; "When the Page of Swords (in some 
decks, a Princess) is in this position, the situation requires subtle change in order for it to be brought to the highest good for all concerned. In contrast to times when one can best serve the greater good by being visible and heroic, this is a time when you must keep your own counsel, cover your tracks and stealthily accomplish what would be impossible to complete without privacy. Reduce your profile and increase your anonymity, no matter how your self-image might suffer. Although it would be gratifying to accomplish what needs to be done and be aboveboard about it, [but] that cannot be a priority at present." (Ibid.) That actually IS pertinent and bears a great deal of applicable sense to the issue to which I referred earlier. Thank you, young ephebe. (A young man came as a “+ 1” to dinner yesterday, and I was reminded of  the word “ephebe;” he was startlingly beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed Ukrainian Caucasian background, and skin as smooth and pale as porcelain. He was uncanny, and almost bizarre; I have never seen a representative SO pure of the Aryan ideal in my life. He was neither frighteningly bright nor a sparkling conversationalist, but he was charming. Still, he made me feel a touch disquieted, oddly enough.) “And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, ladies and gentlemen.” Again, so to speak . . . LOL. I ask the Cosmos to bring us ALL pertinent information with which to work today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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