Friday, December 29, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29/12/2017; In three days the Sun shall rise again in a new year, and I couldn’t be happier about it. What a year . . . harrumph. Today’s deck is the *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* by “The Church of Light,” although the defining text by C. C. Zain argues strongly in his favor as the creator of the deck. That text, by the way, is “The Sacred Tarot* by C. C. Zain; CofL Press, Albuquerque, 2005 (originally copyrighted in 1921.) The book is a masterful 433 page meditation/explanation of the Sacred Tarot and the meanings of the cards, as well as their relations to Kabbalism, Numerology, Astrology, Colors, Names, Talismans & Charms, and finally cycles of Time. It isn’t summer beach reading, as you can see . . . Grin. However, if you can make your way through it intelligently, with a sympathetic but critical eye, and you make a serious effort to synthesize the knowledge, you will come out a much wiser Yoda on the other side. Grin. Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XX the Sarcophagus; B) Animus = the 3 of Cups: C) Anima = the 10 of Coins, and the oracular card for today is Phanuel, the Angel of Truth, from *Angelarium*©. (Please note that images were not available for the minor arcana, thus I have borrowed from 2 similarly designed Golden Dawn decks.) I can say that this is, actually, quite an eventful and positive reading despite its rather bland look; almost “divinely happy,” one could say. Rather than looking at immediately as a panorama, try instead to see, FIRST, just the three individual cards, and the highly positive message becomes crystal clear. Then you can contemplate the tableau and be quite amazed that so much joy can have such a bland, 
even concealing face. Grin. First up to bat in today’s World Series Game #23725 is my Guiding Major Arcanum, the Archetype within & without to view myself and the Archetype’s relation to me and me to it; XX the Sarcophagus. Rather than drone on about resurrection, allow me to cite Mr. Zain; “In Divination, Arcanum XX may be read as an Awakening or Resurrection. Arcanum XX is figured by a sarcophagus on whose side is pictured a scarab. Above this tomb a genie sounds a trumpet, whereupon it opens and a man, woman and child rise from it, still dressed in their winding sheets. The sarcophagus is the tomb through which man ascends to a higher life. The scarab is symbol of the immortality of the soul. The genie blowing the trumpet is the call to ascend to higher spheres. A man, woman and child arise together to indicate that immortality depends upon the trinity of positive and negative soul-monads united about their Deific ego. The innocence of the ego is represented by the child. The real tomb is the physical body which confines and envelops the soul while it develops its powers through the functions of social life; its relations to other life-forms. After one life in human form it has acquired self-consciousness and has no need to return to earth. As indicated by the trinity rising from the grave, there are opportunities for family life and other experiences on the next plane, the total ensemble symbolizing this entering into a new and active life in a realm above matter.” (See above.)  I understand it to be, more personally, this stage of development where I am at is reminiscent of that “the breakthrough is coming!” feeling that can happen several times in a life, providing that you live long enough. Grin. I feel Good about where I am spiritually at, and although my Physical reality is every-so-slowly limiting itself in a greater degree, it matters less to me, as “that” life has been behind me for a while now; I mean the life of the active guy out there, gathering experience, making waves big and small, and enjoying the ride.
 I am in my Collating Period – LOL – now, taking ALL of the random pages scattered around the Memory Palace and making a lisible manuscript of them, in order to read, contemplate, collate my experiences, and draw the grand design of my progress. Moving on, we find my slightly inebriated Animus enjoying the 3 of Cups, although enjoying is far too pale a word. “The Water on the house of friends, the Eleventh, must bring concord, etc. Friendship, but on this airy house more platonic than that of the foregoing card. It is the house of surroundings so far mastered by the Ego and on this account 'friendly.' So the soul-life in surroundings that have been mastered will enjoy desirable and 'good' conditions and feel 'happy.' There is no feeling whatever of being hampered or thwarted, or depressed. All goes well and the general sensation is cheerful. It is the sign of a good time, good luck and general satisfaction. As the eleventh house also rules the blood, it is very favorable for health and eventual recuperation. Moreover this house has to do with commerce and business, and the card favors them beyond a doubt, giving a good understanding of opportunity and of the character and wishes of those with whom we have to do, so that we can supply what they ask.” (“General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.) Yes . . . well, yes, but not quite. It is a bit more intense than that, thenkyew, and the idea that Cups is fecund in my life gives me great, great joy. Finally 
we come to my Anima, and today she’s doing her “happy-woman-with-lots-of-bling” number, one that she LOVES, BTW. Grin. (I don’t find fault; I enjoy bling, as well, although my standards of what defines “bling” are quite strict: nothing fake, or faux, or “costume.” If you are going to do bling, do it right.) My oracular card for today is Phanuel, the Angle of Truth, from *Angelarium©* by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya.  “Phanuel will wait for your arrival. It was here long before you arrived, standing at the threshold to the throne room. You may not have borne witness. Its sound may have escaped you. But Phanuel has waited there for you, eager to wrap you in a cloak of Truth. ¶ Reality is ever present. It is a simple matter to find it. It is another, much more difficult task to understand that the truth seen can be different from Truth. ¶ Hold the torch high. See what stands before you for what it is. Signs: Wine, a torch, a bleeding eye.” (LWB) Hmmm . . . yes, I will do that as I usually do, especially more recently for exactly this reason. I have found myself more and more in this “torchlight” of the mind & spirit, and what I see is devoid of emotional attachment so my vision is not fogged. It is a lovely, peace-giving way to see Reality, I find; it all seems SO “yes, just like that; yes, that is how it is meant to be. I see why now.” It is a VERY liberating feeling, especially (perhaps because?) one actually FEELS the great design of your progress on the Red Road, and without ego you can enjoy your accomplishment, thus far. Your life is finally starting to make sense as you see the grand outline, still lacking detail in some areas, but the overall design being lucidly clear. It is a better-than-great compensation for the “things” one is losing along the way as your Cycle speeds up. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL access to the Cloak of Truth today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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