Saturday, December 23, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24/12/2017; the deck today is the *Alchemical Tarot IV: Revised Edition* by Robert M. Place. Robert is a known quantity and has an excellent artistic reputation. His decks are beautiful and thought provoking, although I have a small issue concerning . . . (this has been deleted due to revision.) Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) X The Wheel of Fortune; B) the Ace of Coins; C) the 8 of Vessels, and my oracular card for today is Simikiel, Angle of Vengeance for the *Angelarium®” by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya. (A = MA; B = Animus; C = Anima. The MA is both a subject for meditation as well as an archetype to be considered throughout the day.) The oracular card today, from Angelarium®, is keyed to the MA card; being Simikiel, the Angel of Vengeance, leads me to believe that I need to be on my guard today; not only against sudden and mysterious (to me) reprisals, but also the headspace that allows Simikiel the space to walk or even exist. “When the time comes, we all call its name. It is ever the instinct in our throat when we 
seek retribution. We choke on it even as we languish in every syllable. But those who call on Simikiel without cause will have harm fall back upon them threefold. It is the way of Simikiel’s sword, cutting in both directions. While we gird our fragile hearts against being hurt, pain will make its attempts on us by any means necessary. It is in our soul to survive at all cost, even if it means violence. Try to resist the urges of your barbed heart. Simikiel knows not forgiveness. Signs: A sword, a thorny branch, pierced skin.” (“Angelarium; Oracle of Emanations” by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya; LO Scarabeo, Turin, 2017.) I’m NOT a big fan of vengeance, I haven’t been since I turned perhaps 11; it always appeared to me to require FAR too much effort and negative focus for an infinitely small & unsatisfying result. It isn’t economical. I am ALL for spending the big “bucks” on efforts that result in BIG payoffs, of course; but not only are you “cutting off your nose to spite your face (psychically speaking),” you are making a terribly unwise investment of your resources. Better by far to divert the energy into other, more useful channel and/or to guard against the Angel appearing at the behest of others. Hopefully you have your psychic armor in place at all times, anyway. Enough; let us move on. The Major Arcana card drawn today is X the Wheel of Fortune. Hmmm. I am not a lucky man, I never have been. The only things I have won in 65 long years have been 1) a giant stuffed teddy bear at a school carnival at a time when I had no girl/boyfriend, and 2) my 1st week in France, when not knowing how the game worked at all, 
I made a blind wager on the InstaLotto for 2 € and won 200 €. That’s it; unless you count the number of times I’ve barely escaped disasters, which have been numerous - that it is “my” luck. So perhaps today, considering the oracle, my luck is to escape the “vengeance of someone else” . . . perhaps. That, however, is the kind of reading you would receive on the midway at the Tri-State County Fair in Hootersville, in the state of Devolution, U.S.A.; Madame Irina (real name, BobbieSue) is in full form as the cheesecloth veils flutter, her laser pointer remote flashes “in” the crystal ball, and the cards “shudder” slightly on the (unsteady) table. GRIN. OooohOOhhooohh ululates the secret recorder. . . LOL LOL. “That will be $20, please.” Enough foolishness. What I can intuit here, at least in the largest sense possible, is that, as usual, I may be placing too much faith in the Wheel “righting itself in my favor;” I DO need to see it as equivocal; it DOES NOT matter where the Wheel turns, good or bad, dark or light, because it isn’t about the result at all, it is about the process of throwing yourself, wisely or unwisely, into the flow of the Universe and letting the currents take you where they will. I say unwisely in some cases because it is entirely possible that one is making a “desperation gesture” and one is NOT AT ALL prepared to even float in the current, much less allow it to carry one away. If you aren’t ready, it is UNWISE to open gates you don’t know how to close. In the Animus’ waiting arms sits the Ace of Coins, along with his friend, the wild hare. If the symbology of the Ace of Coins, ALL material concerns and the gateway of Malkuth, escapes you, I’m afraid I must cast you into the Outer Darkness. Grin. Coupled with X, I COULD expect BIG things today, but I shall keep the temperature of the burner on low; I’m too much of an old hand to be constantly playing Charlie Brown© and his football. Luckily, I can see that the wild hare is glancing forward, to the right; I don’t need the confirmation then that indeed, my years of the fatted kine are all behind me, it seems there are more still to come. Grin. I have had a life blessed in this suit, to a degree; to know that perhaps I’m not living my 6th decade with 
only a bleak couple of decades in sight. (If I live that long.)  “Enough, let’s not fall into the pit of negativity now, okay, Mark?”  “Okay, Boss.”  Moving on, we arrive at the third card today, wherein my Anima is “passively” active today, the 8 of Vessels. She is, of course, adding her Zing! To the role today, taking the humble 8 of Coins and transmuting him with an infusion of creativity, grace, passion and devotion, as well as the 8 quality of workmanship and labor. “ . . . The Potter symbolizes alchemical transmutation; he starts with Earth, softens it with Water, dries it in Air, and hardens it with Fire. He transforms clay into useful vessels, making something of value out of one of the most common substances on Earth. ¶ Centered above his wheel is yet another symbol for the Animus Mundi, in which the timeless lemniscate is connected to the center of the fourfold physical world. When a potter is centered, he or she is present in the work. In contrast to the eight of Coins, this card represents creative work that is engrossing and keeps the worker focused in the moment.” (“Alchemy and the Tarot” by Robert M. Place; Hermes, Saugerties, 2011.) As you can see, she is in one of her many paradises, happily engaged in the work of the Potter, and hoping, of course, that “we” will give her material with which to craft a work of art. I hope so, too. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL an impassioned and fruitful day of workmanship today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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