Monday, December 4, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05/12/2017; only 20 days left to take out that 2nd mortgage and give your children all the wrong values in life! Grin. The deck today is *The Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by N. Farrell, H. Wendrich & N. Wendrich. (The images posted are from the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot; six of one, ½ dozen of the other, so to speak. They are slightly different but not enough to matter.) I like Golden Dawn decks, they don’t bother with appetizer and salad, they just serve meat & potatoes – plunk! – on your plate the moment you sit down. Grin. On top of which, their system is highly “open” to intuitional and systemic vibrations as the pulse of the æther. Although I don’t use the minor arcana in my daily draw, in a GD deck they are equally as important as the Majors and Royals; when using the deck they have a heavy influence on the reading (as they should? Remember, the minors and Royals were added to the Tarot relatively “late in life.”)  Whatever . . . if you aren’t a strict Tarot de Marseille person, then I recommend having at least one of the GD decks on hand; they give insightful clues to the reading. Onward and Upward! My cards today are: Sulfur = XX Judgement; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. First of all, let me preface the following buy stating that I felt unusually “well-connected” this morning; I was in tune with the divine ad the divine was kindly in tune with me. My pre-draw morning salutations & greetings to the divinities were especially electric, and I felt I had the 
blessing of directly addressing the Divine. It felt GOOD. Grin. As the draw surfaced, I could see it developing from one card to the other, the fit being “exact enough” to see myself in the reading and the development of current trends; it was good if guarded news, which is EXACTLY the way I am feeling at the moment. That is only natural enough, non? as I am dealing with 42 representatives of my person and its’ interaction with the divine. As I “developed the story line” of the cards, sitting there, I saw the exactness of the reading and the concord which existed between my conscious, aware self, the subconscious, the cards, and eventually, the peeking through of the unconscious. I feel, if not justified, at least on the right track in the matter(s) at hand. (You have to be REALLY careful around feeling “justified”; it is so easily coupled with righteousness and produces Intolerance before you are aware of it.) As for VI the Lovers as my Anima today, she is seeing issues through her rose-colored contact lenses and in this case, although I hesitate to write it, she may be correct, IF all things are as they are being represented. I certainly hope so! Grin. Gliding towards the exit of today’s tour of the House of Cards in the Dark & Pandemonium Traveling Circus & Curiosities Show, we see the engine room, where the Ace of Swords is directing his DEFINITELY high-voltage Energy into my construct for today.  I am always a bit leery of this Ace; it symbolizes so ideally much of the type of Energy Iran my life on in my youth and young adulthood. It wasn’t tamed by General Electric, however; it ran wild and free and I was often a firestorm in my relationships and in life. Remember, a necessary components of a firestorm are two; fire and wind. For better or worse, by every possible method of “personal scrying” from Astrology to the Zos Kia Cultus, these two elements dominate my “make up,” my “construction,” and signifiers & signifieds abound like rabbits on Viagra. I have intimately lived with this Energy most of my life and it is only in mid-life that I made a “complete energy change” to Wands, so I know it and can handle it with familiarity and affection, as well as precision. SO I’m good on this front, too, today. Good; I’d hate to have to kick some semi-divine ass this morning. BIG grin.  I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL easy access to our needed talents today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!  
 XX Judgement – “"Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as a symbol of liberation and redemption. Element: Fire. Tree of Life: From Malkuth to Hod. Number: 20 as 10 x 2 with the cross sum 2, the revelation of destiny. The Aeon [Judgement] is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption. The Aeon is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix; it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our 'frog perspective' and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our 'Utopia'. In older decks the Aeon is called 'Judgment', dealing with resurrection and redemption. The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a 'court of law', to the Christian concept of a 'Resurrection' where the pious may rise and the rest must burn. Although trump XX indeed does imply a judgement, it wouldn't be appropriate to restrict this meaning with such a superstitious simplification. Drive: Birth, renewal, transformation, the realization of Utopia. Light: Knowledge of coherences, widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities. Shadow: wrong identification, self-deception" (*Raven* @  
 VI the Lovers – “Venus and Mars - on a higher level Sun and Moon - as the combination of the contrasts. Zodiac: Gemini. Tree of Life: From Binah to Tiphareth. Element: Air. Number: 6 as combination of contrasts and their mutual penetration. The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe. The trump represents the power of life, the creative love, which can be quite impressive, but also destructive when one happens to disregard the fire of instinct, burning down rationalism. The card also represents a decision, the farewell to a former way of life and the full acceptance of love uncompromising. It doesn't necessarily mean that the 'love' is a person that you tie your knots to with fancy tungsten wedding bands - it can be a passion, a desire, or even a profession, like going to sea or working with horses. Many people who lead an adapted, settled life actually have deep desires and hidden wishes, that they don't dare show, which they constantly fight back, suppressing their own happiness. The Lovers can mean that someone should be honest, make a clear decision for this love, the fulfilling of a wish, of a desire, and stand by it. Apart from this, the Lovers can say 
that a peaceful combination of existing contrasts or contradictions is a better solution than any confrontation - diplomacy instead of war. Drive: Devotion, melting into one another, being one with it, love. Light: Full-hearted confession, trust, optimism. Shadow: Displacement, repression, giving up on one's self.” (Ibid)                                        The Ace of Swords – “(The roots of the powers of Air) Kether in the Tree of Life: Kether through Fire. Astrology: The signs of the Air. The Ace of Swords is the seed of the intellectual power, the origin and beginning of the airy world of Yetzirah, which implies thinking, analyzing, realizing through logic and mind. Like every Ace, it represents the unstructured primary matter of its suit, the undifferentiated unity; therefore the Ace of Swords is the beginning of thinking, a first idea, a first thought or impulse from the mind and the essence of the element of Air. So the card can stand for a first idea or realization, a new view of things, or simply tell us that we should let our mind work rather than following our emotions only. It also reminds us that the Ace is only the seed, which it needs growing and experience to proceed. Drive: Invoked powers. Whirling force of mind, realization, logic. Light: Realization, clearness, objectivity, intellectual aspiration. Shadow: Intellectual debacle, coldness, cruelty through logic, intellectual dissatisfaction.” (Ibid)                       

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