Sunday, December 17, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18/12/2017; (only 7 more days to erase 364 days of horrid, nasty behavior since the last Noël. Good luck! Grin.) Today’s deck is my absolute TOP favorite of the off-the-beaten-path Egyptian-themed Tarot decks, *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman (actually, he created 78 large paintings, and these cards are those images.) The deck is of superior manufactured quality, the art is absolutely stunning, and the cardstock is both sturdy yet reasonably thin (you don’t have to handle 78 waffles,) and large enough to display the intricate symbology on the “cards.” IF you have any chance to obtain a copy, SNATCH it from the hands of the poor widow-woman trying to sell it for a few copper pennies to feed her 16 children, and run howling hysterically into the fog-shrouded night . . . Grin. Onward and Upward! My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XXI Earth in the Universe; Mercury = III the Empress, and Salt = the Hero of Swords. Well . . . Harrumph! About time!! LOL, no, I’m not THAT hubristic, I promise you. Yet I must admit that there is a certain amount of satisfaction and even joy in seeing today’s spread, despite the lack of Ace-symbolized energy. (Ha – I sound like one of those odious parents who criticize their child for coming in second at a race – don’t you just want to bitchslap them and say, “Wake up, Dickhead! you’re torturing a child’s soul, fuckface.” So, let’s look at this as reasonably as my joy allows. Today my 
Animus has chosen the high ground; indeed, the very highest ground possible, XXI Earth in the Universe, AKA The Daughter of the Firmament. Whew, am I glad to see him here. He had me worried with all of the transvestite-involved situations he kept bringing upon himself, and for a moment I feared he might bring the whole sexuality construct into question simply because he had some minor points to work out.  I HATE having to explain something a second time, and I might have bitch-slapped myself if I thought the new, healthier arrangement hadn’t solidified its foundations. But, no, it wasn’t that serious; I think it only may have been a moment of outré amusement for things never investigated, besides being necessary in that specific moment to spur my growth onward. Here again he is subsumed in a feminine archetype, but this time it hardly matters, as she is more hermaphrodite than not, and this is the finish line anyway . . . so to speak; we all know the Journey continues. Moving on, today we find my Anima feeling oh-so-comfortable and at home resting with III the Empress. This is psychic home stomping-ground for her; she has always considered herself royal anyway (grin) and it must be admitted that my feminine side has a definite taste for “calme, luxe et volupté.” (Brush up on your Baudelaire.) She sees herself as well as ‘rightfully’ in this position, a being of divine lineage (as are we all) and knowing herself born to be here, once she is free of ALL the restrictions and imprisonments imposed upon women. 
Including mine (as my Animus) imposed upon her, I must regretfully admit. The system encourages it, but we do it. While the Empress in no way signifies judgment of our actions, she reminds us that it is ourselves who bar the open route to her bountifulness and generosity. A cornucopia is open to All. In many ways, I regret to relate the “my” Empress did not have a valid role model; she was under the tutelage of a mad Queen who lived in a land of paranoia, fantasy and reality all mixed together, and she often had trouble telling the difference. At the same time, the Mad Queen was weaving with every possible tool at her command an ever-increasing web of layered truths, lies, fantasies and unrealistic constructs. She was loved, but she was feared as well, and one could never predict which emotion was appropriate at which time. The end result of this is that my Anima and I have had a LOT of work to do over the years repairing her damaged body, mind and soul. It has been hard but hyper-rewarding work, and she lives healthily now in harmony with a reformed, reworked Animus. And as we wind up our tour of today’s construct, we finish at the Engine Room, where we find a more-than-adequately equipped Hero of Swords at the panel of levers, lights & buttons that harness and control his power running through the machinery. He’s been around a lot lately, and that is perhaps due to the fact that I used to be him. Of course he has a job to do today; that doesn’t prevent him, however, from coming up to resolve his own issues with me, to remind me of where I 
have been, and to ask me to range him properly in my own ‘Temple of the Arcana.’ From the LWB accompanying the deck; “The Quest for a Perfect Reputation. AKA Lord of the Winds and Breezes. He comes with a burden of self-doubt. He has skill in construction; bravery in defense; address towards expediency; resistance to loss of tradition; enmity and Wrath with honor at stake. Hi is: War; Resistance; Ruin before a sacrifice of principle; Death before dishonor. He glories in the degree of opposition (and is) the archetype of the Warrior. A soldier, a [just] lawyer: heroic action predicted for a soldier.” He is an admirable man, but Good Blessed Fields of the West! is he unbending, stubborn, and arrogant to a point of stupidity! as he closes possible channels of communication with his overbearing air of authority. Yep, that was me, I blush to admit. Imagine that man aging and realizing he had better get off his high horse and get on with it, start walking the Talk, and cleaning up his act BIG TIME. Yeah, that, too, was me. I feel I’ve traveled a long way down the Red Road, and I’ve still got a distance to cover. BUT – I feel so much better about the Journey now. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment of Inner Realization today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                              

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