Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07/12/2017;  only 18 days left to pick up all the Japanese electronic and whizzbang gizmos you can today, the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, for your globalized children this Noël! Grin. The deck today is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot” by The Abrahadabra Institute, AKA M1thr0s, Aka Ravana & Izikisil Sesa Ningishzidda, his “Consort, Whore and Priestess.” Okay. First things first: this is a gorgeous Tarot. 2nd – it is a controversial Tarot, in that it switches the placing of IV the Emperor and 17 the Star; one finds he has a fully-reasoned out explanation for this, but so far it has escaped me (his explanation.) So, as with ALL things, I will arrange it to suit MY conventions and simply consider the Emperor as IV and the Star as XVII and to the Abyssal Void with this arrangement which I suspect was “imagined” in order to “distinguish” the deck. “No thanks; but I like your art!” Grin. The LWB for this deck is an online text. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = III the Empress; Mercury = IX the Hermit, and Salt = the Ace of Blades. I feel like “Yo-to-ho!”-ing, the battle cry of the Valkyries (according to Wagner.) IF you remember, yesterday I pulled the Empress as Sulfur also, but today my Anima has advanced to IX the Hermit. Just as well; she needs to get out of the spotlight and take some time to consider where this doubt comes from, doubt she has been manifesting regarding the new project. I can understand it, it is natural of my old, suspicious self; what I don’t necessarily understand is that she has been pressing for over a DECADE now for me to do something about a situation where she felt keenly alone, and now that I am, she is indulging in thoughts of throwing cold water on 
the just-kindled fire. At this point I could make a misogynistic joke, but I don’t feel like it; I can grok her need to get away “far from the madding crowd.” (Thomas Hardy wrote one of his best novels. I recommend seeing the 1967 film with Julie Christie, not the miserable 2015 remake. Ms. Christie is stunningly superb [she was Oscar-ed for it].) Well, despite what may be motivation by Fear, I approve of my Anima’s move if only for the reason that she needs to chill a bit and get over being just a touch on the bi-polar side. (No, I’m not.) As for the fuel for my construct today, I have accessed the Ace of Blades, and as we know, it is MOST suited more to my Anima as a thinking, intercalating Hermit than to the “almost mindless” fertility of the Empress. Which is fine with me: I am content to be “fecund” today in my thoughts & existence; as a matter of fact, being “fecund of thought” is EXACTLY what divine doctor ordered. Grin. It is a good & promising draw today, on top of which most of my energy expenditure today is going to be spent intellectually. I know that I’m conveniently forgetting the MASSIVE amount of Energy that goes into endless Labor and Birth, but I do think my Animus is on automatic and won’t need to scream out for any epidurals. Grin. Addended below you will find more explication for the individual cards pulled today. A Word to the Literate; you will find the LWB to this deck HIGHLY opinionated, arrogant, insulting of others, and hubristic. On the other claw, it IS interesting. So, you have been “advised.” I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a day of “easy labor, painless birth” & intellectual growth. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                           III the Empress - "Fortunately, the hexagrams have more to say regarding the Empress. Indeed, we do get Hexagram #55, (Abundance,) in the Earth corner, but most telling of all, is Hexagram #59, (Dissolution, Dispersion,) in the position of Fire! Balancing this we get Hexagram #60, (Limitation,) in Air…thus revealing a hidden Lawgiver/Warrior aspect of the Empress, roughly anticipated in the East, but stupidly denied her in the West. Upon her royal shield, she carries the emblem of the Fire Phoenix, which bears the mathematical symmetry of the Tetractys and TwinStar: begrudgingly acknowledged, but never clearly apprehended in Western Mystery traditions, until Mutational Alchemy. If we consider that her Reciprocal Inverse is the Hermit card, we may be able to better appreciate that her true strengths have been mysteriously *cloaked*, until such time as these attributions might finally be revealed to the persistent. Accordingly, we have dispensed with her
 *Queen Jane* façade and have opted, instead, for an image of Tiamat herself, as is more befitting her actual positioning, in the Tree of Life, in this immediate time frame. In doing this, we are retaining her *Salt* principle intact, since, Tiamat is representative of *bitter waters* (e.g., saltwater,) in Sumerian cosmology. Stemming directly off of Binah, called, *the Great Black Mother* in the East, we should prefer to be among the very last of all conceivable buffoons to miscategorize her as a *passive* anything!     Where the helpless, wailing, bovine, Isis may have played some essential role in bygone eras, it is even more essential that we move on from that failed standard of corruptible, and inept, nobility approaching future. Where it is true that the Queen of Heaven nurtures all manifest sentience, there is no sustainable justification for regarding this as some sort of inherent docility, on her part. Our failure to apprehend the more proactive aspects of the Empress is equaled only by our failure to apprehend the more proactive aspects of the Emperor, the combination of which has left us with a broken standard of sovereignty, both esoterically, and exoterically.      Finally, the Hebrew phrase to the Intelligence of *Luminous*, of this card’s ruling pentagram, corresponds to a blessing from Berashith, repeated several times, throughout the steps of creation. So, it is assumed, naturally, that mothers, and, female rulers, are a kind of blessing." (                            IX the Hermit - "It is fortunate at least that Crowley liked men, because we can get a better view of The Empress, via the Hermit, now that the puzzle of the Changes and Sephiroth are resolved finally by The Abrahadabra Institute. The Hermit shares a *secret alliance* with The Empress. They carry the very same hexagrams in different elemental positions. This is called a reciprocal inverse. Dragons are, of course, very promiscuous, so this is unsurprising, but it does not diminish her relationship to the Emperor. It is safe to say the Emperor and the Hermit are different facets of the same personage. ATU IX is the number of the Lo Shu and so it can be said, The Lo Shu is The Hermit, (And thus the Tetractys as his number is 10,) therefore, The Hermits’ power is what brought about all Life in the Universe.  The union of the Lo Shu’s 9 and the Tetractys’ 10 is of utmost importance and perhaps this can be said of The Hermit: he is entirely oppressed, and misunderstood, in this world. But this will be corrected. It has to be, if anything is to go right on Earth. “And Elohim created Great Whales” is a benevolent if also slightly amusing pairing with the card. Whales are connected with memory and the Akashic records, but also Binah’s earthly representation, the ocean, so it is not disharmonious with the Hermit. The intelligence of the step of creation is Will, and this is wholly perfect for the Hermit’s position." 
(Ibid)                                                                 The Ace of Blades - “One might ask, why the Hidden Diamond Sutra is on every single Ace card, and the answer lies in the fact that the Aces are nothing less than the doctrine of Tetragrammaton, as mentioned by Crowley, over a century ago. The Hidden Diamond is comprised of 16 paths, the general number of Tetragrammaton with 4 cardinal elements of Heaven, multiplied by the 4 cardinal elements of Earth. The Hidden Diamond constitutes the driving active force of the Tree of Life. With the triple 4:4 count, (see my article The Da’ath Hack) and its crossing of Da’ath, it can effectively flood the Seat of Knowledge, with the full force of the ternary Tetragrammaton. This makes it exceptionally good contender for the subject of all of the Aces, comprising the generating seed of the entirety of their respective element. Here, on the Ace of Blades, we find as one might expect, Pentagram #1, indicating its authority as the Alpha of Vau. This is the same Hexagram and Pentagram found on all of the Aces. Air’s instinct and urge is to “Ascend” as the principle of Levity and so its lightning bolt is ascending. The Planetary is Neptune of course, planet of Kether (Crown).” (Ibid.)                                  

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