Friday, December 29, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30/12/2017; one more day and we can say goodbye to a rather horrid year, thank Osiris. Let us all “resurrect” next year with bigger & better drives to incarnate peace and goodwill this coming year, shall we? I want to, most definitely; I have moaned & whined about this year all year long, and I have not had a lot of reason to hope for a reversal of fortune and miraculous recovery in 2017. I shall personally try to make 2018 better on my own front; I pray that you do as well on yours. Pax Mundi! (stated the giggling beauty contestant from the Roman republic. Grin.) I have used various, random illustrations today, due to the fact that I am using one of my new favorite decks, the *Santa Muerte Tarot* by Fabio Listrani (and no, that’s not a typo.) *It is a WONDERFULLY illustrated deck, but there are no online separate-card images of it worth having – yet. (I am ordering a new scanner/printer, so if no one else does it, I will.) Therefore the random picks; if you are interested in the decks, Google their images. Onward & Upward! My draw today is: 
A) Guiding Arcanum = IV the Emperor: B) Animus = the Knight of Wands; C) Anima = the Queen of Pentacles, and my oracular card of the day is card #34 Fish, from *The Egyptian Lenormand* by Nefer Khepri (again a substitute image, no online image.) All in all, despite the gloomy imagery you are receiving and the ‘bizarre’ festive Day of the Dead skeletons I see; I view this as a rather promising and definitely positive draw. Consider it without the imagery; IV the Emperor, Knight of Wands & Queen of Pentacles. Not too shabby, eh? Grin. I can see the obvious in the draw, as can you I am sure. As I don’t feel very chatty today, I shall plug in card information and let us fly on that today. “It’s a short-haul run, Oglethorpe, don’t worry, we have enough fuel. Calm down, and quit snorting cocaine; it’s making you paranoid.” GRIN. (No, not one of my many vices, thank the Great Lady Isis.) I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a fishy day; in order to be lucky, we need to take care of ourselves and our own priorities. Sowing good seed reaps good fruit. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 
 IV the Emperor – “We are faced here with the domain of the material, stability, of an equilibrium attain through experience and rationality. The Emperor incarnates masculine and patriarchal power, capable of attaining concrete conquests in the world, in cluing those in the economic field . . . He also represents security and irremovability. . . An excess or abuse of power can bring about his degeneration, making him become a cold tyrant or an adversary instead of a paternal and comforting figure. ‘Advice of the Dead:’ Do not be afraid of aiming high with your objectives and with those you are materially constructing, even accepting the help of a person who is important and protective.” (LWB)                                          The Knight of Wands – “We are ready to depart with strength and determination on a trip that will allow us to attain what we desire and what we have planned. The Knight of Wands represents an adventurer, capable of channeling or efficiently moving his energies or his instincts. In a negative version he could become a symptom of indecision, rupture, and even delays regarding transfers or movements. ‘Advice of the Dead:’ This is not the moment to have regrets. Take your will in hand with strength and begin to follow the road that will take you to the realization of your works.” (LWB)   
 The Queen of Pentacles – “The Queen of Pentacles is an able and influential figure, secure in herself and able to cope in the material world without problems and from which she is abundantly rewarded. She is an ambitious woman who desires to always go higher but, for fear of falling and failing, risks remaining a victim to uncertainties, hesitation, or showing avid and capricious behavior. ‘Advice of the Dead:’ Do not remain too attached to what you have obtained or earned, but continue climbing without worrying about how much you are risking.” (LWB) #34 Fish – “I read the Lenormand Fish as the money card. Sacred Cow can indicate a raise, windfall, or finances in general, but it is the Fish that represents physical money and prosperity. Fish can also mean increase in general; as a result, it’s a very positive card – as long as it is shown to be increasing good things . . . Fish in a reading can also appear when representing the need to do your best and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. This card is a sign for you not to allow circumstances to keep you down. It’s encouraging you to improve your outlook and think more positively.” (LWB, *The Egyptian Lenormand” by Nefer Khepri; Schiffer, Atglen, 2014.)

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