Friday, December 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/12/2017; hurry, hurry, hurry! Only 17 days left to buy something completely useless and unwanted for your spouse! Grin. Today’s deck is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, & his book, “La Cabala de Predicción,” Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984. (My Spanish isn’t superb, but it is up to this. Grin.) As everyone who has ever read one of my Kier readings, you already know that I consider this one of the “Master decks” of Tarot. The intuitional qualities are blindingly bright & solid, and its ability to you discern amongst the many clamorings of your subconscious is simply uncanny. Despite other opinions to the contrary, I DO believe that “the connection” is made easier by a deck you can like or even love. An ugly or displeasing deck kills the vibe, even if you subscribe to the belief that they are only pasteboard & ink. If you EVER spot a Kier deck that won’t cost you a 2nd mortgage, I “urge” (read “demand” – grin) that you buy it. Onward & Upward! My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XIX the Sun: Mercury = II Strength, and Salt = XXXVII Art & Science. Wow! Well, I am CERTAINLY glad to see XIX the Sun pop out on my horizon today. It’s grey & rainy here in Montpellier, and has been tending that way for a while; a bright, sunny interior day can pick up my spirits and give me the strength to fly despite the ice building up on my wings. J. Needless to say, the esoteric Sun shining on my horizon 
today is welcome, as well; I’ve been indulging doubts about my “Cups mission,” and they are insidious and repetitious in their refusal to depart. I need to balance the negative energy displayed here with a more informed decision, I believe, then any doubt will be assuaged as to whether I am on the right Cups Path or not. I’m doing a risky thing, helping a person escape a civil war zone in his country; my motives are primarily benevolent, but we have also raised the possibility of there being mere personal and intimate developments in the process. Needless to say, I had a long discussion with my wife to sound her opinion and weigh her preferences; it was well done, because in the end my wife is on board with the project 100%. Moving on, yet curiously keeping a hint of the Animus, my Anima today is residing in the comfort of XI Strength. She always feel good here, as if she needs to be reinforced with the assurance that “Yes, you, too, Marie, have Strength.” Of course Strength here is significant of much more than the ability to open a stubborn jar or lift a car to save your child; the Strength here is your accomplishment of mastering your animal force and uniting it with your spiritual force, with calm and “strength-controlled” panache & mastery. This is all to the good, because if I have my Animus in XIX the Sun today then the very last thing I need is a timid or fearful Anima riding alongside me clutching her chest & screaming, “Slow down! We’re going to die!” LOL. “Ra knows how to drive his ride, darlin’; you just sit back and enjoy the passing stars!” Grin. Coming up over the horizon, we meet our source of Energy today and it is an intense, compact & inextinguishable energy of the human spirit that we can use today to proceed further on the Path: XXXVII Art & Science. I have a private belief that people who are on the Path have an extra appreciation of Art and
 Science that many of the non-Tarot reading public cannot imagine; I firmly believe that because of our indoctrination into the “system of kabbalistic knowledge & spiritual growth” that is the Tarot, we more easily see the symbology in the occurrences of everyday life than do many others. The Energy that Art & Science can add, that energy of the Empowered Imagination and being willing to set out to discover it, to represent it, to share it, derives ENTIRELY from our spiritual connection with the Cosmos and the bigger, grander, Great Patterns that we cannot see as long as we are limited to our human-3D-oriented senses. This is WONDERFUL energy, but, needless to say, one must know HOW to use the tool before it provides any result. THAT is the education we are in train of receiving. The Energy available is intense, concentrated, and MUST be decoded by the proper inner mechanisms to flower. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the nourishing fruit from the Tree of Education. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                        XIX the Sun – “INSPIRATION in the act of radiating its emanations. It is a symbol of mystery of the knotted cord coded in the letter Quoph. It represents the principle of creative fire, nutrition of nature, the succession of acts, the mysterious force that is clamor, pain and glory simultaneously. Modeling attribute: Sagittarius, dwelling of Pluto. In the Spiritual Plane is the divine light, the principle of all knowledge, the fundamental truth that all truths emerge. [The] Mental Plane represents the intelligence that formulates the knowledge, the source that feeds the sources in which the images are reflected. In the Physical Plane it tends to the processes that facilitate union of the masculine and feminine element, the materialization of the ideas in acts. Transcendent axiom: "Take the shield of your faith and move forward with decisive step, either in favor of the wind or against all winds.” As a predictor, it tends to increase power, success in the endeavors, said in the acts that are carried out, benefits for own effort concept and of the others, inheritances, clarity in what is desired, fire that consumes what is desired.” (“La Cábala de Predicción,” J. Iglesias Janeiro, Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.)                              XI Strength - PERSUASION in the gentle act of persuading. It is a symbol 
of the mystery of operating force coded in the letter Khaph. It represents the hermaphrodite principle of the matrix cosmogonic, the effort of the mind, the reflex acts, the moral power, what is superior in the man. Modeling attribute: Aries, dwelling of the Sun. In the Spiritual Plane it is the hierarchical principle of the acting forces; the action of the spirit on the matter, of the imponderable on what is it. [The] Mental Plane represents the intellect, the faculty of creating and dominating by means of determination that gives the knowledge of the truth. In the Physical Plane it tends to the dominion of the low passions, the preservation of one's own moral integrity, the creation of material elements through faith. Transcendent axiom: "Joyful in hope, suffered in tribulation, be constant in the prayer.” As a predictive element, it promises control of the direction that is followed, domain of the elements, vitality, rejuvenation, acquisition and loss of friends by things of the family, sorrows, obstacles, jealousy, betrayals and resignation to overcome the setbacks." (Ibid)                                                                                  XXXVII Art & Science – “. . . as factors of individual evolution. It symbolizes virtue of the discipline itself as an element of progress. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Sun, the letter I and the number 1. It represents the principle of creation through applied knowledge. Transcendent axiom: "Land of promise before my eyes, help me, foot, to reach it". As element of prediction, promises sincere friendships, magnanimous helps, probity, equity, resources imperious, compulsions, perversions, popularity, not all uplifting.” (Ibid)  

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