Saturday, December 9, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/12/2017; only a fortnight left to begin your downward spiral into depression, alcohol, drugs, and abuse of others. Hurry Up! And all of that to worship a stolen god . . . {{sigh.}} Grin. Excuse my bad manners in knocking christianity, it is simply too easy a potshot at this time of year. Do you remember that song, “She Blinded Me With Science”? I tend to hear “She Blinded Me With Hypocrisy” during the holidays. Enough, Mark! The deck today is again the *Santa Muerte Tarot: Book of the Dead” by Fabio Listrani. I really like this deck, and unfortunately there is still a dearth of images on the Web, so I have picked three random and appropriately lugubrious cards to represent the draw today, which is: Sulfur = VII the Chariot; Mercury = XI Justice, and Salt = the Knight of Pentacles. (However, before we dive in, I want to notify my readers that I will be changing the spread immediately if not -maybe- sooner. This Alchemical Spread modified has been exceedingly useful, and will be again, but I need a change? I don’t know to what, but keep a third eye peeled for the changes. Thank you.) Now, back to the draw; when VII the Chariot popped up, I thought, “Good! At least it promises to be a day than it isn’t deadly dull.” However, that feeling was immediately modified when XI Justice turned up next; it set me back momentarily, and I’m not sure why. There is nothing particularly weird or blatantly bizarre in the coupling – as a matter of fact, it could easily be read 
as “the swift arrival of Justice,” or “the Balance is/or needs to be swiftly restored, perhaps by the control of the two natures of Man (?). As you can note, there are quite a few ways to lean on this; one would need to take into account the Querent & the Question, as well as what subconscious vibrations are coming through the cards to you from the Querent. Add to this the purest dose of intuition that you can muster, and voilà! the cards’ intended meaning will be clear. “Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs, Mark!” Grin; of course, I wouldn’t dream of insulting Granny that way; I might never eat her blueberry pie again on top of getting a good dose of the Bible. {{Sigh}} Well, so now I am feeling a bit unquiet with no reason when I turn over the Knight of Pentacles – sigh, relief, ah! A known quantity! LOL. The LWB accompanying the deck describes him thusly; “The Knight of Pentacles brings with him a rapid and dynamic gain, such as an assured booty. [!] He is a resistant and persevering worker, very practical and taking initiative. He can also easily be egocentric and unconcerned about his own or other people’s feelings as long as he can achieve his own interests. He can also be caught between laziness and indifference. ‘The Advice of the Dead’: Do not let a good occasion escape when it is in front of you. Take a risk even if it is your heart that is pushing you in that direction.” Well, that’s a crystal clear statement directly from the heart of my subconscious, reaffirming what I already “know” is this “good occasion” I shouldn’t let pass by; I am assured within myself that I am following my Path, that my ego isn’t running the show and my desires are not the only items appearing on the inventory sheet. Thank Amun-Ra! My desires, extravagant & baroque to the simplest, have ALWAYS lead me to places where serious and often drastic measures had to be taken for me to become “unstuck” and move forward. “So, PAY ATTENTION, Mark.” I am a strongly sense-oriented person, and a natural libertine; the two together always manifest Fire at its warmest, and sometimes it can scorch my ass, too. So, pay EXTRA attention today, Mark. I shall plug-in several info-citations of the cards below. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the friendship of a sturdy and practicality-minded person to bridge our gaps. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!
VII the Chariot – “In the Seventh house of the evolutionary cycle the relation of the Self with the Not-self or outer world is contracted and completed and the 'organism' arises as the systematic whole of organs, a lawful microcosm, which in every instance is a phenomenon of the Cosmic Law, first significance of Libra . . . It is the Self embodied. This card consequently means marriage, contract, body and bodily existence, organization, achievement, co-operation. P. says this card has to do with the Hebrew letter Zain, which "represents an arrow." Now it is very curious to see, that in Hindu astrology the sign Libra is symbolized by an arrow touching an eye, evidently meaning the principles of the organism or systematic complex of organs, and at the same time the understanding, or knowing, which is the result of the eye seeing the light. The Magician has become the 'Conqueror'; the forces of good and of evil both drawing his chariot symbolize the fact that good and evil, agreeable as well as painful experiences, make us wiser and contain the elements of Existence, spirit and matter both. As a matter of fact the card may have to do with our adversaries. . . Here the 'Fall' into matter has been completed. The sphinxes are female entities; the driver of the Chariot is a man. This not only symbolizes the subjugation of Nature by will-power, but also the fact that, while inwardly 'woman rules the world' (the Empress), rulership in the outer world lies with man, and it is his duty to keep within due bonds the 'attractive' forces of woman, who, however, appears to be the personification of motor force to him and his 'chariot.' That woman practically gives the inspirational lead and motive to man in this world is being openly recognized by psychologists in our time.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.)                                                                   XI Justice – “Whosoever might hesitate before the emblems of this card and think it might as well stand in relation with Libra on account of the idea of 'justice,' generally ascribed to the latter sign, and the balance which the woman holds in her left hand, will do well to consider the systematic relationship existing between all signs of the zodiac or evolutionary cycle. 
The left hand derives from, while the right hand is instrumental in giving out. Scorpio derives from Libra the balance and the idea of justice, but the sword in the right hand shows, that we have not justice pure and simple, platonic so to speak, but that which has often been called 'avenging justice.' Au fond it is more vengeance than justice and Scorpio is famous for its tendency to vengeance, in every way and every form . . . So the card of Justice means above all the faculty of desire, higher as well as lower, from the most spiritual or religious longing down to the most crude lust. Sexual experience is one of the most important expressions of it, and we may safely say, that one of the principal significances of the card is sex. Another, principally where sex is sublimated, is occult experience and the psychical side of earth-life in general. This house is the school of life and it is remarkable how it is concerned with 'school' in every respect. In this house the Self takes from life and from the cosmos surrounding what it wants, consequently what it does not yet possess, and the card of Justice becomes the index for our debts or the possessions of other people.” (Ibid)                                                                                      The Knight of Pentacles – “The Fire on the Eighth and on the Fourth house, personified. The traditional renderings are not bad but far from complete. The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance. Consequently the beneficial influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present.” (Ibid)                                            

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