Monday, January 8, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/01/2018; today’s deck is The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot” by Chic & Sandra Cicero. As far as Golden Dawn decks go (not including the GD-inspired decks,) I do believe this is the version I prefer, as it is both faithful to the GD tradition as well as being a genre of punch-in-the-gut artwork that is, indeed, very vivid. Accompanying literature is vast, but the Cicero’s book, of course, is a standout in the crowd as it was written for this deck. A good acquisition. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = VII the Chariot; B) Animus = Queen of Swords; C) Anima = 8 of Cups; my oracular card today is drawn from *Angelarium*© by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya, and it is Hasmed, the Angel of Annihilation (I can’ resist – I wonder if his sister is named Hazmat? Grin. Hopefully that won’t precipitate MY annihilation.) Well, it seems I should buckle my seat belt, doesn’t it? As my Guiding Arcanum, or Archetype, today I have VII the Chariot – ‘child of the Powers of Waters’, ‘Lord of the Triumph of Light’. His path runs from Geburah to Binah, and he is “Understanding acting on Severity; Saturn through Cancer on Mars.” The Chariot has the ability to 
move through planes with ease, representing a conquering on all the planes of existence. It alludes to the descent of the Spirit into the lower, manifest universe.” (paraphrased from “The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot” by C. & S. Cicero; Llewellyn, Woodbury, 2010.) To tell the truth, I’m not feeling exactly like freewheeling through all the planes of existence today; I’m okay, but it IS 06:30 and at my age the engine needs to warm up a while. Grin. However, I understand the “guiding light” behind the card and its application to me today. I’ve been hanging in at the Temple with the High Priestess for a stretch now; its time I come forth ready for action. This is definitely concerning a future event; on Thursday I being a course of rehabilitation for my lungs; I’ve told this story before. o, I’m going to remain open to the experience, rather than immediately shut it down as NOT what I desire. “Time to bend; maybe even a lot, Mark.” Time to teach an old dog new tricks, you mean, eh, Charioteer? Grin. Well, ALL I can say for now, and I mean that literally, is “on verra; we’ll see.” (As you can see, I think I should get a Nobel for cooperating. LOL.) Moving on, we arrive at the avatar today that my Animus inhabits, the Queen of Swords. 
I DO so hate being my mother . . . Grin. I tend to have a “dry” attitude when it comes to her; after her death I found myself in the curious place of not grieving and I wanted to know why; as the flow of not-her-controlled information increased, I found that I had deep reasons for being neutral, and they hold valid today. I forgave my Mother her faults long ago; however, as the saying goes, “One can forgive and not forget; one can forget but not forgive (unlikely,) but only rarely is it possible to forgive and then forget.” I’m not quite that stratospheric yet; but I hope to be. All of the Queen’s qualities are admirable, given the right motivation; given the wrong one, she is a 24k bitch on wheels. “Queen of the Thrones of Air, she rules from 20° Virgo to 20° Libra. She is the Water of Air, Queen of the Sylphs and Sylphides. The Queen represents the Heh-Water Force of Tetragrammaton in the element of Air . . . the creative, enduring and elastic qualities of Air as well as its power of transference. She is the bright, rational image of inspiration and idea. She has sharpness of thought and confident authority; but she can be malicious and deadly.” (Ibid) And finally we culminate our tour of today’s construct at my Anima, who is rather serenely sailing through the 8 of Cups. The card is titled the “Lord of Abandoned Success,” which sounds inherently negative. However, look again; what does “abandoned success” mean? In this case, it means having conquered, or “succeeded,” in progression through the Illusions of the 7 of Cups; your goal or ‘reward’ doesn’t lie in that success, but in continuing your Journey. So rather than be trapped in the moment, you ‘abandon’ the success, even recognizing it as ephemeral, and continue the 
Journey, which is your true motivation. “Saturn in Pisces, 1° - 10° . . . the Eight of Cups is Hod in the scale of Binah. It is Mercury (Splendor) in the Creative World of Pure Intellect. Saturn in the watery sign of Pisces is not well-suited here. Pisces represents water in a calm, passive state, and the heavy, leaden effect of Saturn turns the water Temple of Hod into a completely stagnant pool . . . [I disagree with this surface interpretation. MM] The energies of Geburah (red) combine those of the Reconciler, Tiphareth (yellow,) to form a third color, orange, which is the compliment and flashing color of blue , the Waters of Chesed.” (Ibid) I understand the attraction, the drama, and even the reasoning that goes behind this interpretation; however, when you look at the 8s as a whole, this negative slant is out of character and while it may be asked, “So what? You want to put a happy face on everything?” it must be answered with a firm “No; I simply wish to restore the original Balance to the card; the Sacred Tarot never gives all good/all bad symbology; it is us, and we are a mixed bag.” There, you see? Already I’m becoming dictatorial and firmly superior in my own mind  . . . LOL. That isn’t the correct interpretation, either, just in case you wondered – Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the Will to exit our cocoons and shine. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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