Monday, January 1, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02/01/2018; the deck today is the *Viéville Tarot,” a Tarot de Marseille by Jacques Viéville, circa 1643-1664, thus around 350 years old, the same as me. Grin. It is a WONDERFUL deck, and if you like T de M, then you should definitely have his one.  Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = II La Papesse; B) Animus = 8 of Wands; C) Anima = 3 of Wands, and my oracular card for today comes from the *Labyrinth Wisdom Cards* by Tony Christie, and it is Environment. (A word on the images; good photo images of the Viéville Tarot are not in great supply, therefore I have had to make some substitutions. Likewise for the Labyrinth Wisdom card Environment, whose idea has been rendered as the labyrinth at Chartres cathedral, here in France.) While I feel good today, I also feel the need for brevity, for some reason, so my contribution shall be small today. AGAIN I have II la Papesse as my guide, and although I am surprised, the stay is welcome. I am surprised simply because my “visits” to the “High Priestess” almost never last longer than one day; this makes the second day in a row, and more 
importantly, ONLY the second day of the New Year, and already I am deepening my relationship with her. This can be of immense benefit; this can only be a “Good Thing.” When accomplished with alacrity of conception and manifestation, although I will have to keep a CLOSE eye on my Anima, who, contrary to Rider-Waite opinion, is bringing in too much Energy at what is perhaps a premature moment. This can have a dissipating, or even destructive, effect on the manifestation of today, so I shall have to be very careful indeed if I need to access my Anima today and her overeager acquisition. {{Sigh.}} Grin. And so it goes, for another day of immersion in the deep therapy pools of the Inner Temple where the High Priestess holds court. If it’s followed by a great massage and a cup of ayahuasca tea, Count Me In! LOL. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a day of reflection in the pools of the Temple today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                        II La Papesse – “When I lifted the first veil and entered the outer court of the Temple of Initiation, I saw in half-darkness the figure of a woman sitting on a high throne between two pillars of the temple, one white, and one black. Mystery emanated from her and was about her. Sacred symbols shone on her green dress; on her head was a golden tiara surmounted by a two-horned moon; on her knees she held two crossed keys and an open book. Between the two pillars behind the woman hung another veil all embroidered with green leaves and fruit of pomegranate. And a voice said: "To enter the Temple one must lift the second veil and pass between the two pillars. And to pass thus, one must obtain possession of the keys, read the book and understand the symbols. Are you able to do this?" "I would like to be able," I said. Then the woman turned her face to me and looked into my eyes without speaking. And through me passed a thrill, mysterious and penetrating like a golden wave; tones vibrated in my brain, a flame was in my heart, and I understood that she spoke to me, saying without words: "This is the Hall of Wisdom. No one can reveal it, no one can hide it. Like a flower it must grow and bloom in thy soul. If thou wouldst plant the seed of this flower in thy soul--learn to discern the real from the false. Listen only to the Voice that is soundless... Look only on that which is invisible, and remember that in thee thyself is the Temple and the gate to it, and the mystery, and the initiation." (*The Symbolism of the Tarot” by P. D. Ouspensky [1913].) 
The 8 of Wands – “The card represents Air on the Eighth house and the influence of Scorpio will make the mind acute and sharp, so as to investigate and to examine the most hidden riddles, while in this house the mind comes to the sensation or consciousness of pleasure and pain, thirst and drinking. (The chalice will begin its suit later on the Ninth house.) It is the house of hidden and 'forbidden' knowledge or rather experience. The 'arrows of love' actually mean passion, and the 'arrows of jealousy,' the common counterpart of the same. The sensation of sex is born in this house and indicated by this card. As to swift or speedy messages, this may sometimes happen, because the Scorpion is sometimes very sudden in its movements. What the card should have to do with country life is less evident. We should say rather that it must stand in relation with the sea, fishermen and sailors. The mind in this house is very critical and sharp-witted, sometimes subject to doubt and misgivings, superstition and jealousy. It is in search of truth and enjoyment. Artistic abilities will run along the line of poetry, music and sculpture. It has always to do with the hidden side of things, the interior, or the inner life.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens [1930].)                           The 3 of Wands – “The rather contradictory descriptions of this card's significance are well explained by its zodiacal position: Air on the Third house, which doubles the influence of 'air' and of the mercurial vibrations and effects. This card has the accent of the suit of wands. It must consequently denote: communication, reflection and all that comes from these. This needs little explanation. Conclusion: Communication, instruction, reflection, message, writing, postage and letters, superficial 
knowledge, airiness, passing impressions, discontinuance, interruption, change, perhaps a certain amount of geniality, imprudence also; neglect or want of proper attention; as to 'temerity' I should say only in so far as this means an easy manner of overcoming obstacles, quick insight; effort, essay, trade are correct. Mercury being the God of merchants, and thieves, this card may relate to commerce, theft and loss. "The end of troubles" is indeed well said, because this card gives the key for their solution and shows the way of escape.” (Ibid)  ALSO: - “At the crossroads of energies, the addition of the vertical baton, the axis connecting the earth to the sky, proves to be a contribution of a power too strong in view of the limited experience acquired so far and symbolized by the simplicity of the Two batons. Thus, the action is powerful but disordered; the energy is dissipated, bringing its share of physical and existential evils.” (“Les Mystères du Tarot de Vieville” par Patrick Coq; SVILIXI, (?) 2012.)             Labyrinth Environment –“Your environment reflects your life. Change your surroundings.” (“Labyrinth Wisdom Cards” by Tony Christie; Gaois, Cork, 2012.) 

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