Saturday, January 13, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13/01/2018; the deck in use today is the wonderful *Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony. In the original big format, the cards are wonderful; beautiful images of Prague and its landmarks & artworks, as well as representing the reputation of the city, “the City of Alchemists & Magicians.” Prague was THE place to be in the late Middle Ages and pre-Renaissance, as its “sorcerous life” was a thriving business; with the Renaissance, Prague lost the “”magic and mystery” of its past and updated to the beautiful city it is today. The deck reads quite well, which of course is the intent, so the art is an extra. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: A) Guiding Arcanum = X the Wheel of Fortune: B) Animus = King of Wands; C) Anima = Knight of Pentacles, and my oracular card today, from Angelarium©, is once again Sandalphon, Angel of New Life. ¶ The Wheel turned very favorably for me Thursday; I kept my appointment way-out-in-the-boonies at ‘La Clinique du Pic St. Loup’ (The Peak of the Wolf, a local mountaintop) and discovered a facility buried in a wonderful countryside of greenery, trees and a fast-running stream. The facility itself is a top-notch rehab for cardiac and respiratory recovery. It was a day of paperwork, and with the outline of the plan for the next 20 sessions, I know I can do this without any looming problem; 2X a week for 20 sessions, and then back to the ‘pneumologue” for the follow-up. IF all of this in ANY way improves my breathing capacity and ease, then Atum-Ra bless it; if not, I lose nothing and gain some fresh air & a little exercise. The Wheel’s 
presence today, it feels to me, is to remind me that my “chance” is largely dependent on my attitudes and current beliefs; if I momentarily believe that I’m SOL (Shit–Out of-Luck) then As Above, So below. The reverse applies as well, but with one major difference; the Universe will often give you multiples of “good luck” once you have opened the road into your being for it. X Wheel of Fortune is, to a great degree, about how generous and loving you wish to be to yourself. Moving on, we arrive at the avatar of my Animus today, and I couldn’t be more splendidly represented, in golden finery, even! than by the King of Wands. The “last card of the Minor & Court Arcana, he is the last gateway before the Wheel starts at 0 (or 1 in some systems) again. “A turning point in your life. Whatever your fortunes now, things may soon change. There are always going to be ups and downs, and things aren’t entirely in our control, but this doesn’t mean we are entirely at the mercy of fate. What matters is how we deal with our fortunes. When you are up, don’t be complacent, enjoy your luck but remember that it won’t last forever. *If you are down, then think of this only as a phase. Don’t give up, the Wheel may be about to turn again and things could get better.” [I have to admit that I find this explanation weak & tepid, but to be honest, a fuller explanation follows this entry. “The Tarot of Prague” by Karen Mahony; Magic Realist, Prague, 2016.) ¶ Moving on, we find my Animus today represented in the golden resplendence of the King of Wands, and I’m abashed to admit this, but here it is; 
I’d LOVE to have those clothes. Grin. I like this King quite a bit, I any deck; he is as far as you get in summing up your own noble qualities and exercising them to the limit of your ability and endurance, ALWAYS in the effort to progress in your return UP the Tree back to reunion with the Divine. At the root of it all, never forger; the Divine is where you came from, and the Divine is where you are working to return. “The King of Wands is an odd mix of authority and a rather unconventional panache. You might envisage him, for example, as the somewhat imperious but creative master of a theatre company, someone who wields an iron rod of authority but is also inventive, idiosyncratic and not afraid to buck the norms. The King of Wands is often a bit of a showman, an inspired communicator who may at times exasperate his audience with his absolute certainty about his own right of leadership, but who is likely to win them over with his power of oratory and style.” (Ibid.) This description is as perfect a one-paragraph description of the public me as you could ever find; This is SO me even I am taken a little aback; I had forgotten that this description in *Prague* was so precisely accurate. LOL. I’m not going to belabor the point, nor the explanation; let’s move on to my Anima, currently playing “garcon manqué” (tomboy) as the 
Knight of Pentacles. “The Knight is thoroughly solid. He can be obstinate and stubborn, but on the other hand he is never flighty or fickle. He is through and even obsessive, particularly when it comes to details. While the Eight of Pentacles shows the importance of being methodical and careful when developing a skill, the Knight is an example of someone who has let attention to detail get way out offhand, he’s become a person who is completely stuck into a predictable way of doing things. This is because he insists on always doing everything in a familiar and safe way, has forgotten how to apply innovation or initiative.” (Ibid.) Hey! Wait a minute there, Little Missy Downer! Don’t be so fuckin’ negative. The Knight has a LOAD of good qualities, too; he’s the most loyal and trustworthy friend in the world, he follows orders, he loves the land. So moderate your tone, Missy. I’m not QUITE sure why my Anima is here today, but I trust her and this is her decision; she will tell the partnership a bit later what she’s doing and how it benefits the construct. A loyal friend in the position of “point man” can be invaluable. Well, “So it goes. . .” Grin. It looks like a food day today, with its own small element of mystery and another of great threads, so who knows; perhaps I’m on my way to the Akashic Casino and Resort to play roulette . . . LOLOL. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a loyal, true-blue friend. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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