Friday, January 26, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27/01/2018; today’s deck is the *Tabula Mundi: Colores Arcus* by M. M. Meleen. As you all know, I’m a big fan; it is a Thoth-based deck with spectacular, symbol-laden art and a true eye/thought for correct esoteric detail, which make it a must-have for any serious tarologue who loves art as well. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = I the Magus; B) Animus = 4 of Swords; C) Anima = 8 of Disks, and my oracular card today, from the *Oracle of Visions* by C. Marchetti, is #16, Distance/Isolation/Perspective. I have 
nothing (nada, rien, nichts, τίποτα, ничего, 沒有,) today to say, oddly enough. I am at complete peace for the moment, and I the Magus guiding my Truce-making Animus and my Prudent Anima for the day through a reverie of objectivity and emotional distance is fine and dandy with me. I am sure the Gift of Gab shall return much sooner than later, so let’s all take advantage of my momentary silence. LOLOL. There is addended matter of course, items from the 8 corners of the globe that perhaps may be relative, or perhaps you shall wish to howl with rage and fury, like a werewolf in silver chains during a full moon. Only your hairdresser knows for sure . . . Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a break from our own voices. Be well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                I The Magus – “The Book of Thoth focuses more on the alchemical association of Mercury and the ways in which this plays out in the inner workings of the Magus. Mercury is all about Energy as well as the idea of Focused Energy and therefore Will. Mercury is also a highly volatile, but transmutable element commonly associated to exceptional receptivity and adaptation to Change. It corresponds to the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet, called Beth, the meaning of which is House, thus alluding to the *house of god* or (more accurately) the Supernals within the Tree of Life taken together as one. It positions between Kether (Crown) and Binah (Understanding), leaning towards the Mother, where the Fool leans towards the Father.” (    
 Four of Swords – “A Four in this suit sends a message to take some time out, surrendering worldly concerns and retreating to a sheltered place of serenity away from the hustle and bustle. The oldest Tarot card images suggest a visit to the tombs of our ancestors, a place to contemplate your mortality and breathe in the dust of those who brought you here. A vision quest or pilgrimage to one's own center allows us to contemplate our roots, values and goals. Here you will see your place in the flow of time ... and unfolding generations. Concentrate less on the opinions and biases of others. Be open to intuition and insight from a deeper source. The Four of Swords . . . strongly urges that you keep your own counsel in this situation. There may be too much fear and hostility in the environment for you to be heard. It might be that your ideas are not ripe enough or that you are not ready to listen to feedback from others. If you spend more time in contemplation, you may successfully disregard the emotional occupations and biases of others. For now, closely observe inner events. The time for sharing will come later.” (                                               
 Eight of Disks – “For the Eight of Disks, the entering of Hod means a new beginning. The Disks have learned the lesson that Saturn has taught in the disastrous Seven, that everything needs time and consideration. Now here within Hod, the area of logic, the Eight of Disks develop prudence and patience. So the Eight of Disks have learned to be careful, take their time to overthink their steps, considerate all facts and patiently wait for their chances. They absolve an apprenticeship in their own field, trying to do it better and avoid the mistakes from earlier stages. On the dark side, the Eight of Disks can be over-careful, or careful just in small things while foolish in the big, over-anxious in front of risks, unable to come to any conclusion or decision, consideration without end but finally doing nothing. Drive: Consideration, prudence. Light: Realization off coherences, ability to wait for the right moment. Shadow: Penny-wise and pound-foolish, hoarding, stagnation, immovable.” (

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