Thursday, January 4, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05/01/2018: the deck today is the *Soprafino Tarot* by F. Gumppenberg, Milan 1835; widely considered the most beautiful of the Italian decks of the 19th century. Unfortunately, the only genuine image available for today’s cards is of the Major Arcana card, I have substituted other images for the two minor suits. IT is the same story with today’s oracular card; drawn from the *Alma Bose Oracle*, it’s image had to “invented,” so to speak, so I chose a card image to symbolize that OTHER symbolic card. Ha!  IT will all become clear, don’t worry; none of you are lacking an imagination, I hope? GRIN. Let’s move on; I’m not feeling very social today, even by blog, so Onward & Upward! My cards for today are A) Guiding Arcanum = XI La Forza (Strength); B) Animus = 9 of Swords: C) Anima = 10 of Cups; and finally the D) oracular card = #17 from the Alma Bose Oracle, ‘Coup de Foudre.’  This is going to be a bit swift, so hang on. I’m not feeling long-winded today. . . Grin, lucky you. I feel that today’s draw is a bit over-
generalized, and that may be due to fatigue on my part this morning; it happens, rarely, that only the rote routine of my morning schedule keeps my “in line” for drawing the cards; it is the end of my list at #5. (For those curious souls: 1 = Feed the cats; 2 = Make my wife’s coffee; 3 = take out the garbage; 4= take my medications, & 5 = draw the Tarot.) I have never been a creature of habit, before; I find that now I depend on that list to get my engine started every morning – without it, “retired” life would take on whole new dimensions of laziness & an abandonment of amour-propre. Grin, make no mistake; I DO love myself. LOL. IX Strength is something that I assume is done, a step on the Red Road that I have met, assumed, mastered and moved on. However, today, I am being reminded that perhaps it is time to check my mastery of the situation; make sure BOTH natures are “fat, happy & content” with the mutual cooperation status we have been committed to for some time now. I will check, and I WILL keep it as a reminder of why I am on the Path in the first place – “Integrate, integrate, integrate, Mark.” I am NOT feeling under stress or strife today or recently, so the 9 of Swords remains a mystery for the moment. And perhaps that is why my MA is that Control card; something “may” arise today which is going to “press my red button,” and at that point XI Strength will be the guiding principle to follow. Now THAT makes a bit more sense, given that I keep a firm control on my temper, as it was highly reactive and emotional; I have since learned the underlying patterns, corrected them where possible, forgiven where not, and learned a great deal about the comfort of restraint, the actual, good sensation that mastering yourself gives you. It is also necessary to watch for our frenemy (no, not a typo) the Ego; he can easily snatch the credit for the accomplishment, if he hasn’t been mastered.
 Of course, one presumes that he is under some sort of control when you enter Arcanum XI the first time, as well as the fact that “credit” doesn’t interest me at all, but I stop his theft because it spoils the dynamic, not because I want the credit. That has become valueless in the new system, other than claiming responsibility for yourself & your acts. Moving on, my Anima today is a bit overripe; the 10 of Cups is a lovely card, but as it is labelled, “Satiety” or “I’ve had enough,” my Anima is feeling the need to move beyond her emotional and intuitional suit (also her native suit, I like to think,) she has completed her cycle through Cups, and now strains at the leash to break into her next section of the Path, the suit of Wands. This is a GOOD thing, as it says to me that, for the most part, she (we, of course) has finished as much work as was possible for her in the suit; we have made a LOT of progress in “tuning up my heart,” and I do, actually, feel like a completely different human being than when I first entered the Grand Path many years ago. My development in Cups has only been possible because of the advantage of age; there is a hidden switch that one can flip, if one wishes to 
evolve, and your emotional/intuitional faculty opens to you without reserve, allowing you to fearlessly (age gives you that) explore, heal, correct, fix and even dissolve knots and kinks in your “Weave.”  I can grok on that, Big Time. And then . . . “outside” of today’s draw, for my oracular card today I drew from the *Alma Bose Oracle* from Grimaud, and it is #17 Coup de Foudre. As LWB-defined, it stands for “love at first sight [naturally], harmony and perfection. The card actually illustrates a Georgian-style temple facing a lake in an idyllic “English countryside” [Greece never looked that ‘tailored’], but I have decided to show the two swans – an equally valid symbol for ‘Coup de Foudre,’ as swans are monogamous for life. As for the significations of the card in my life today, I prefer to stay silent; better to stay silent and appear wise than open one’s mouth and confirm one a Fool. LOL. As I wrote, today is less than galactically spectacular, but it is certainly more than enough to satisfy my simple, eternal question, “Okay, Where next?” Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a clearer view into the ordinary today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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