Friday, January 5, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06/01/2018; the deck today is my favorite in many ways, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, LWB by Stuart R. Kaplan. There is also an accompanying book in Español, “La Cabala des Predicciones” by J. Iglesias Janeiro, available online as a PDF document.) I don’t need to praise the deck to the sky, because a) you’ve heard me gassing on before about it, and b) I could talk until I’m a lovely shade of (divine) blue in the face and it still wouldn’t convey the wonderful connection I have made with this deck. *The Kier* is superlative. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XVIII the Moon; B) Animus = #48 Consummation; C) Anima = #65 Apprenticeship, and I did not draw an oracular card today. (When they do return, be prepared for a surprise! Grin.) It is a somewhat quizzical draw today for me; I can grok the Moon quite well, thank you, and I certainly don’t mind spending time there as I have no fear of it. (I lost my mind long ago, so it holds no threat for me – Grin.) The two cards symbolizing me, however, show a temporary diversion I hope is brief. I tend to think of XVIII as a card that appeals to ‘weirdos’, ‘geeks’, and esoteric gourmands rather than “normal people,” who fear its “destabilizing” influence. You can firmly classify me among the former, I assure you. Also, it is a card of great importance for the self-development of the Path; if you cannot connect with your unconscious as well as your subconscious, you’ve left a third of the job undone. You will never reach the Superconscious without a firm and stable foundation of 
KNOWING of which parts you are composed and how & why they function. My “craziness” is always a subject of ratiocination for me; let’s be honest, it is for everyone who finds the crazy element present, accounted for and in full form . . . rare is the individual in today’s society who holds that 1950’s version of assuredness and “No need to check myself out, why would I? Life is fine, and I ask no questions.” It was a brand of arrogant naïveté that is long gone, praise Ra! Grin. So, today it’s the Moon as the subject of my contemplation; “Good times, people! Prepare the LSD!” LOL. Descending from that rarefied air the Archetypes breathe, I return to the richer atmosphere of human existence to take a look inside of myself, inside my Animus (the Male me,) and my Anima (the Female me.) (As I am of the male gender, I pull that card 1st; if you are female, I suggest you pull your Anima as the 2nd card & Animus as the third, as she is your “majority.”) Today my Animus is hosting #48 Consummation. Surprisingly enough, it isn’t what you may think it is: from the LAB by Stuart Kaplan; “Hieroglyph: kh, sieve. Magic letter: Malachim. Planet: Jupiter. Hebrew letter: Cheth. Osiris, in mummiform, stands at one of the gates of the Underworld. His arms are crossed over his chest and he wears the ‘atef’ crown. Below him the moon shines over the dark sun. ¶ Osiris went to the Underworld before re-emerging in the sun barque. In this state he was not totally dead, but rather in a passive torpor. The seed of life remained alive amidst the decay of death. ¶ Thoth, as god of the moon, shed light in the Underworld and illuminated the passage of the dead. On this card Osiris, the sun at night, is symbolically protected and guided by Thoth. Divinatory meanings: Death-like state; Torpor. Sleep. Unconsciousness; Alchemical fermentation. Subconscious activity leads to artistic inspiration. Troubling dreams.” That is a QUITE a card to pull as my Animus, in relation to my guiding arcanum today, XVIII the Moon; they go together like Freddy and his glove. (Grin!)                                                 
Moving on to my Anima, we look, interesting enough at #65 Apprenticeship. I say “interestingly enough” because while the card doesn’t seem to fit in the progression of the first two cards quite so smoothly, it DOES follow like drool from a baby the card that Anima inhabited yesterday, the 10 of Cups – the necessity to leave Cups and be reborn in Wands. She accomplished the labor & delivery overnight, it seems, and today she is sitting on her “father’s” knee (perhaps the united me?) “learning the ropes.” I find that a remarkably synchronous development in the connection of my daily readings, and I take it as the hopeful, wonderful sign that it is. She’s on her way, and I’m cheering my “twin sister” on to the win. As I wrote, the draw is rather quizzical for me, but after reflection and “the blueprints for construction” in my hand, I do believe that today can be quite a good and interesting day, out of which, if I’m worth my salt, I’ll be able to draw some helpful hints to aide me on my Journey. In the Kier deck, there is a card printed with an ancient Egyptian love song I shall add as today’s dénouement. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                           “The Dove Song -                                                                                            I hear thy voice, O turtle dove –                                                                       The dawn is till aglow -                                                                           Weary am I with love, with love,                                                                 Oh, whither shall I go?
Not so, O beauteous bird above,                                                                      Is joy to me denied . . .                                                                                 For I have found my dear, my love,                                                           And I am by his side.

We wander forth, and hand in hand,                                                                Through flow’ry ways we go -                                                                         I am the fairest in the land,                                                                          For he hath called me so.”

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