Sunday, January 7, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/01/2018; the deck today is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, LWB by J. Mori & J. Stockwell. I love this deck; it has visual impact, is clear, concise and puts its symbology right out front where people can see it. Good job, Dan Staroff. I bear a small disgruntlement for J. Mori & J. Stockwell who have the habit of taking credit for decks which they didn’t illustrate. They may be fine people and superior scholars, but their publicity agendas don’t reflect that. ‘If the interaction of the Sacred Tarot with the Kabbalah doesn’t interest you, I must sadly remark that you have missed a majority percentage of the wisdom available. The Sacred Tarot is INEXTRICABLE from the Tree of Life as give in the Kabbalah, and knowing anything about it AT ALL will be of intrinsic aid in readings.) 
Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XIX the Sun; B) Animus = the Six of Cups; C) Anima = the Five of Cups, and my oracular card today is from *Angelarium* by P. Mohrbacher & E. Minaya and it is the angelic Emanation of Ket[h]er, the Crown; Spirituality. This is a basically good-to-great spread, the only kink I can see in today’s construction is that for some unknown reason, I have “put together” the Sic and the Five of Cups; it is as if I have given myself the duty of nursing an anguished Anima through her “5’s” complex. No matter the suit, the Fives are always the source of doubt, grief or discontent, and a general SNAFU. To have my Anima going through that unaccompanied, for the most part, suits neither my temperament nor my Will. Even though it is with a teeny-tiny twinge of resentment, I feel Good slowing my pace to make sure that I am within calling reach in the case that she needs help in a dire situation. As for the first card, my Guiding Arcanum for the Day, XIX the Sun, I can grok it, but ironically enough it is raining cats & dogs this morning in Montpellier, with no sign of letting up and drifting away. I can appreciate that the Sun is interior today; I can easily meditate upon what I consider to be our closest representative in that great populace of stars that compose our Milky Way galaxy. (I have an irrational, long-held secret belief that in the cosmic scheme of things, stars are the conscious individuals that compose the populace of the Universe. I still love some of my childhood theories . . . Grin.) 
Of far more interest today is my oracular card for the deck *Angelarium©*. I have drawn Keter (which henceforth will appear as the English ‘Kether’,) and to be honest I must admit that this is my first “face-to-face” with the Crown Arcanum of the Tree of Life. It rarely turns up in most things I work on, always in a secondary fashion; I have never “visited” that high/far/deep in the Tree of Life, I had no reason to do so, and I was far from being in that league. The fact that it shows up today as my Oracular draw dumbfounds me, slightly. Already? Now? I am further along the Tree this time than I had even imagined, and perhaps the Cups rapprochement, within one number of each other, Is the sign that from here forward my development in Cups shall speed up, and bring me into contemplation of the Element and it’s meanings & impact upon my life. There has been a lot of “explosive new love,” “new emotional interest,” “a radical change for the betterment of Cups”  in my draws recently, if you have noticed. I shall keep a low profile on that and keep MY oracular mouth wisely SHUT, thereby avoiding confirmation that I am, indeed, a Fool. LOL. I’m keeping it brief today; I will add some addenda relevant to the cards below, but not heavily so. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL an unexpected opening to higher growth. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                               
XIX The Sun – “Awakening the awareness of the superconscious. The awareness that we are all children of the universe and all part of the harmony of existence. We are all in-spirited matter and someday we will return to that spirit. Awareness of the universe outside of ourselves, of higher ideals, and wider pursuits, than just those of the physical realm.” [I am reminded of finally being tall enough to ride all the rides at the Midway. Grin.] (accompanying book, “Guide to …” by Mori & Stockwell, U.S.Games, Stamford, 2001.)                                                             Six of Cups – “The Sun in Scorpio. The love of inspiration and the inspiration of love. It is a ceaseless waterwheel; the water feeds the wheel with its energy and produces from it another type of energy that is endlessly flowing. . . . the “follow your bliss zone.” (Ibid)                                                                   Five of Cups – “Mars in Scorpio. Emotional regeneration. Self-motivated cleansing of negative emotions. Go into the Fifth Cup, the Cup of Blood, to see your emotional failings, or to see what negative emotions are holding you back/restricting you and your growth, then wash them away with the outpouring of the other four cups.” (Ibid)

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