Friday, February 9, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/02/2018; the deck for today is one I don’t use very often, under the perhaps mistaken impression that, like the RWS deck, it is far too general; I suppose we shall now see about that, eh? Grin. I’m a terrible snob that way, judging something to be too common if the first impression isn’t satisfactory; I do hope that I have improved that character flaw to the point of invisibility, and for a large part I think I have succeeded. (If you particularly don’t like that quality in me, if it makes you scratch your hind legs in the dirt, you may blame my 2X great-aunt, Anna Other, a strange and magnificent woman who adored and spoiled me from birth, when she could get input into my life. As I became older, it became easier, as I was actively promoting her interference. LOL. May Atum-Ra bless her and keep her close to his heart; she was someone I loved and respected.) Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XVIII the Moon; B) Animus = Queen of Wands; C) Anima = Knight of Swords; my oracular card this morning is from *The Anubis Oracle* by Waldherr, Scully & Star-Wolf, and is VIII Alchemy: the Five Sacred Elements. It is a fine draw, and I certainly have no genetically-modified beef with it; However, I wonder if this “role-playing” between my Animus & Anima is going to continue like this or will I be able to blend them in such a way that it isn’t remark-able. I find it just a bit distracting to notice that both parties like to do drag a bit too often for my tastes . . . Grin. 
I’m joking, but seriously, if you get my tidal drift. I had a dip in my enthusiasm the other day; I am so relentlessly (and surprisingly to me!)  focused on the Tarot and following the Path most of the time that I live in an ambiance of total and enduring enthusiasm for the Sacred Tarot. When that very deeply-rooted enthusiasm takes a dip from time to time (as is only natural, one can’t keep the energies at 100% for 24h/7dpw,) I always become hyper-alert and a bit panicky; “What’s happening? What’s going on, has the Sacred Tarot deserted me? Have I lost my ‘sight’? Have I been deluding myself?” until I take a deep breath and tell myself, “Jeez-Louise, Mark, get a grip! What are you, some sort of ‘weak sister’? Faith, pal, faith.” IT passes naturally, like an attack of spiritual gas (Grin!) and my spirit is reborn and the next reading always confirms it; “Allow a girl to breathe while you’ve got your hands down her blouse, buster!” Grin. That is how I felt yesterday morning, and today confirms that all is clear and the Nilometer has risen, again. There isn’t a great deal of “new” today, and I must admit that as much as I love the Moon, he’s hanging around a lot. I can’t help but wonder if Khonsu (the Egyptian moon god) has a bit of an agenda with me; you can figure it out – distant, almighty & powerful father; doting, passive mother; only child given lots of toys . . . so he’s either an Egyptian Robin Williams or gay. As the Moon isn’t known for its groundbreaking hilarity, I’m going to pick Door #1 and say “yeah, he fits the parameters.” 
Which is fine with me; if the Moon God, young and eternally handsome, wants to take an old, overweight and wheezing man as his inamorato, I’ll go along, gladly. GRIN. However, I kind of doubt that is his goal; so we’ll go with the “You’re voyaging in caverns without light, again, aren’t you, Mark? Do be careful . . . and watch out for the vampire crayfish!” LOL. “Remember, oh son of Earth, that whoever challenges the unknown prepares his own downfall. The hostile spirits, depicted by the wild, surround you with their ambushes; the servile spirits, depicted by the dog, hide their treachery from you under false adulation; the lazy spirits, depicted by the rampant crab [sic], will pass by without being moved by your ruin. Observe, listen and know how to keep quiet.” (“The Egyptian Tarot” by G. Berti, T. Gonard & S. Alasia; Lo Scarabeo, Turin, 2003.)   My Animus and Anima are up to their old drag games again . . . sigh. It sometimes amuses me, rarely angers me, and most times, like today, simply bores me a bit. Yes, I get it, you two; his intelligence today is feeling calm and “seated” in security, and her ovaries are under the impression they’ve received a dose of testosterone, so she’s ready to ride, jump . . . Hell, maybe even bolt. Who know? LOL. They are BOTH in good places, it is just that seeing my Anima devote her energies to something more constructive and yet a bit crazy, and my Animus sitting on his shapely ass chitchatting away that enervates me and leaves me a bit huffy. “Watch it! don’t swell up, Toad Man!” Grin. Finally, I asked for 
a more obvious indicator of what I can work with today to deepen my understanding and continue doing the country two-step on down the Road. As an oracular card, I received VIII Alchemy, the last of the composite cards in the oracular deck. “The Spiraling, cosmic alchemical cauldron of akasha expresses the sacred archetypes of water, earth, fire and air in an eternal dance of creativity, death, rebirth, and illumination – the embodied shamanic mysteries on our planet. It is akasha – spirit itself – that represents the fifth element. ¶ If you have pulled this card, you have all the tools you need to co-create your reality. Interact with these ancient neteru to see how they are assisting you to accomplish your goals and manifestations in accordance with your divine purpose. These most ancient of neteru [gods] have come together to help you become the master alchemist that you are.” ‘”The Anubis Oracle: A Journey Into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt” by N. Scully, L. Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr; Bear & Co., Rochester, 2008.)  Nice card, if I do say so myself. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the realization of our mastery of our tools. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!     

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