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Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13/02/2018; today’s deck is *The Egyptian Tarot* by Silvana Alasia, along with its eponymous book by Berti, Gonard & Alasia. While this deck normally takes a back seat (or third teat, as my father would say – grin,) to several of my other Egyptian decks, recently I have been drawn to it and thus am using it yet again. Today’s oracular card comes from *The Anubis Oracle,” the same accompaniment as well. (Comfort in repetition, maybe – what the hell do I know or care, LOL.) My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = V the Hierophant; B) Animus = 8 of Pentacles; C) Anima = Ace of Pentacles; my oracular card for today is #11 Bast (or as I prefer, Bastet; no Egyptian worth his beer would have left off the feminine ending.) The card signifies “Holy Longing (Desire): Instinct, Sexuality.” (This is true to Egyptian theology and not simply invented for the benefit of this oracle.) I like the draw; it is as clear as Plexiglas (real crystal isn’t really all that clear, you know – grin.) and almost ENTIRELY involves Malkuth, the domain of the Physical, the Material, and 10th Sephira of the Tree of Life. This is where Spirit “hits bottom” and becomes Matter, we work out the Shakespearean drama of our lives, and then we proceed UP the Tree, returning to the State of pure Spirit and (re-)union with the Divine. It is, bobly speaking (Frank is a bore today,) a pretty clear reading in my Physical reality at this time. Be inspired by and meditate upon a master of ordering the Physical, V the Hierophant. Yes, he’s a spiritual figure, but his true talent “here down below” is his talent of manipulation of this realm and “his” construct, religion. As a master of 
the Physical, he’s nailed this baby d-o-w-n and he’s groovin’ on trying to work out the contradiction of his profession and his Faith, which goes beyond mere rules & regulations.  Personally, I find the restraints and traps surrounding the position extremely discouraging, but I do suppose there are people who crave the power. What I need to concentrate upon today is his talent of organization as applied to the Physical, BECAUSE . . . look down the line . . . it’s all about the Physical today. My Animus needs to play his cards close to his leather-vested chest today, and be truly content, for now, to be the producing worker, the get it out and down on the table. My Anima is the suit’s “egg,” ready to open and reveal all of the mysteries, beauties and uglinesses of the Pentacles if given the chance to express herself. Of course what drives my Anima a great deal of the time when I  must promenade in the Gardens of the Physical is simply the ‘joy’ of it, that sheer, sleek, catlike feeling of rubbing against something so solid and responsive. It is a familiar feeling, and one I have often both loved & despised at the same time. As for cats, I love them, and have always had a great “liking” for Bastet. We have three of her “children” living with us now. We are, for all intents and purposes, a family of five cats, as far as they consider the matter. Two of us just happen to be abnormally large, extraordinarily ugly and not very bright – Grin. As I said, this is not an unfriendly or dull draw at all, as one may be tempted to say upon first glance . . . or second (snark snark. LOL.) I’ll add some pithy and picturesque card explications below, of course. Thinking of you, my readers today, and wishing you an extraordinarily good day. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment of reflection on our 3D/World connections today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                        V the Hierophant – “this card refers to a master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of natural law. This energy of this card points to some agent or resource that can reveal the secrets of life, the cycles of the Moon and tides, the links between human beings and the heavens . . . Develop your expertise, and have faith that you are a master in the making . . . Focus on your goal and be determined. You may be destined to be a master in your realm.” (
 8 of Pentacles – “It is the Fire on the Twelfth house. This has not much to do with useful work directly, nor with employment, but very much with skill and ingenuity, genial finding-out of the nature of things, so 'craftsmanship' may stand. For the rest, it is the house of offering, devotion, self-undoing, imprisonment and treason. The combination of the fire of the heart with it produces very different effects. Above all it gives skill and bravery, far above the average, outdoing the commonplace, neglecting fashion, sinning against tradition but widening the views and outlook. Dexterity will ensue from it. In matters of the heart it always tends to the unusual, superhuman, exotic, wayward, strange or dreamy. The illustration of the card is to be taken more as a warning against the dangers of this house than as a direct descriptive image of its nature; as a sort of hint: keep to your work, do not let yourself be led astray or misguided. It is also the house of the sick, the hospital and the addiction of 'hospitality' may well allude to this fact. Charity comes under it. That ambitions are wrecked in this house is correct in general, still the pentacles are never strong in any evil sense, and they are apt to wreck fortunes or bubble reputations rather than ambitions. With 'avarice' it has nothing to do whatever, as far as we can see . . . .” (“General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens; D. McKay, Philadelphia, 1930.)                                                                                           Ace of Pentacles – “The element of Fire, of the nature of the Sun and Venus, on the house of the Sun, the Fifth: indeed this card has been well defined by the traditional renderings, which give it all as very benefic. How could it be anything else? The aces are all more or less a commencement, new prospects, etc. If you get the ace of pentacles or hearts on one of your houses in the horoscopic figure, you may be pretty sure that the matters to which the house in question relates will be beneficial and, on account of the fiery element, irresistible. It means the commencement of that what is wished for, desired, and this is what man calls his happiness. It is the spark of the Ego demonstrated in the practice of daily life; and this is what may well be called the note of good, which also brings good luck to other 
people. So there is creative energy in this card. Not yet worked out into details, but originally decided and fairly sure to work out in the future in lucky events and prosperous happenings. So there is promise in it and it is above all a card of good augury of a new and prosperous beginning. It is like a bright spark. Even among very bad cards it is the bright spark of hope and good-will, though of course in such cases it may be too weak to conquer adverse circumstances immediately. It may mean further a person or thing of first ranking. A child. A speculation.” (Ibid)                   #11 Bast (Bastet) – “The sensual cat goddess Bast creates the compelling desire to be born into form from the disembodied ba in the realm of formlessness. Her instinctual holy longing is irresistible in its urgency to create new life. She shows us that birth is sacred and being born into form is a blessing not a curse. She is our guardian through the birthing chambers each time we are ready to renew our form. Without her alluring promise of new delights, we would never have the impetus or courage to reenter the cosmic birth canal and be born over and over again. With each birth we celebrate the joy and magic of our precious incarnation here on Earth. Originally seen as a leonine goddess, and as such a Daughter of Ra with the aggressive, protective tendencies of a lion, Bast became the Cat of Ra in later times, perhaps because she mellowed and became tamer. She is closely associated with both Hathor and Sekhmet and is often seen as a cat-headed woman carrying a sistrum (rattle) and/or menat (amulet). There is suggestion that she was a northern, or Lower Egypt form of Hathor (as was Sekhmet), as she was most popular in Bubastis in the eastern Delta. Her festivals were unequaled for the exuberance and intoxication of her adherents. Cats were loved and revered in ancient Egypt, where they guarded the granaries from snakes and vermin. Bast was worshipped as a goddess of motherhood and protector of pregnant women. She was also worshipped as a goddess of fertility, abundance, and pleasure.” (

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